01 June 2011

Hello Happy June Babies! ^.^

It's the first of June!!! ^.^ It's gonna be a crazy month cox almost all my good friends are having their birthday in June.... Notice how i punctuate previous sentence with a dot dot dot dot.. Not very excited.

LOL. Cox it's gonna be spend spend spend! We more or less grew out of the birthday gift thing cox they get me small little stuff every now and then, and i get them small little stuff every now and then so there's no need to spend crazy load of money on one gift.

Cox if we do that then the other person will have to spend another amount of money to send back something for us on our birthday and then we have to send back again on their next birthday and then they have to send back and then we have to send back and then "yuan yuan xiang song he shi liao". LOL. End of the day, we could have just used the money for a great dinner and hangout together.

So doing without birthday gift is GREAT but the catch here is, we STILL have to hang out and spend money in June anyway. And it's really not that fun cox it's quite shiong!!! Lol. I have how many friends to celebrate with.. Let me count..

Pei Xi 4th of June
Peixi my poly classmate! (picture taken 3 years ago lol)

Love how we can tease her and when she tries to insult back, it's not even insulting, it's just funny coming from her. LOL. I remember how she will dunk her head VERY VERY low into the basin at the school foodcourt to rinse her mouth after food. And then we start cracking jokes like how next, she's gonna take out shampoo and start shampooing her hair.

Yong Ming 5th June
He's been asking me to plug him on my blog. Lol.

He proposed that i tweet about him once every week at least, and he'd tweet about me everyday. I have 6900 plus followers, he has 18 followers. So.. Bad deal, no deal. Lol. But it's okay, i think he'd be happy with this plug. Then i no need to give him birthday present already. LOL.

Visit Matthias' blog ^.^ I tell you first, he very act artsy one. I totally don't see you enjoying his blog if you enjoy my lame ramblings. Haha.

Gem 15th June
I can't bear to put her picture alone without Kennard. Becox Kennard IS THE ONE DYING to appear on all public platform. He's a trueblood attention-lover! Lololol.

Vivien 15th June
We went Malacca earlier this year! Last year we went out on double-date, supposed to treat her to a belated birthday dinner and all but somehow it ended up with blowing candles on cakes for my birthday -.-" Lol.

Carrie 15th June
Lol. I can't help i have to show these pictures! I think i did these on her last last birthday or last birthday. Can't remember.

She super love this Jacob dude in Twilight wth she even fb tagged his ass -.-"

And she Face in Hole him...... Okay this one looks quite real lol.

Sometime later she moved on to love Justin Bieber. Lol.

She loved him so much she even dressed up like Justin Bieber on my sister's birthday LOL. Can say quite safely, she like Ang Moh only. BUT recently..

She went crazy over TVB actors. LOLOL at the picture.

Kristie 21st June
This is Kristie and Ming Zhou!

This is Kristie, Peixi and Joo San!

We're all gonna celebrate our birthday (all polymates) together cox Ming Zhou and Joo San is May babies and the rest of us are June babies cox poly group us into classes according to our birthdates!

Michelle 29th June
Mich's birthday is really special cox it's one day after mine!!!

We (Zhen, Mich, Gem and i) have plans to go KTV and Zhen's gonna bake us a cake! Cox Zhen is the only Sept baby. Lol. FHL she have to handle everything cox three of us supposed to be the STARS. Hahh ^.^

Okay that's all! I sort of already sent them all a gift becox a few pictures plus the chunks of words for each of them individually would have cost them a few hundred bucks. LOLOL #cheapskateFTW

Now.. My birthday.. I very tired, i should blog about MY birthday another time #ration Hahaha.

Are you a June Baby? ^.^ What you gonna do this year?! =D I tried to google and see who's famous and share the same birthday as me.. Don't have =( Only person i know is Jeanette Aw.

Okay bye! ^.^


Kristel said...

I like your blog very muchooooo! <3

Suetyii said...

im also a june baby! woooo. my birthday's on the 8 of june. cant do anything much tho cause my sister's in Uni. so.. its okay~ doing a lil celebration with my relatives this saturday then on the actual date i'll treat my family for a japanese dinner :D

Anonymous said...

IMMA JUNE BABY TOO ! 12 Jun , heh . :>

Anonymous said...

wahh seh taylor, justin and kevin damn hamsome. hahahha. you should also check out max george from the wanted and james maslow from big time rush!

Sydney said...

hahahahah nce ps skills!

QiuQiu said...

Kristel Thank you!!!! <3


Sydney, i'd take that as a compliment. Lol. Thank you!

carien said...

OMG! anybody knows how to make the pictures with Taylor? They are hilarious! :D

Anonymousmich said...

I also June baby, 26th June! It's MY month!