17 June 2011

Picnic but more of camwhor-ing ^.^

Had a picnic for Budget Barbie filming the other day! And I LOVE PICNIC cox always got yummy, easy-to-eat finger food. BUT.

I hate the grass =(( I hate all grass except those that are thin and soft and clean and preferably got no ants, no crawlies kind. Yes, that has to be fake grass =DDD

Was really lucky to have a few people to help me out with this filming cox it's on a weekday, noon time! I super lucky! All my other friends have to work, or is super camera-shy or they just don't wanna be 'public' -.-

BUT! It's okay!!! I have other notshy friends!!! See below. Lol.

GeckGeck, Sophie, YongMing, Sam and Jess ^.^

Jess was super nice to come with cupcakes she baked =D Can see "Happy B'Day Qiu Qiu"??

Holding the other set of cupcakes she made to camwhore.

More please~

Jess indulging in her own creation lol. See her face!

Jess took this shot for me. Lol. I must do the Auntie Lucy hair flick to get this shot okay! Lol.

YUMMEH! ^.^ So this two are confirm MINE. Cox got my name!
WHO DARE EAT ME!! Huh! Huh! Huh!

Trying to camwhore with strawberries but got photobombed by Jess =.=

With Sophie and my third cupcake LOL. It's the "Happy".
Can see i bite into it already not? Lol.

With the creator of the yummy cuppies.

And one more..

This is Trey! The producer for Budget Barbie. Ah, remember this face, if Budget Barbie don't air on time, you all can bug her. LOL. And this looks like Trey is at some farm, feeding some animals and posing for a picture.

Okay feed me like a human please. Lol.
EH, i didn't show you all the pictures of the grapes i prepared the night before! One whole box, i pluck them off the stem, wash them and rub the powdery greyish thing off them. I AM SO CARING AND CONSIDERATE, i should be a mother already =D

With Yong Ming

And one more cox Yong Ming is becoming REALLY vain.

With Gillian =D This picture looks weird like it's half dark like mad and half bright like mad. Cox she got the whole sun shining on her face fhl. Lol. And i got the whole tree covering my sun fml =(

After looking at this shot, i ask "What are you doing??"
Gillian "I was looking at the strawberry"

Lol. I thought she was doing goofy face! Cox goofy face won't fit into this "Picnic" feel of camwhoring you know. Picnic camwhoring must be all sunshine, wide happy smiles and lots and lots of green plants and blue skies and white clouds if any ^.^

But sadly, our also got construction site at the back, motorcycles, one truck and some cars at the back. SIAN. I photoshop most of them off. Some i can't be bothered cox not very obvious lah =D

One more with Gillian. Check out the car. Lol. I just throw a flare over it.

I took some artsy shots of Jess blowing bubbles. Haha. Not bad right! The sun is natural one!

One more. I am SO talented. Haha.

Trying to take a cute shot of Soph and Jess but their eyes keep closing!!!

SEE! So i say "Can give me one open eyes wide and cute one???"

Sophie struggling. I had to open her eyes more in photoshop. Lolol. But i can understand cox the bubbles from Jess might be going into her eyes. Haha. Quite bubbly and cute right?? =DD

But nothing beats this shot of Sam. Lol. The idea was "Dreamy" Lol. See his face~!!!

Couples have to do what couples have to do. Lovey dovey shot.

And one more!

I also must do one blow shot. LOL. I best, i blow out sparklies one.

Group shot!

Nice and happy..

With Yong Ming. He prepared all the finger food that day! Thank you YongMing!!!

And thanks to GeckGeck who got me a giant card and the knitted cardi from Japan!!! Love!

It's not my birthday yet so please don't wish me! Lol. This is just a birthday picnic filming. Lol.

So i'm actually looking forward to another picnic but maybe facing the beach, no sand sorry, no grass also, i just wanna sit on the stone floor or wooden bench or somewhere clean. Haha.

Cuppies you see are from Shiberty Sweets! They can customise all the designs you want! See some of their past creation HERE!

Dress i'm wearing and the big flower hairband on my head are both from TheBlogShop who does wholesale/ affordable retail.

Big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out by turning up! Omg so sad, this actually sounds like i got no friend *emo* Lol. No hor, i already say, it's a weekday, afternoon. So everyone else is working *continues to explain and clarify that i DO have friends*

Okay bye~


Anonymous said...

Your hair, face & dress looks so perfect! It all goes together really well :).

Anonymous said...

super cute pictures and it looks like you had so much fun, love the dress and you super cute

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty!! =)

Anonymous said...

hi what hair colour is this ^.^

Anonymous said...

Fun day-out :)
Can I know what camera are you using? It's awesome!

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guy!

Hair colour is.. Hmm.. I really have no idea. I guess just normal brown? =D Like dark brown, but it washes off to this shade. Looks nicer outdoor. Indoor it's just like.. Black.

QiuQiu said...

Using S95 canon =D

Anonymous said...

Hi I might be a little slow but may I know how do you purchase items from theblogshop?

Anonymous said...

Nice pretty curls you have!:)
is there a name for these curls if i want to permanently curl hair?

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous QQ! ^.^

Anonymous said...

why ur hair sometime like nice sometime like so cui ah LOL. pretty curls anw <3

Anonymous said...

can you take a picture of your BF??

rachel said...

hi there! you look so pretty! btw do you have any recommendations for which online blogshops to visit? thank you:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu! Which outlet of theblogshop did you got your dress at? :)

Anonymous said...

could you reply us please? :(

Nat said...

You look like Joanne Peh in the second photo! Pretty ah!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, you can visit their site and see what is the exact operation hours, FEP and Haji Lane opens normal hours, City plaza outlet only on Mon, Fri and Sunday.

Dress from City PLaza outlet =)

Anon, i dont know whats the name of the curls leh =( I guess just big waves?

My bf very shy!

Kristel said...

So sweet :) Gives me summer feeling! And the desire to eat a lot of cupcakes :o

Anonymous said...

I love your centre-parting braids~ I can never carry it off because of my very large forehead.. Huhu.

Adel said...

Hi. Where do you get the big flower band on your head? It's very pretty and sweet! I would love to have one of those. :)

Anonymous said...

does sophie have a blog?

✿Rox✿ said...

Qiuqiu, did anyone tell you before that you look like fan wei qi?

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu dont mind can help me ask where does yong ming bought his fred perry polo? and you look gorgeous in those pics!!!:D :D

QiuQiu said...

Anon, Sophie's blog is www.sophiewillocq.blogspot.com

Jace, yeah i get that! ALong with it i get Joanne Peh, Stef Sun, Zhang Ziyi, Mindy Ong, etc etc. I got common face!

Anon, Yong Ming got his shirt from Hong Kong i htink..

Anonymous said...

haha we share the same birthday!! :D Lololol sorry I find it very cool, it's not a common date lor, 28th :D \m/ Heheee, Happy birthday in advance to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu!!may I know where geckgeck got her dress from!!it's so pretty!!!!

Adel said...

Hi Qiu Ting,

May I know where do you get the big flower band on your head? It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

hi what make up you use in this picnic episode..i think u look really pretty and nice skin tone u have