24 June 2009


I was at the Gala Premier of Transformers - Revenge of The Fallen yesterday! Thanks to Omy! for the invite!

Another of Michael Bay's fantastic creation!!!

It was really exciting and those special effects were so totally cool! Really! I mean like i usually slouch and slumb into the seat whenever I'm catching a movie but this!!! This I unconsciously kept straightening my back! And it's really weird! Cox i'm sitting like that most of the time.

Maybe this is also how ugly you look like when catching a really exciting movie?

What I like really like about the show is that yes, it's a action-packed show and thus there were moments of yellow-finger-nail biting (cox' honestly i haven't really taken care of my nails for a long time) fights but I LOVE THE SHOW BECOX there were some SERIOUSLY funny humor.

There's one part that I didn't really understand though.. You guys who are going to watch it, please take note of the the tiny little bad remote control car robot who behaves like a bad puppy dog. He was "captured" by Megan Fox who does nothing much in the show except running for her life (which she don't actually have to if she just choose to stay at home and pray for her boyfriend since she didn't help to fight or anything) and looking hot. The last time I managed to see this little robot car was right after the entire group of humans and robots were "zapped" to the dessert.. Thereafter it just disappeared. I dont remember him getting shot or running away.. Don't know where it went! So anyone knows what did the little fella went? Tell me after you see the movie!

Overall its a really cool show. Comparatively to part one of the show, this show has more actions and more special effects. I really enjoyed the show from the start till it ends. If I were to rate the show upon 10, I would have given it a 9/10. Its definitely worth a FULL PRICE ticket! I would have give it a 10/10 if the seats given to me wasn't so close to the screen! Not complaining thou ^.^

Anyway, i presume my Diaz is gonna look something like this if it ever transform.

Hee Hee..

You know who i think i am like in the show? Please watch out for the super hot blonde girl that Sam met in his new school. The girl who keep trying to seduce him. That totally look like me, and you'd know why AFTER you catch this show.

By the way, i think i just did a VERY EXTREMELY BIG transformation to my hair.

I will show you very soon. Hehe..

For now, tata. And i am sick you know, sick still come in and intro you guys to good show. Sigh.. I am just so nice sometimes *flick hair and sashay away*

You are going to miss this.


P/S: I really did not want to say this but i sincerely, secretly was very excited about (AND TOTALLY LOVE LOVE LOVE) the free goodies bag. WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What?!

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