05 December 2010

All i want for Xmas.. ARE these..

Xmas has never been exciting the past two years becox i fell sick on Xmas and NYE for the past two years -.- SUPER SIAN.

Click to see!

2008 Year end - SICK
2009 Year end - SICK

Although it's not like i'd do anything special on Xmas or NYE, i think i at least deserve to be normal! Not typing on the comp wishing everyone Merry Xmas while wiping away my mucus!

If you've been following me on Twitter, you probably know that i make a wish every day. Haha. So now i'm gonna put all my wishes in one post, and not make any wish til the end of Xmas. This is after 7 days worth of wishes granted to find MooMoo a good home.

Here we go!

1. New compact camera with dslr-like function like s95 becox Canon is my first brand. And i have a phobia of getting in touch with new gadgets, UNLESS IT'S SUPER USER-FRIENDLY. Come, hit me with any user-friendly camera.

2. Bird's nest, lots of it

3. Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates

4. Teeth-whitening

5. Permanent hair removal


But, it would be REALLY nice if it can be sponsored thou. Lol! What! Who don't love sponsored stuff??? They are ALWAYS good!

So throw me some love! Come!


Anonymous said...

hey qiuting, i was just wondering what shoe size do you wear? i am the same height as you (172cm) and my feet are humongous!!! so hard to find (cheap) shoes that can fit me haha

Wendy said...

Hi Qiuting! I think you should get an Olympus. Try the pen series, EPL1. It is reaaaally easy to use and has pretty creative art filters. Pinhole, pop art etc. The quality is good too! And best of all, it is aesthetically appealing. It comes in white as well! The really glossy and pretty kind : )

Anonymous said...

are you managed by munkysuperstar pictures too?

Anonymous said...


Seriously don't understand. Earn so much then don't want spend.. -_-"

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i am a 39 typically but going to bugis must get 40. cox their shoes damn cheap but chinese cutting. $10 or lesser can find damn nice ones easily!

Wendy, really ah. Roughly how much you know?

Rach, no i'm not =) My blog is managed by Nuffnang thou!

Anon, yeah.. I don't get myself too.