28 June 2011

It's my birthday!!! ^.^

I'd think about what i want and then come back again. Lol.

For now, please leave a comment to wish that i'd grow prettier, younger-looking and earn more money to bring my dad for a good trip overseas.


Thank you for being nice. Thank you for coming back in. Thank you =))

I hope i've been a decent human so far. Lol.

And by the way.. I discovered something SUPER DUPER AMAZING just now.

I'm not paid to blog about this but i'm sure all the A cuppers will be super thankful to find out about this. Cox CONFIRM will have natural-looking cleavage OMG OMG OMG I AM STIL SO EXCITED WHY!!!

B cuppers will now look like C cuppers. Hate you all. Lol.

Swear i wasn't pushing/ squeezing.

I'm a 24 year old adult already. So here you have, a picture of me with cleavage. LOLOL.

And the freaking unbelievable thing is that this bra has no wire O.O And is seamless. I have no idea how they push up, plus push the two boobs closer. I'd like to dedicate "How do i live" to this U-bra, thank you, Cora Lingerie. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

OMG. I hope i can share more with you about this brand cox i am TRULY IMPRESSED!!! Til then!!!


Anonymous said...

hey where do you get it from? Online ? or is it retailing as well? Which one is the one you are wearing? I'm kinda skinny too and hence rather flat and need a push up as well :(

Evie. said...

Happy Birthday qiuqiu!
Stay jolly and bubbly!!! :D
and i really love reading your blog. hehehe.

warm wishes from malaysia♥

Ida said...

Your blog is amazing^^
Love from Denmark <3
- Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

Lucia ♡ said...

Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true and may you be happy and healthy always ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi there
happy birthday babe :)
been following ur blog but so far 1st time commenting.
can you also advise where is is Cora Lingerie retailing? I been bf for more than 2 years, time to invest in some well supported bras...please help...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday QiuQiu! I wish that you'd grow prettier, younger-looking and earn more money to bring your dad for a good trip overseas! Haha :D

Ellie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH QIUQIU! Hope you don't get any older keke~ ^.^

Ellie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH QIUQIU! Hope you don't get any older keke~ ^.^

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday QiuQiu!!!

May God Bless you abundantly this year!!


Happy Birthday! Quick question: where can I get the U-bra from in Singapore? Very sad that my default no-wire bra which I've been wearing for years by Victoria's Secret has been discontinued, so I must check this Cora U-Bra out!!! Thanks!

The Moonberry Blog

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday qiuqiu!!
Love reading your blog and watching budget barbie :D
Stay pretty always haha (:

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ^_^

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the cleavage thing, dear.. you are quite pretty and we guys don't obsess over that as much as women think. That said.. nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Firstly,Happy Birthday! :)
& thanks for sharing with us that amazing bra! Sadly i'm from Malaysia :/.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Qiuqiu! :D Not pretty nevermind, but must stay happy! But I actually also wish that you stay pretty lah. <3

Anonymous said...

Order online? Seems expensive haha. No C cup avaliable? ><

Sha said...

Blessed Birthday QQ!!! I wish you much happiness, more money and to be beautiful and cute always!!

VANESSA! said...


QiuQiu said...


I went to Cora for fitting only! It's for Budget Barbie ep! ^.^

Sydney said...

too bad im from malaysia too :L


Sydney said...

oh and happy birthday lenglui!! hope you stay pretty xx


Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Qiuting ^.^

Kristel said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos! ( spanish for Happy birthday ^__^ )

Hope you had a great day (:

Anonymous said...

May I know Singapore got any Cora outlets?


QiuQiu said...

Anon, Cora only has online outlet now! =D