21 October 2009

Coraline in 3D

Thanks Omy for the movie - Coraline.
The graphic was so interesting and REALLY CUTE!!!
Threads and needles, buttons and dolls.. All coming alive in 3D.

You know what's REALLY amazing about this movie, i know, it's just another bedtime story, wondertale and all you might think..

But it is the most CAPTIVATING, REAL-LOOKING and IMPRESSIVE graphic wondertale, EVER.

Carlynn and i were talking about how real the grass (THE GRASS, yes, even the grass) in the movie, and how ICE AGE 3 in 3D most of the time only has the talking character in 3D.. But Coraline almost made EVERYTHING 3D!!! Imagine the sky, the forest, the dollhouse, then Coraline, then the foreground grass ALL in different layers!!!

And i noticed that it was so meticulously made, the white parts of the eyes has veins. Haha.. For characters that hasn't had their eyes buttoned. I know i know! It's A LOT of details. So much popping out in the movies, from candies to cotton candies to flowers and mango smoothies, so much to watch out for!

Then it felt like YEAH~~~~~
This IS a 3D movie.

Same not? =D

Little Miss C was there with me and we totally loved it =D
But sadly Carlynn doesn't want me to button her eyes *snort*

I even went to the website to play "Button your eyes".
This was the original before i start to photofreak it. HAHA.

I has wanted to show you my new Ez-Link card in a better light but i can't control it, i simply button her eyes. And i wanna keep her soul forever, SINCE SHE LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE TO ME, like the real-life me. And that's my new comb =D



Remember to catch Coraline in cinemas on 29th October =))

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Unknown said...

You n your silly little obsessions which make me love u so much. Lol.