31 December 2010

The only thing i got out of 2.5 years in Poly

Couple of weeks back i had a steamboat dinner at Yong Ming's place. It's the 06 cliq (Err.. My poly clique) gathering cum farewell dinner for Yong Ming who is going away for 6 - 9 months *WAILS LIKE A WHALE*

Yong Ming and I at his place before the rest came.

The rest were all late! WHYDANs! And Yong Ming was reluctant to be alone with me and he ask if he can leave me in the living room while he lock himself up in his bedroom cox i'm constantly talking rubbish with NO filtering system. Yeah, all my friends love me.

And the rest finally came~~~ TA DANG~ MY BUDDIES~~~!

HAhahahahhahahah!!! This is so funny i'm putting them in such bad light.
My camera's to blame!

Now one more!

When i was keeping a personal blog during my poly days, it was really terrible for my friends. I use paint to cut their face and paste it on some boy band or girl band's picture and i'd blog about it. And i'd crack the most tasteless, rude and mean joke about them, on my blog. LOLOL. But now it's like i can't do it anymore! Cox it's all private inside jokes, and it's NASTY. Hahahahha!!!

Mainly also becox, that personal blog used to have like 40 over readers a day only. Hahaha!

Omg, blogging about my friends make me happy ^.^

My bf say whoever pours drink like this is very generous.
Cox they pour outwards. I think, it's plainly retarded, so dangerous might spill!

Peixi.. Is a workaholic. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Next she is going to ask for 猜拳, 15, 20.

Yummy food Yong Ming prepared!!!


Okay so what happened that day was the Shop and Swap flea at St. James right. And the next day was when the article on The New Paper was gonna be published. So the reporter (who's very nice) was going through the details with me and Shin Min reporter was going through an email interview with me. So i had to spare 5 mins every now and then to reply email.

So dinner was done and over with, faster than i can eat, YES YONG MING, I WANTED MORE EGGS BUT YOU GUYS WERE ALL STOPPING =(((

Dessert and wine time!
Don't know since when my friends so atas, must drink dessert wine with dessert. Haha!

Cheers to 7 years of friendship. OMFG SEVEN YEARS?!?!?! ='(((

If you noticed, there's the lightest colour wine, at the bottomest of the picture, that's mine. I had about one inch wineglass-full cox they know i'm REALLY bad with alcohol.

Desserts~~~ ^.^
I had to go reply email in the room for a bit, about right when we just started on dessert.
Even got macaroons! Joo San got them! ^.^
Just when you're thinking i got great friends..
 THIS IS WHAT THEY SAVED FOR ME when i came back from emailing..







I totally LOL-ed when i see this!!!
Okay, so i haven't been the cleanest, most hygienic friend they can get and they don't wanna share food with me but i must say they are really thoughtful! I mean, look at the macaroons!


Kristie is about the most naturally-funny girl i EVER came across in my life. I don't know if that's a good thing. Hahahaha.

Game started. There was this round, Yong Ming was asking Kristie and, Kristie was guessing, right?

The word is aromatic. This is what they always use to describe me cox i always remove my shoes in class and lecture hall. And they think i exudes a certain aroma this way, NO, NOT GOOD kind. LOL.

So the word was aroma, i can live with it.

Yong Ming went..

"Okay, last time Qiuting is very..??"

Within split second, Kristie went..

"DIRTY" and she seems affirmative it was the right answer -.-"

My heart dropped, to the ground, into a million pieces.

WHahahahahhahahaah!!! FUCKING FUNNY!!! I feel so judged! Lol!!!

Then it was Kristie's turn to let Ming Zhou guess.


A while later..

Finally. LOLOL!!!

Then it was poker card time! We stick a card each on our forehead, but we can only see the cards on other people's head, can't see the card on our own forehead. SO! The one with the smallest card lose! AND HAVE TO..

DA! Some Johnnie Walker or something.
Hard liquor, but we add wintermelon tea to it.

That's JooSan DA-ing her turn steadily. LOL. Everyone else is like bargaining, bargaining! And she's the only one giving me good reliable tips lor! So that i don't have to drink. But i a bit metal-teeth (tiki/ stubborn) initially and i have to drink like 2 times.

Ming Zhou is the WORST friend ever, keep making me feel suspicious of my own decision!!! BUT!!! He got retribution!!! LOLOL!!! He kena DA like a cow!!! Drink drink drink!

Bad luck.

And again.


Thirsty also not like this right! Lol!

OMG, super throw face.

One inch glassful of dessert wine, 2 punishment drink (which luckily for me, it was quite little!!!!) and this is how i end up looking. Like Guan Gong. I went home even more red than this and then i was REALLY happy.

Then just a few days ago, to treat Yong Ming to a farewell dinner on my own, i brought him to Around de World at Liang Seah Street!

Yong Ming, the full Korean boy package.

He say since he already curled (permed) his hair, all set and ready to conquer Hong Kong with a Korean look, he is going to constantly do this face to be a full Korean package -.- He say this face is the Korean boys, act blur and lost face. I think he is going to have a hard time in Hong Kong already.
He is going to have no friends. Hahaha!

Good bye~ See you next year! Send me a birthday gift or something! =D
No, no joke, SEND ME A GIFT when you're still there in June 2011 *serious face*

So that sums up everything~ I'm DAMN freaking lucky to meet these buds in poly! All i had in poly days was 06 Cliq. And Shiyu and Coco (Kah Wei) together with me and Ming Zhou, that'd be 08 Cliq. Haha.. ^.^

So! I'm really really lucky actually cox i grow out to step into the society with great friends from Secondary school. Like the girls from Avebelle and Phua..

And then from Poly, these really nice people. It's like, they are not just nice to me and our clique, they are very nice to everyone around them. Great people =D

So despite almost everyone else not liking me in school, or being disgusted by me in several ways, i manage to have the bestest people around me.

Actually you figured why i can fit in? BECOX I AM NICE TOO! ^.^V

Hahaha.. One big round, to self-praise. Good job!



I hope your new year will be filled with all the good things! Like career advancement, great friends, genuine new friends who can become your great friends, pink stuff, baby blue stuff, health and wealth!


Bye you all~
Bye 2010~


Anonymous said...

What i really like about your blog is you update nearly everyday! Most famous bloggers don't & its frustrating to wait. Cheers to you ! (:

Anonymous said...

Why budget barbie so long not updated ??? :-(

Anonymous said...

Why budget barbie so long not updated ??? :-(

QiuQiu said...

Anon, maybe.. becox i am not famous? Lolol.

Anon, Soon soon soon!

Anonymous said...

do you wax or ipl?

Anonymous said...

post a picture of your boyfriend! :D

Steff said...

omg! the first pic, that yao ming dude looks like one of my japanese friend :)) & btw u look really pretty

Anonymous said...

you nvr complete poly?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, yeah i didnt.

Anonymous said...

Your friend 'Yongming' look abit like T.O.P from BIGBANG AHA