29 July 2010

Do you believe? Would you?

Girlies who's been reading me since one year ago might know that i have a thing for Tarot reading. Or to be exact, any form of reading, fortune-telling etc. You know, things like that.

I even got an Angel Deck for myself as a birthday present last year. I am not going to tell you to believe if it works, or if it doesn't, if it's accurate or if it's not. I am just gonna talk about this as my own experience.

IT WORKS and IT IS ACCURATE. Hahahaha! Yeah, i just tried to pull you into the magical world of believing.

It's a bit weird to digress like this, but do you believe in spirits? Ghost? God (in any form, kind, colour)? Demons? UFO? Anything supernatural or unbelievably out-of-the-norm? Don't talk about disgusting girls who sleeps for money and then pretend like her life is normal. But that to me, is also super out-of-the-norm.

Anyway, do you believe?

I did a Tarot reading with this lady. She's very mysterious and exclusive so i can't really tell you much about her but what i'm impressed with are the readings she provided me with.

It was a email reading, followed by a phone consultation sort of thing. It's mainly to let me clear my head with all the questions after going through the email reading. All i had to provide her was my Full name, Age, Birthdate and optional but recommended, a picture of me.

I didn't send a mega chio one lah okay, i wanted to show her my truest to real image. If not scully come out the reading say, "You should be in Korea. What are you doing blogging here, Song Hye Gyo?"

If that happens, i'd just be honest and tell her, I AM NOT SONG HYE GYO. I am her sister, Song Hye Chio.. Errr... Yah. Okay okay, this was what i sent her.

And i told her i am the prettier one. Haha!

So i asked about doing all this stuff. Blogging, appearing on an online show and part-time modelling.

Together with the nature of my question and what information / guidance / advice i am keen to receive on, she will draw five cards for me,

The Present situation
The Present expectation
What is not expected
The Immediate Future
Long Term Future

I am going to share with you part of the readings. Not gonna put the whole 3 page long of super detailed reading she provided me with, but just some of it that people who know me might be able to relate to. And no, my reading wasn't favorable but sigh.. Never mind, just read.

I am not going to disclose the exact card thou. And the words in pink are of my own.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Present Situation:
Your career currently is feeling very dragged out. Often you are asked to wait without any concrete future that it provides. But you have been getting positive results in this career from your hard work that you have put in.
If results = Money, that'd solve my problems.

Present expectations:
You expect everyone to look in your career choice in an understanding light; you want to have others express their support for your choice in career. It may seem childish to others that you are so heavily reliant on this working, but this is something that only you know. Only you know what brings you comfort in your heart.
What brings me comfort is being able-bodied and healthy, happy sitting here, doing nothing much, and just writing whatever comes to my mind, and still having people reading it like i am serious. Haha.

What is not expected
You never expected consolidation, the strong solid structure of your career to finally be in reach. You are in a special stage of your life this is the final lap where in which after completing is time for your wishes to come true. Treasure this moment for you will never know when it will come by again.
When my wishes are done, i will have new wishes. And i won't share my wishes, for then, they won't come true.

You will have an excellent social life, meeting new people at fun gatherings. You will be popular amongst the new friends that you meet. They will find you genuinely engaging. These relationships that you build will be very fulfilling contrary to what you think.
Random, i met Liu Qian the magician yesterday and he say i got a bursting personality. Do you think i can build a relationship with him and make him my friend for life?! LOL!!! Anyway, yeah, it's been all the really nice people i met the last two months. From blogging, from Budget Barbie.. So many people i have met but yet a chance to know!

Immediate Future: Death Card
Death is not a bad card. This card is highly misunderstood, so do not panic as you are reading this.
Okay, trying.

In the immediate future, you are up for a lot of change in your life, this change you might not take good will into but it is for the best. This change would be very sudden taking you by storm.

You may find this change very harsh but this is the type of change where is it unavoidable, so acceptance is advised instead of clinging on to old ways. Of not wanting to work hard for money, and not wanting to work for real.
 I am leaving you guys.

There will be a painful ending to what you see as your career now, but in place there will be something better for you. Do not fear this change, you would have to go along with it, or you will be in prolonged suffering.
Again, i am leaving you guys. So that i won't be in prolonged suffering! All your fault!!!

Long Term Future:
In the future, there would always be a dead end struggle to preserve the path that you are in. How do you do this? You would lead a very thrifty life, in this case, this career does not provide much money in the long term future.
This i already figured out. Just couldn't get my big, fat, saggy ass up to work on something else.

The future does not look too bright for you if you were to continue in this career, but from the present cards, I can tell that you are extremely protective of the idea of this career working out. Walk out the path that you are planning to, there is nothing wrong, the cards are just warning you of being receptive to change, as changes are going to be happening in the immediate future.

This career, in the long term future will cause you to be a miser, stingy in giving out
emotions to others, caring for others. This is another downfall where you must turn your
attention towards.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I believe in everything read. It's me, but it also makes sense. And don't worry hor, if you are worried for any of the following reasons.

1) I would stop blogging and you will thus be miserable.
2) I will end up blogging for your happiness and have myself in prolonged suffering.
3) I will go be a social escort in order to continue blogging when guys are not doing me. Which most probably will be the case since i haven't got anything stuffed into my chest yet.

 So don't worry, i am just gonna see if there's anything i could do to keep myself more meaningfully occupied. Cox anyway, after the email reading..

The lady did a phone reading with me. After i cleared my questions on the email reading, i asked her about the next line i'm gonna be in.

Says it's gonna be GREAT. HAHAHAHAHA. So just when you were hoping to see me die in misery, TA DANG~ I'm somewhat still alive in optimism! Hahaha! I am a survivor!!! FIGHTING!

And the next question was, is there any nature of job that is advisable for me.

Here is where you get involved.

ARTS - A line that will fulfill me emotionally
Makeup? Photojournalism?

Corporate ladder - A line that will provide me with much wealth
Desk job.. Which line?

TEACHING related - A line that will fulfill me spiritually
Tuition? Childcare centre assistant?
This is what the lady encouraged. But i don't wanna worry the parents! Look at me?!

Okay i'm gonna stop here. All i feel was, this girl is scarily zhun. And she's very wise at giving sensible advice too. So if any of you guys here are keen, this is her email and website.

Charges are as following for email reading
One card reading - $7
Three card reading - $13
Each card following - $4

Charges for phone reading
One card reading - $11
Three card reading - $29
Each card following - $10

I am not paid for this. So just believe what you deem fit.


Xtine said...

suuuuure...you'll outgrow your current career and be something bigger. a SUPER STAR loh!!Don't snub me then hor.And why u dun wanna go Singfest??!Got Wonder Girls, ur Favourite. Korean!

QiuQiu said...

Wondergirls going?!?!?!??!?!?!?! HOW COME NOT STATED?!?!??! huh but i only know two songs! nobody and tell me! Lol.

Unknown said...

Hi qiuting,

would like to ask if the charges are in sgd and how do we make payment to the lady?

QiuQiu said...

Hello Weina, yes in SGD. I think you do internet banking =)) YUou can email her to check?