26 February 2011

QWeekly - My Tonged Fringe and i

To start the week i went shopping with Mich at Toa Payoh and Bishan for Budget Barbie after their trip to the fortune-teller. Turns out all both of them (Zhen and Mich) will only have 2-3 and 1-2 good friends in their life, respectively. LOLOL.

So i buay paiseh assume that i must fill in one slot in each of their miserable 1-2, 2-3 good friends. Therefore, they have to be very nice to me ^.^V If i don't friend them, their life would be very miserable. 1-2 friends would become 1. 2-3 becomes 2 only =((( Hahaha!

Bishan J8 really was kinda *yawns* the only good thing is Nature Republic is there and their nail colours super SWEET!!! =D

 Lunchner at J8 and durian at TPY =DDDD Michelle i love you!

But don't do it! Uncle very old already. LOLOL.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Highlight for the week is i happen to discover how to tong my fringe. Lol. You know how rebonded fringe ALWAYS, after a while, ends up straight and stiff? And flat.
 Like this.
Okay say really, main point of this picture is i don't know where to put it in, but it's quite chio so i just bluff bluff say "oh, like this, the fringe so ugly" Lolol.

I've had this problem for years, since i started rebonding. SO! This discovery is actually a big part of my life. Lol. Curled-inwards, pong pong fringe = make my face seemingly smaller. Nice!

So nice i must camwhore with it. My virgin tonged-fringe. Lol.

 This is me not long after makeup.

Still got falsies on.

 Drop already. Lol. Less than like 2 hours.
I really suck at doing it or my cheap eyelash glue is really lousy.

 I didn't bother to PS on eyelashes for this picture becox flowers plus top light (whic sort of resemblance sunlight) so i reckon i should act au-natural also. Lol. 有沒有在花園奔跑的感覺? LOL.
Got home and camwhore somemore. That's when i took the picture on the top of this post.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sophie and i were invited to a four-course dining experience organised by McDonald's and i was really curious what's it gonna be!

Soph and i thought they were trying to be funny you know, like appertizer = apple dipper, main = burger, one side = french fries and dessert = McFlurry. Lol.

Both of us really quite hardcore McDonald's fan. Okay i'm hardcore fast food fan to be exact.

Our belated VDay dinner. Lolol.

Look at the effort put in! Okay the ones you'd get to try is the salad, and the burger which is the NEW, YUMMY, JUICY, Chicken McGrill! It'd be launched on the 1st of March so wait for it!

 I was so happy that night with all the live jingle-singing and dance i want to cry ='( Lolol.

I very self-centered. In my thoughts i tell myself, "for all the childhood years that you wanted a McDonald's party like your other friends but never had, and for all the McDonald's parties your friends had but didn't invite you, THIS IS FOR YOU"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
For that dinner at Macs, i brought along my new bag from TheBlogShop =DDD
They have super stunning designs for their apparels and bags!
For retails/ wholesale, you would wanna check out TheBlogShop!


✿Rox✿ said...

qiuqiu~ i watched your boob job video~
you're amazing~

Coco Tai said...



Anonymous said...

your fringe is so nice after you tong it!!! Pretty!

Anonymous said...

You are pretty with or without make up! :)

Anonymous said...

your hair look kinda like wig after you curl it. :/

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty! btw mind sharing where did your friends went for the fortune telling?

Anonymous said...

I like this hairstyle!!! :D

Anonymous said...

mind sharing did you tong your fringe? I want to make my face small too :(

Anonymous said...

yay no more haters! QQ FTW.

Anonymous said...

do u mind sharing what brand/type of tong u using? Your hair look lovely after curling it <3

Anonymous said...

Still ugly lah pose pretty pictures for what??? Ugly inside and out, pose innocent pictures wanna make people puke or what?

Anonymous said...

Hey QQ, may I know what is the name of the colour you dyed for your hair?

Anonymous said...

your smile and some view look like joanne peh

QiuQiu said...

Coco, the lashes mainly photoshopped on. Lol. My falsies drop damn fast!

Yah tonged fringed make me look a bit ah gua. And i don't wear contacts, they are all photoshopped on!

Anonymous said...

Wat is TPY?

Anonymous said...

how do u tong ur fringe??

♥Vivian Ho♥ said...

hey qiu qiu :D

invest on eyelash glue. seriously that one cannot save money one :D

Duo one is quite ex la but you can try lashgrip ? is like 7 plus one tube ( can last very long, 8 hrs no problem)

hope it helps :D

with love
vivian :D

Ellysa said...

Hey, could you share with us what brand and type is your curling iron? Your hair looks amazing in this post. (:

Anonymous said...

so pretty after you tong'd your hair! like taiwan model!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hi qiuqiu!
Is the dalang hairstyle wig still available?
Where can i get it?

Anonymous said...

Hi how was the weather in HK? Is it too cold to wear shorts?

QiuQiu said...

Vivian, really huh.. I think so too leh. My falsies putting on technique really super fail. Maybe it's me leh? Lol.

Weather in Hong Kong when i was there is about 16 - 21 dc. Now should be 18 - 23? =D

QiuQiu said...

Can wear shorts but MUST wear leggings if not chilled wind is damn cold!

Shine Koh said...

hey Qiuqiu, please intro some lobang for cheap but good tongs! need them badly cause i have really flat fringe >:(

rr said...


QiuQiu said...

Shine, WATSONS LOR! I use watsons one! Not very hot thou. So need longer time to curl hair. But in other words, it does not burn the hair i guess?

Shine Koh said...

okay! im gna check it out! 谢了! :)

♥Vivian Ho♥ said...

hey qiu qiu

yah, technique ? not really la, but it takes a few time of mistake to be better.

it is the glue. trust me :D because when i just started using false lashes I used it with lashgrip ( cheaper mah ) then I try like a few time i can stick nicely already.

now even I'm pro at stick false lashes I used cheap glue ( eh rombus or something i forget)
totally cannot stick at all lor :( some more not waterproof.

hope it helps la :D

with love
Vivian :D