08 November 2009

Level Up, to a whole new cheapskateness

Very quickly, how do you like my 80 cents banglets?
$5 dress and my $3.30 shawl?

I think i just made them look like they cost me $80, $50 and $33 respectively.
*flick treatment-ed hair that smells goooooood~*

Sigh, is it me, or is my photoshop skills levelling up?

OMG. I am such a snub.

I need to get new blusher, cost the one i am using is already like 7 years old and it's not even half way used. You know what i mean.. I mean i am quite a natural beauty i don't really use my makeup. It sucks right, coming in to see other people self-admire.

I went to buy the Korean Instand noodle Xiaxue wrote about and then now i am going to get a rice cooker to cook it tonight. Woohoo~

Did i tell you i finally got a bed already~
I am so blessed!!!


Oh oh oh, you cannot believe what i got from Punggol Plaza. I'd take a quick snap and show you someday okay. Those shorts are sooooo cute. $2 each.

Does anybody think i should start a blog to tell people where i get my steals and how to appreciate the beauty in cheap things?

Love Love Love..


Annabel said...

yes, you should:D

Anonymous said...

start a blog on whr u get ur steal !