24 April 2011

QWeekly - The girls

Went out with Mich and Zhen the other evening.. Supposedly to relive our teenage years.. When we hang around Bugis Village aimlessly, i buy 3 for $10 clothes/ $5 clothes and shoes and they wait for me for ages to sift out the good stuff and i wait for them while they buy normal priced clothes. Lol.
But Zhen was late so Mich and i walked around, i bought two pieces of clothes at $5 each and one pair of wedges at $5 =DDD I VERY LI HAI right!!! Show you again!

Zhen came and we went for dinner. Yes i know.. You find me boring already. So typical right? Shopping and yet have no picture of the loot to show, eating and no picture of what i ate.. Totally unprofessional. Lolol. BUT!!!

Mich brought some makeups out and we're supposed to do a mini makeover for each other! =DDD I LOVE TO PLAY DOLL UP!!! So we very not shy, we did the makeover at the back of the fast food restaurant. Lolol.

This is me before the makeover. I know, it's already quite made-up. Lolol.
But no worries, we can always exaggerate the look.

My office lady friend, Michelle. Good complexion.. But no soul. Lol.
I'm gonna give her a character that speaks to people.

All the makeup she brought.. It's actually super limited. Like only got eyeliner which are mainly all DARK DARK green, blue, brown, black -.-" So it all looks the same after applying.

After we do open number dididi, Mich was chosen to go first. Lol. FHLTTM. Lololol!!!
I say we should give her a icy-queen look. Lolol!!!

See the glitters on her eyes? ICY!!! And blue shadow cream on her lips. LOLOL!!!

The end result. Mich SPECIFICALLY asked me to add SUPER DUPER thick eyelashes for her and to add contacts for her also. My friends are closet famewhores. Lolol.

Icy queen scorned. I actually think Mich looks strangely cute here. Lolol.

Their revenge, my retribution. Lolol. I asked for Candydoll look =S I knew it was never gonna happen but i was hoping to get somewhere close like maybe.. Just cute? Lol.

End result. Pink eyeliner, lower lash drawn on using black eyeliner, three layers of blusher and tonnes of gold glitter on the lips. Candy meh? Doll meh? *demanding* Lolol. Okay lah mine is okay cox i already had shitload of makeup on as base. Lolol.

Yuzhen =DDD She's going for the punk rock look. Lolol. With a touch of Office Lady feel. Hahah! That's her acting sexy biting a finger. CANNIBALISM. Click! Lolol.

Zhen before the makeover. Lol. She won the most drastic-change award please.

Mich acting all sultry.

I say i want SEXY. You know, like Zhen, had a finger in the mouth kind of sexy. So Mich took out her mirror and practice. Hahaha!!! She really wanna do well and perform for you guys!!

HAHAHA. Can or not?

Then to Liang Seah for dessert.

Zhenie acting emo with the stare-far look..

And me! =DDD My hair still has a bit of greenish tinge on it but you can't really see in pictures now but under the sun, it's nice!!! =D See here for the initial colour!


Unknown said...

Hey! I really loved all the makeovers!! Especially the first one, wow!
Certainly gorgeous!!

The Bimbo said...

whoa the makeovers are super nice!! Zhen and Mich's of course...

Sasuke-chan said...

So are michelle's lashes photoshopped on or is it real?

Whizzer's Rose said...

nice cap- love the red sequins...

kris.zimin said...

omg you're damn prettyyyyy, so is your friend :O
++ nice reads!
i'm so following your blog :)

kristie s