09 February 2011

My friends =DDD

The other day after the Nuffnang GPlus event i went to meet Mich, Monokey (Mich's bf), Gem, Kennard (Gem's bf) and Zhen.

I love my girlfriends but the ONLY reason why i agree to meet them even thou i saw them like not too long ago and it's a dinner they ask for and i try to avoid going out at night (cox that'd mean my bf gotta eat dinner alone) but i still went ahead to meet them is cox i want MARMITE CHICKEN.

This coffeeshop in TPY, sells the world's best Marmite Chicken. Deep fried, then drizzled with rich and thick marmite mixture.

Sweet, spicy, tangy, aromatic.

I'd do anything you say, just GIVE ME MARMITE CHICKEN!!!

So we head to the same coffeeshop that we had marmite chicken at before.

Mich's happy face when the waitress say..

"We don't sell marmite chicken anymore"

FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!! FUCK, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why no more?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?!! No more marmite chicken why you still operating?!?!?! YOUR NEW MENU SUCKS!!!!! All your food sucks!!!! Except marmite chicken!!!! You stupid!!! I want to fight you one on one!!!! COME!!!!!!!!

Lolol! I was really quite pissed then.

It was Qing Tian Pi Li, Tian Ta Xia Lai, Qing Pen Da Yu, Shi Jie Mo Ri, Wan Fen Xin Sui, Wo Yao Qu Si.

I almost pull out a knife to threaten to kill myself if they don't somehow gimmie MARMITE CHICKEN!!!

I remember i felt very broken inside. Like there's no fairytale in the world, no true love, no forever, everything seem gloomy, for 43 seconds.
All these emotions i go through, and..

Again, this is how my gf laugh when she see that i don't get to eat marmite chicken.
"朋友一生一起走" 我不會點這首歌給你的 lor.

Before i remember how heartbreaking it was that i can't eat the marmite chicken anymore, i had the thought to blog about my girlfriends and their boyfriends in the most friendly way. BUT NOW I A BIT ANGSTY. Blame the marmite chicken zi char stall!!!

Gem and bf Kennard.

Kennard super love to appear on my blog. LOLOL. So much he even ask me to take more pictures of him SOLO. WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fame monster - Lady Gaga.

 He ask for solo shot already then act shy "No lah.. Don't want lah.."

Laugh until so happy still say don't want. LOL. Typical. Plus his pose damn gay.

Mich and Monokey =D

My iphone wasn't screwed up (and then had to be restored which caused me to lose all my contacts and notes) by Monokey. It wasn't. Lolol.

The mini hearts stockings i wore that day. Was already scratched at Nuffnang event.

Got all ruined by the end of the day cox the velcro of my camera pouch sticked on to it =((

My Paris weaved bag =DDD All the bitches say it's ugly like mad. I think it's damn chio!!!

Zhen acting like a thinker.

And i got a S95 already!!!!! =DDDDDD Bf got it for me =D And ask me to take it as a gift for all the special occasion in the next two and a half years.

His abacus beat until very loud.


So anyway, Zhen is the president of this club i initiated, it's called the "S95 user PREMIUM club". She's the president only becox she bought S95 first. So i'm the vice-president.

Zhen, see these pictures closely, remember them, you're gonna miss them. You gonna miss my pink blinged Ixus60. You're never gonna have a chance to say "這種 pattern 你還敢拿出來啊" again.

But my dear Zhenie, my lao pok gai makes you look chioer than you.
WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Okay no nei hong in Premium club!

And the only yummy fish of the night, Yu Sheng. The rest, SUCK BIG TIME, NO MARMITE, GO AND DIE. There, on angry poem for the zichar stall.

I'm tired. Everyday is fun, fun, fun. Eat, fun, laze. Laze, laze, laze. If only my body can be awake through CNY 15 days. Lol.

More again. I love my girlfriends =))))) It doesn't even matter if their bf make-spoil my phone. WHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.


Anonymous said...

Hey where u bought your mini heart stockings?? And how much??

mich said...

you better not let me snap any ultra ugly candid shots of you.

with love,

Anonymous said...

Hi, where do you get your camera pouch from?

Angsty much? said...

Angsty? You do mean angry right? You got check dictionary one anot? Fail.

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu!

I have the same question as the first anonymous that posted here! Hahaha. Where did you get the stockings? Mega Chio!

Anyway <3 your blog ttm. Keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

I don't like S95,
My friend bought me a Lx5 for my birthday and my Lx5 is better than the S95,
used both before so i know.

Anonymous said...

I wanna know where you get your stocking too! ^^,

Anonymous said...

Don't wanna be bad but the Paris bag is ugly, your friends are right :x. But the mini hearts stocking is really nice :D.

QiuQiu said...

Mini heart stockings was sponsored by a blogshop i forgot the name.

Camera pouch from Fabrix or smth.

Anonymous said...

holland v got very nice marmite chicken