18 September 2009

SgBlog Award @ The Supper Club

Hello it was my first time partying. Like, my first time clubbing. And i went because:

1) I saw on the invitation, theme is BEDROOM. Being ever so naive, i thought everyone will be dressed very qincailly cox c'mon, bedroom is a place to rest and rot right?

2) I wanna see hot and happening people that i have been reading about and see for myself how clubbing and partying is like.


I saw on the invitation:

"light refreshment and beverages will be served"

HAHAHA. What?! Don't judge people okay.

So anyway. I do not like to party, like i thought. But i LOVE the goodie bags (Omy is always quite good at getting cool sponsors. I can't wait to go catch a movie with tickets from Omy. Lol. The goodie bags!!!) and i LOVE the food that comes with it. So if you have a party with good food you can totally invite me to clear the tables okay =D

Some pictures. I don't have much cox my hair is ubber messy in most of the pictures and i really am quite tired to photoshop all of it. If you wanna see more, just go on to Yutaki's blog and then if you wanna see more than more, you hop on from his blog okay. And then you tell him i don't have single picture with him at all in my cam! *hint* Haha..

I know my lips look weird here. But try to look beyond that okay.
Look at my cute ribbon and sweet pj.

Dramamama in the center with my partner Jove on the right ^.^

Me ^.^

Jove & I

Shit i got this feeling i am cheating people with my photoshop today. But i think i will forget about it tomorrow and continue to photoshop to death all my pictures =D It's like in the world of still-frame, i can have

- Nose of Fann Wong
- Teeth of Darlie
- Eyebrow of Song Hye Gyo
- Clear skin like.. A girl with clear skin..........

My $5.50 pyjames & I

Woot~ I got one of the five best-dressed award sponsored by Sensual Affairs.

This picture very bedroom feel hor. SIlly Jove block the flash with her pinkie but it turned out fine i guess.

Random, the very cute version of 包租婆 in KungFu Hustle.
LOL. Jove and i already was laughing about it before the emcee said the same thing.

Uh huh! Yutaki's friend Erica~
I was photoshopping myself (ALOT cox i look like a ALIEN with a HUMONGOUS head beside him) and i don't know what the heck i can photoshop out of him. So i tried to pick on him (visually) and finally manage to further smoothen his already quite smooth face. Sigh. I am so sad right sometimes. LOL.

I didn't like the partying not because i wasn't happy there. I was actually really happy because i met Yutaki and his friend and they were both friendly like siao. And then i really like his friend because he is so expressive of his nice-ness even thou it's the first time we met. And then Yutaki was really cute to look at at all time. LOL. So.

So so so, i was saying why i didn't like to party. Shortly..


Lol.. I mean i saw KAY KAY like totally okay?! But i didn't even had the guts to go say hi because i am worried she'd think i am some kinda loser fan. BECOX i already so know how i would react.

Remember i used to go to Mediacorp quite often for a while before? Then when i saw Felicia Chin and Jeanette Aw and one time, FANN WONG!!!!!! I totally squealed like a mad woman. But Germaine was nice enough to keep me in control and stopped me from walking forward to say hi. It's good she stopped me and i stopped myself becox i know i will just say whatever comes to my mind like..


LOL. OMG. LIFE IS SO MISERABLE. Remember i saw XIAXUE at IKEA? Same thing!!! Same damn thing!!! But you got watched 200 pound beauty? Kym Ah Joong say the feeling of watching someone beautiful from afar is not wrong. Hehehe.. If it makes me feel better.

I gotta move on.

Sigh. Seriously, i need to go to the temple. I tripped during a fashion show yesterday. And no.. I don't wish to talk about this anymore.

*act emo*
*turn away*
*walk away*

騙你的啦! ^.^

I am still very happy. Cox everyone has a character right? And mine is super cheerful. So it's fine! =D

Bye bye! ^.^


Ren37 said...

being natural is pretty.. =) and you are natural hoho..

andricxqr said...

Be confident! (: Plus, i like your photos & your friendly-ness. Continue blogging much! :D