13 June 2009


Hello Sweetheart who still reads in here! I know i always say this but yes, i am BUSY!

Haha.. And i am busy in a very good, healthy way. So keep missing me and then if your thoughts for me are sooooo strong, i might just feel it when i am working. And then i will blog. HAHA.

Whatever right?

Anyway, i went for YongMing's birthday bash last week and the rest of the clique sent me a early birthday gift (YUMMY CHOCOLATE from Royce!!!) and the bestest birthday card ever-forever. LOL. Bear with me, i try to be prim and proper at work so i really gotta let some crap here.

So, so, here's the card ^.^

I am so loved, i can't believe.

And here's me, just to show you how i look like recently and in case you forgot how i look like. Err.. Beautiful in short? =D

Tomorrow is my birday bash, CAN'T WAIT ALREADY!!! There will be a lot of Foooooood to go with Catchup!!!! Like Ketchup - Catch Up. Chili also. Whatever!!! I am becoming so unfunny, it hurts~ Haha.


P.S: Toa Payoh got some mega siao sale going on. Interchange, go there now for $3 VERY pretty pants and tops. Some even $2. Good luck. Hehe.. I am only telling you now cox i have already sweep the nicer ones off. Hahaha! No lah, still got very nice ones there! Go!

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