04 July 2010

Let's have some fun, shall we?

Pertaining to this effort from Xuesha.

 No i don't think i am famous. You are much much more famous.
I don't get dirty old man reading my blog you know =((

Eh she even went to scan the news article and highlight the points and then post it up to Fb you know. I am actually quite touched lah. She doesn't even put in so much effort for the advertorials on her blog. I think she really cares about this.

But how am i contradicting if wanting boobs doesn't mean i will then show it off on my blog like a cow that shouts, "WANNA SQUEEZE ME?"

It also doesn't mean i will suddenly wanna get dressed up in japanese schoolgirl uniform with my undies and get photographed by 10 horny uncles armed with DSLRs like this.

Pictures credit to her blog. She is so famous, you must know her blog.
But i don't wanna get into trouble, so www.xueshasha.com

All i am saying is, there is a difference between
That's CHEAP and CLASSY kind of sexy, just to save you the trouble of having to google the meanings.

Just wanna ask randomly,
do you know the meaning of CONTROVERSIAL?

This is Xuesha's interview on omy.
Now i am worried she won't understand this blogpost and how much dedication i put in =(((


 Picture from xueshasha.com

You are right, cannot see pictures ones.

But i think i'd rather stick to seeing pictures sometimes.

And you should know better that interviews and all are cut here, and pasted there. And then the true intention/ meaning of what the person was trying to put across gets twisted along the way.

But if you must do this;
I only wish you can write better.


I have nothing against you too, just your words.
And in my video when i said "squeeze squeeze squeeze", i swear i wasn't talking about you. I wasn't even talking about anyone in the top ten finalist this year.
Anyway, congrats, where did you learn CONTRADICTING?


bettyy said...

XUESHASHASHA SUCKS! hate her. she then more buang lor. wth!

Ren37 said...

aha! you're cool ! =)

Anonymous said...

hey, girl. Hope that u r not hurt by Xue Sha’s words.
I like ur truthfulness and your courage to dream and speak up for what u want.
However, in the paper, it states that u detest ugly and fat human. Why?
Some people are born to not look as good and it is not their fault or wish. We should not detest these people when we are lucky enough to be given a beautiful gift by god.
Also, im quite confused of ur real age. Are u 22 or 19? The paper wrote 22 but u said 19? ^.^
Lastly, I would like to say that u dun need plastic surgery. U r pretty and attractive enough and being too greedy may bring more harm than good. :)
“Love ur natural self”
"Hope that u dun think that im preaching.. jus voice of my opinions" :p

QiuQiu said...

bettyy, LOL. I didn't wanna say that. That'd be comparig myself to her. Haha.

Rene, Gucci's Mommy, hehe.. Like "Phew! Somebody finally say it with one dedicated post!"

Eve, i actually meant in the newspaper, ugly+mean+fat cannot go together. One gotta make up for the other. They cannot co-exist in somebody, if not the person will be super ultra unlikeable, and gross. Haha.. I am 23 lah. Reporter very kind cox when i did the interview, i was still 22. A few days away from my birthday. Thank you for your comment! But i still hope i have a little bit of boob leh =D Nice day all!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Looking for development in this... LOL~

From a guy's point of view... LOL~ The thoughts of bimbos are always entertaining... ...

Aussie Pete said...

Hoho!! Love it!! Good luck in the awards QiuQiu!! From Aussie Pete!! :)

Unknown said...

Alright babe!!!! I TOTALLY love the CONTROVERSIAL part!!!!
Clearly, for someone who cannot spell "spinning" properly, don't expect them to understand a word like "controversial". I think spelling the word "neccessary" will drain all her milk. Pardon me, I mean brain juice. *shrugs*

Was gonng do a rant about her cos of something Mummy said to irk me, but thanks for getting there first~

Let's celebrate being us, shall we? At least we know the bulk of our readers are not 色伯伯s...

*flicks hair*

QiuQiu said...

老哥, haha.. what kind of development you want? That girl DON'T CARE. Yeah right.

Aussie Pete, LOL at the pictures of ugliest footballer. I hope you'd win too!!! I mean, a banker winning a LOL blog, how cool is that? Aren't you supposed to be serious? HAHA.

Silver, i didn't have to delete a single comment.. People are so civilised these days. And so supporting of me. Or maybe they just hate her? LOL!!!

misskluiiio said...

I like the picture comparison (Y)

Roslyn said...

there's a reason why u're one of my bookmarks and she's not. oh and when she speaks i just feel like ripping my ears off :/

BenVoda said...

Hi Qiuqiu! I am BenVoda on Twitter :]
Like I've said, no need to give a damn about XueSha! SHE SUCKS!

She know nuts about beauty. She's fake. Totally fake! Talk about good figure? ALL PHOTOSHOP ONE LA! Just look at her cu yao (Rough waist) in "Bored in Bikinis" Wa piang! Can faint lo! Qiuqiu, you better tke over her and show up in "Bored in Bikinis 2"!

She's simply jealous. No natural beauty and cannot Photoshop herself in video to act chio. Suay life she has. Don't even bother to associate yourself with her and even quarrel with her. It will only bring your standard down :]

GO FOR IT QIUQIU! Even IF she wins again this Saturday, it means nothing. Because her readers are ALL BLIND to choose to read someone's blog, whose photos are all fake!



W said...

i think you are the cutest thing since teddy bears were invented. xue who???

Coco Tai said...

Hahaha I just discovered your blog and this post alone made me decide to follow you.


Jacqten! said...

Hahaha.. Just heard about this thing and the first thing that came to my mind, is XS really worth THAT much attention??

She is just so so so DUMB, and nothing else.

Whoever is a XS fan oughts to feel ashame of his or her own intellect.

Meiiwu said...

hey qiuting. dont be sad k.
i bet xuesha has a boob job done before.. or maybe she uses super thick padding underneath. just like how the FHM models do to make their boobs look big.
at least u are natural pretty. she has circle lens. plastic surgery done... nah. you are better than her =D
10 000 posts a day. bet she clicks them all herself..wahaha. or she pays someone to click her blog at $10 per hr?* click click click* or maybe its just pervert stalker who jerks himself to her half nude pics?
its a thin line between sexy n sleazy.