30 January 2011

QWeekly - Love my sister, painted the doors etc et

We were gonna have air-conditioning to be installed in our house!
So it's cover sheets everywhere the night before!
Except the bed, it was done in the morning of installation.
And now it's dont but everyday IS TOO COLD!!! Even without the fan!
So there's no chance to on the aircon at all. I can take heat, can't take coldness well!!!

One day when i came home, i saw this!!! My bf got me clear container/ trays and he actually arranged all my nail polish for me!!! I am super happy and touched about it but the thought of him arranging nail polish for me in my vainity room is......... Damn gay. LOLOL.

How?! I feel damn pretty dressed like this! =D It think it's the leopard preens!
Had filming for Budget Barbie on Weds ^.^ Went shopping with a guest!!!
Watch out for the special VDay episode to see who's the cutie!
With Jillian and Jess, producers at Munkysuperstar ^.^ Pictures taken from my cb camcorder. I din't know it's gonna be SO BLUR!!! =(( End up my shopping trip picture all blur one.

On Thurs i went to 'help out' my 4th sister with a flea at NUS. This short hair sister is my 3rd sis. She super act cool. Like seriously?! Who still pose with the bond finger sign at chin?!?! Haha! Gonna show you more pictures i took at the flea! We ate so much, we shiate so much. And Sophie dropped by for a while too!!! ^.^

 On Friday, Drago and Tiffany were both sent for full grooming and when they were away, bf and i started painting the doors in the house! It's quite lame, we change the colour from light grey to a even lighter grey....... DAMN tiring. Okay to be fair, it's even more tiring for bf cox he cleaned the windows. BUT, i cleaned the sofa and ALL the walls!!! And i think i did a great job cox afterwards, he allow me to order Macdelivery =DDD

To end it off, i give you the essentials to this cover-look! Lol.
It's nothing special but it makes me happy when i share! Hahaha.

- Highlight powder all the way to the end of eye
- Light pink shadow from eye-line til brow bone
- Purple shadow from liner til crease of eyelid
- Peach blusher at lower end of cheekbone til temple area
- Bright pink blusher on ball of cheekbone
What look is this? No idea. Healthy candy? Meh.. Hahaha


Anonymous said...

Hello, may I know where to get the leopard print jacket?
It looks really nice on you :D

Anonymous said...

is your lovesick pullover available in blogshop? :) and u look really pretty in this issue! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi may i know if i am able to get the lovesick pullover anywhere in blogshops? thanks, pls reply!

Anonymous said...

i also find the lovesick pull over really nice! mind sharing? xD

Anonymous said...

she already mentioned it's a gift from taiwan

Anonymous said...

duh obviously we saw that. cant you see the word IF i am able? -.-

Anonymous said...

love the whole outfit
- mickey mouse shirt
- skirt
, etc.

tell us where you got them from