07 June 2011

Er Mei or Shaolin kungfu. Maybe just bo liao.

So.. I think i finally manage to take slightly sharper pictures with the ringlight. And it may be good..

Kitteh-Tee i spreed previously ^.^

I ordered extra pieces cox it's so cute! I'm selling them at $15 bucks each!
Email qiutinger@gmail.com if you're keen okay ^.^
So the good thing is.. I can take more decent pictures now.. But.. It's still kinda like a new thing to me so i have the urge to play with it when i'm bored at home.. Which.. I mostly am. Lol.

So i do lotsa rubbish. Like below.

Me: I am BIG and STRONG!

Imaginary friend: No, you're not? You're a Bag of Bones *evil laughter*

What do you mean i'm not?! Watch this!


You're not Bruce Lee, dude, show some originality!

不要逼我~ Don't push meeee!!!!


Alright, you leave me with no choice..
Now... Take.. This..

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


HOEH~!!!! 螳螂功! (praying mantis fist lololol).
 *dies a terrible death*

Actually my bf say i wrong, it should be two pointy index finger if it's Praying Mantis fist.

This sign is for Crane fist but if it's Crane fist, my arms have to be outwards like a bird.

Or if it's this sign but one hand instead of two hands, it'd be Snake fist.

So.. I figured.. The sign i was showing is a double-headed snake fist. LOL.

Argh, kungfu is hard.

Goofing is easy! Lol. I was trying to move only my body and not my head, to see what the effect on my camera will be.

Randomly.. Do you all know this dude?
He's the funny (ugly) guy who stars in lots of Stephen Chow old movies.

One more of him..

And i might be his daughter. Lolol. Got look like not? 100% not retouched.
Not even the colour.

This is him in a slightly similar wig but maybe his wig no use conditioner. Lol.

Okay lah i should insert a few chio pictures to neutralise all the ta-glam pictures. Lol.

So you can get this Kitteh-Tee and wear it sweet like the top picture or wear it casual with a denim shorts and a cap ^.^ Email me to get if keen!

Kinda look forward to the next week cox i'd be filming Budget Barbie at a outdoor, sheltered flea at Chinatown! I've blogged about the flea earlier on. If you haven't grab a stall, do it now!

It's gonna be BIG. Quite a number of other bloggers gonna be there to sell their stuff and with the heavy human traffic at Chinatown, you won't want to miss this! Grab a few friends to do together, it'd be more fun =D

Hope to buy my $100 Budget Barbie loot from you! ^.^


LITTY said...

Super cute! <3 Love the kitty shirt. ^^

Jaslyn said...

LOL QT CRAZEE ALR. And which daiso did you go to buy the balckhead remover thing? PLEASE REPLY TT_TT

Elizabeth said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA awwww you're so cute!

Anonymous said...

hhahaha u make me smile...have fun :)

Kristel said...

Really laught so much, so funny!!! And very cute pictures 2! Keep on the good work :D

Anonymous said...

aww so cute :D
and you have the hottest legs EVAR.
super jelly :/

Anonymous said...

Your hair is a wig right? damn funny sia!

Jade said...

The amount of make up you apply is so scary! WAY TOO MUCH. But anyway I hope you only do that for blogging and not go out like this as well. Sorry I don't mean to offend. I came to your blog to tell you that I can't wait for the next ep of Budget Barbie! Please be quick and do lots and lots of eps for Budget Barbie please. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

You look much better without bangs. You look good with your middle parting at your post before this one :).

Anonymous said...

Really good post!

Anonymous said...

your teeth is alittle.... yellowish...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi how do you make your photos on blogger so big? i tried to upload in the largest size but it's still small. :(

QiuQiu said...

jilliancat, thank you! ^.^

KagamiMiyake i got it from ION Daiso!

Elizabeth thank you! =D

Kristel yup i will!! =D

Rose, yes wig!


Formspring a bit bo liao! Ask me here i'd answer!!! ^.^

Last anon, i use blogger to upload, click on the picture after upload and choose original size =))

Samantha said...

I LOVE UR LAST PHOTO!!! Can you teach me how you do ur makeup? <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 UR EYE MAKEUP!!! (esp the botom lashes)

screwedqueen said...

hahaha qiuqiu you are still cute as ever. <3 :)