17 April 2011

QWeekly - No have me!

I didn't put on make up any single day of this week. So there's not gonna be new pictures of me BUT i believe i can write to win your hearts over for you to continue reading. Lol.

*Repeat i can write, i can write i can write i can write*

Yeah i can, it's a matter of whether people can understand. Well at least i don't throw random pictures and then captioning it with some touchy-feely philosophical quotes, inspirational quotes, motivational quotes ripped off the internet and posting it up here, LIKE PEOPLE CANNOT GOOGLE if theycare to read those.

*Repeat i can write, i can write i can write i can write*

So what happen this week was.. On Monday bf and i went to Funan, was supposed to buy a Xbox set with kinect so that.... *hesistant* i can dance..?

Lololol. Yes!!!! So that i can dance at home! I'm 100% sure Tiffany and Drago will love it!!!!!!! I'd close the kitchen gate, doggy room door, my bedroom door, my beauty room door, and they'd have nowhere else to go, except the living room, WATCHING ME DANCE =DDDDDDDD

Hmm.. There's no way my dogs can jump out of the windows one right? To play safe, i'm gonna close all the windows also, and on the air con in the living room =D We'd be a happy family enjoying kinect together with no sweat. Lol.

To be honest, i have no choice i have to make my doggies watch me dance!!! Cox my bf already disclaim, "I'd buy a TV outside, so you can dance outside and i'd be in the room when you dance"


Last time my kindergarten teacher also never pick me for any dance performance.. But i don't blame her cox my primary school teacher also never pick me.. And.. Wait, i'm trying to recall if i was ever chosen to dance......

Can we talk about something else?

LOLOLOL. SO ANYWAY!!! We were told that we should wait one or two more months for the price to drop or something *rub palms* I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT AND DANCE LIKE A DIVA and ROCK MY HOUSE DANCE FLOOR! Lolololololol *point finger in air and go dew dew dew dew dew~*

And then i met Xiaxue and Jessica (Shiberty) for lunch on Thursday where the cao server don't give a shit about me cox both of them had makeup on and i have none. LOL. This is life's reality right in my face. I DESERVE IT! Lolol. And Xiaxue is damn serious about her Youtube channel please. She even go buy new gadget and other tools to make it more professional *respect*

Jessica say she made cupcakes for us but she didn't bring out cox i-forget-why but her cupcakes are good!!! Moist in texture, rich in taste! Sophie got two for us to share at the Nuffnang charity drive for Japan *DROOLS* Love the vanilla buttercream one most! Inside got chewy stuff one! =D I thought maybe it's a secret ingredient Jess added. Lol. Okay it's not, she told me what it is already.

Yeah that's all, nothing about me. Becox? BECOX I AM THE LOSER WHO DIDN'T PUT ON MAKE UP that day. Very simple. Lolol. So even my blog thinks i don't deserve any credit and mention. Lololol.

Then at night i go find my third sister!!! I SUPER HAPPY she got a Twitter account PLEASEEEEE!!!! Each time i manage to psycho any of my friend/ sister to get a Twitter account, i super happy becox.. Hmm.. I'm bored mostly? Lol.

Yesterday was MooMoo's birthday!!! I got him two big cakes to share with his paw friends at the shelter =D And.. There's no picture relevant to my week, BUT!!! I'm spreeing the below items! Actually only four items but. The eyecream is the one i mentioned before, that Xiaxue recommended, THAT IS FUCKING GOOD!!! Take a look!

World's best eye lash glue, pixie wig, hearts all over top and indie stitched top!
Spree closing tonight.

PHEW! So i wrote a whole lot of words, no quotes at all. Lolol. Did you read everything? You better! =D Bye bye!!! Next week i promise i'd look chio on most days!!! WITH MAKEUP! Not with over-flowing confidence thinking i can look pretty without makeup. Lolol.


Anonymous said...

hello! any chance of you spreeing for the eyelash glue again? thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu~! :)
are you gonna have the spree again? i lovvve the stitched top but missed it! :(