26 December 2010

Why are there girls SO SWEET and talented?!

You've seen this..

This is so cute too!!! Refer to the original on my blog header! =D
Thank you Zi Ai @ziailee

For this, refer to the background on Budget Barbie!
Thank you Kifa @thepancakecat ^.^

Thank you girls! =DDD You all have talents and sweetness that nobody could fight! I am jealous! Really!

Like i feel so insecure now. Later you all go draw a hamsum picture of my bf, and then he gets so touched, he decides to leave me and date you all, HOW?! Lol.

What better praise than to make someone look great with cute teary eyes, rosey red cheeks and long slender legs!

Sigh, they super win! I am so blown away! I mean, i am so self-obsessed, i would never really wanna draw anybody else, but me. LOLOL.

But these girls are so sweet, they actually illustrated me! TISSUE PAPER!!! No lah, no need, no need, i just wanna play it up a bit more to tell them i'm VERY in love with these pictures!

Life is beautiful, like this =)
Everyone shows everyone a little bit of love.

They are a ball of fun if you'd give them one try.

They just need someone to take them in, give them a shelter and for that, they'd be eternally grateful and then they'd try to win your love. And they will, if you let them.

It's gonna be a new year, would you give them a new lease to life?

One of your resolution could be to love, without asking for return.
Becox you think that's true love, right? I sorta agree.

But if you love these puppies, they will return you the love, with more love.

Doggies don't speak but they feel, like us.
And they are more genuine than anybody you could meet.

Think about it? =)

Adopt a friend, save a life.


Unknown said...

Wow! Those illustrations are awesome! So cute!

V G H T ♥ said...

I think you look awesome in curls. x)

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

I adopted a lovely big lop eared bunny a few days ago and its the best thing I have ever done! :)



Xtine said...

Love the last picture by pancake cat. Eh! U must go see my blog now. I PUT UP A VIDEO OF YOU AND DONNIE YEN! Pls go fantasize can...it's awesome!!