27 April 2011

I very li hai

I make good Aglio Olio. And nobody taught me how to. It's self-taught. Lol.

Had my first Aglio Olio a few years back, and i remember thinking, "HUH?? Why so expensive?! It's only spaghetti with garlic, pepper and chili padi!!!"

So i set on the journey to make the World's Best Aglio Olio. Lol. Kidding, it's not world's best (becox i never go compete LOL) but it's very yummy, okay, if i may say, it's yummier that 70% of all the restaurants here serve.

You know what, make it 80%. LOLOL.

Trust me!!! The key difference of MY Aglio Olio and ANY OTHER Aglio Olio is the TIME taken to cook. You eat in restaurant, they have no time to let the oil (which the pasta will be tossed in) take in the flavours of the garlic and pepper and chili padi.

Like seriously, seriously, when i was at the supermarket buying all the ingredients, i could hear all of them shouting out to me! "PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! I wanna be part of your wonderfully yummy creation!!!" O.O Yeah....

So are you ready for the World's Top 20% Yummiest Aglio Olio?

Okay, here we go.

Get ready:

1 - Olive oil
2 - Grounded black pepper (This is the powdery kind. It's optional)
3 - Coarse black pepper
4 - Your choice of pasta
6 - Your choice of add-on, i suggest Bacon/ Mushroom/ Prawn
7 - Chili padi (if you can't take spicy food, you can skip this or put lesser but add more pepper)
8 - Basil leave (optional, i was just trying to impress my bf by using herbs LOL)
9 - SALT (SORRY i forgot to add that in the picture!)

 Step one: Cook the pasta. ADD SALT and PASTA into boiling water.
Usually when it turns to a pale yellow, it's cooked.
Or you can try to poke/ bite one of it to check if it's done. Lol.

Step Two: Prepare the ingredients.

I only have one cooking pan at home so i actually did this AFTER the pasta was cooked but if you have an extra pan at home, and a maid who can do all the dishes after you cook, then prepare the ingredients when the pasta is cooking.

I sliced the bacon streaks into three parts. So i get bite size chunks when it's done. And then prepare the garlic. I like the chunky kind, but you can of course slice it.

But, if you're gonna make the World's Top 20% Yummiest Aglio Olio, then follow what i do. LOLOLOL.

 Pan-fry your bacon to however degree you like it, i like it 87% crispy crunchy, 13% chewey oily. If you get what i mean. I know, professional-eater-wannabe-chef's lingo is hard to understand. Lolol.

Step Three: Making the pasta wait and cool down. Drain the hot water off and run it through cold (tap) water. Your pasta will then be QQ one! Then drain the cold water and add olive oil to your pasta and toss it evenly so that your pasta will not stick to each other while you work on the rest of the pasta.

Step four: Making THE DIFFERENCE, the base.

Heat the pan up, add olive oil to heat, then add garlic and chili padi.

 Then add all the pepper and salt. I'm using sea salt thou. Make sure you keep stir-frying it. I suggest you to add a little bit more oil so you can work the flavours out into the oil.

As to how much to add, i leave it up to your mood. LOL. Really, then every meal you whip up, will be a unique piece of art. Lololol. Bullshit. Lol. Just add however much you want. The more the yummier.

It should look something like that. If the garlic is browner with a slightly crispy outer layer, even better.

 Step five: Toss the pasta into the pan of mixture and toss it. Do this on low heat.

Step six: Add in the prepared bacon and leaves of basil and toss the pasta evenly.

TADAH~~~ I present to you the World's Top 20% Yummiest Aglio Olio!!!

Where you can taste the FULL FLAVOUR of the essential ingredient! Say no to restaurants who serve you spaghetti tossed in olive oil and pepper, with chili padi and garlic as garnish.

30 minutes, 9 ingredients, 6 step, only ONE Master Chef.


How, you likey? =DDD


kitty said...

WAHSEH looks damn good! You make me damn hungry nowwww T.T

Linda Yeo said...

Simple yet YUMMILICIOUS !! :D

SinYee said...

woaaa! looks so yummy!! :9


Anonymous said...

look so good xDD i love AGLIO ! ♥

Zuu :) said...

LOL you totally threw the whole chilli padi in, with stalk & unchopped! That's kinda funny. Imma try this recipe of yours soon (with no chilli padi stalk & chopped of course)! Looks awesome! :D

QiuQiu said...

Thank you thank you! Lol.

Zuu, if you cut right, and you don't remove the seeds, it's gonna be VERY hot. I tried before. So if you wanna cut, i suggest removing the seeds. If not the spiciness will overpower the garlic fragrance.

Zuu :) said...

But i like it spicy, that's why i always chop 'em up. Heheeeee. 1 qn, MUST olive oil? Can use normal cooking oil?

QiuQiu said...

Zuu, normal cooking oil it'd taste jelat and it won't be THAT healthy. Lol. And.. normal cooking oil smells bad. I think.

Linda Yeo said...

I chopped my chilli padi & its indeed seriously too SPICY !!!

Therefore my 2nd aglio, I put lesser chopped chilli padi *hum ji already* lols

Momo said...

omg. i have been craving for this and wanting to learn how to cook. spent quite a bit eating at restaurants. Thank you so much!

ezah said...

what if some chef copies ur recipe and make it his signature dish! :O

Belle said...

omg!! i'm so gonna try this! Food in UK is so expensive! I'll let you know how it turned out! :D

J said...

hihi, this is e exact same way i prepare my pasta as well!!

except my chilli padi i slice it up, put in onli 1, so wun b tat spicy!

thumbs up!

Belle said...

i tried it and it was yummy! :D

Anonymous said...

I find it abit too dry. Is it must put some water?

Corrine Shanshy ♥ said...

May I know how much salt should I put with the pasta in the boiling water? ^^ Does it matter how much I add? :p

Anonymous said...

May I know how much salt should I be adding? :p