05 June 2011

QWeekly - Happy Birthday Yong Ming!!! ^.^

Dress from Hey Adonia! Love the dressy girly feel!
Would be suitable for work (throw cardi over) or party!
How's my center-parting working for you?! Lol.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Still masking diligently. Now i smart already. Wendy say the black mask is put on obvious pore area. I go put on whole face plus sideburns that time. Nobody told me it's wrong, everybody secretly want to see me have no eyebrows and no sideburns. Lol. I skip forehead cox forehead looks okay so far.

Mask i'm using is this one. I feel like got no lifting effect like the dark blue one leh. But just VERY SUPER EXTRA soft and smooth skin the next day. Lol. Okay also LOVE! You can email lien@beautyfasshon.com to get yours!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

So it's Yong Ming's birthday! Yong Ming would prefer to be known as Matthias cox that's his.. Celeb-name. Like Lady Gaga, QiuQiu (LOL), and.. Soso (Sophie) LOLOLOL.

Boyfriend and i buy him dinner at Yokozuna (at Liang Seah street). And I LOVE Yokozuna!!!

Best (free) appertizer EVER EVER EVER. Unagi and Japanese baby cucumber in sesame sauce!

Salmon Tataki

Salmon Tataki very self-absorbed. Asked for a 45 degree side profile. Lol.

Unagi roll

Okay.. This is so gross. I am becoming those not-self-absorb people who only take pictures of food UP CLOSE =(((((( Lolol. I shall reflect on this and have my face in ALL sorts of pictures. If not, at least my fingers. Hahah.

All the sashimi they love. They love the salmon belly so much have to pretend to be courteous. Lol.
"You take lah.."
"Nooo.. You take, you take"
"No No no, YOU take"
"Don't worry, you take"


Ooh yes. Yong Ming swallowing the complimentary miso soup.

My camera sometimes go a bit cranky when in auto mode and then does weird colour treatment to pictures but this turns out pretty good!

Matthias so act artsy, i feel obliged to give him tumblr colour. Lol.

YokoYoko. MUST TRY. A ball of loveeee.

Foie gras.

Soft shell crab. And a few more dishes i forgot to snap pictures of. HUNGRY NOW!!!

So i dropped by Haji Lane before heading Yokozuna to say hello to Victoria (owner of Victoria Jomo) and then bf say it'd be nice to get some cupcakes for Yong Ming. I didn't thought of that cox Yong Ming is a GUY (had to emphasize that lol) and it's almost like.. Birthday cakes are for girls. Hahaha.

So we got three cupcakes from a shop at Haji Lane.

That will be our first (unfortunately) and our last (thankfully).

I shall not go into detail how awful and bad the cakes + cream + chocolate of the cupcakes taste like. Becox it'd make me SO ANGRY. I mean.. How do they have the cheeks to start a shop, and sell cake as a specialty, package it so nicely (yeah, they do have nice designs there ) BUT MAKE IT TASTE LIKE SHIT?

It's like wrapping shit in pink wrapping paper and then tie them up with a bow.

And it's not cheap okay!!! $3 each! For the awful taste, i'd ask to be paid $5 to eat one.

I choose to add those sprinkles myself. Must buy three then can have choice of sprinkles. If not it'd look plain and taste AWFUL.. -.- Double sadness to be their cupcakes.

Yong Ming and his horrible-tasting cuppies. Lol. My fault.  But he got me fucked up birthday present last year (click to read) so we're quits. Lol.

Yong Ming blows off the candles~

I asked him if he wants to make a wish, i think he a bit shy to make a wish in front of my boyfriend. Lol. So he say don't want. And i say if not i will make my wish with his birthday cupcakes. Lol. Yeah. Very self-centered.

And seriously, you think these three cupcakes will look okay without me adding the right matching sprinkles on them?

I added gold mini sugar balls to the dark chocolate one cox it creates a expensive contrast.

Then red hearts to the off-white cream. Cox it'd look vintagely sweet (crapping my way lol)

Then the primary colour sprinkles on the lemon one cox lemon is a fun flavour! OH BUT NOT ON THIS CUPCAKE ANYWAY!!!! COX THEIR LEMON BUTTERCREAM AND LEMON CUPCAKE SUCK BIG BALLS, BIG TIME.

*sudden surge of anger again*


This is how oily and gross it is. Never ate a worse cake before. I give this a win for being the most awful cake, with a deceiving look. The peanut butter chocolate one also suck cox cake wayyyyyyy too dry and keep falling apart. The sticky date one is barely passable. Maybe cox we need to vomit after the lemon one.

We didn't finish any of the three small tiny cuppies. Got more than half of each left. Never had this happen before man. I mean.. How can Chocolate and peanut butter go wrong???

Yong Ming came over to our place and play game, plus i show off my ring light to him. Lol.

Nicest shot i manage to capture of him, that is not sharp. He is very sad okay. I took like 9 pictures of him and it's all blur. Lol. Cox i smart alec, go use full manual mode. Lol. Lesson learnt, full manual only can be used to shoot myself. Haha.

Happy Birthday Yong Ming! Thank you for being a friend =) And fuck you for being mean sometimes =D

I got put =D okay. So we're good. Lol.


Ande said...

He is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu! May i know where did u get the gold necklace u wore in the first photo? Its so pretty! Thanks :D

Sasxi said...

ur friend looks really cool! is he local?

Anonymous said...

cute guy! :D

Sydney said...

awwww matthew is so cute hahhaha <3

where is yr bf? XD

Suetyii said...

ooohhhh a center parting hairstyle! looks awesome~ curls! <3 :D not bad lehh.. still looking pretty.

Anonymous said...

why do you have to keep publicizing for the mask?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i got the neckalce from Hong Kong! =D HKD5 !!! WTF less than one buck!

Sasxi, he's from Sg yes!

Last anon, i don't have to ah. I choose to. Cox i DO LIKE the mask. Why don't you ask why i have to advertise for yokozuna? Cox i love it. Grabz? I love it. Why do you ask such silly question. You love it? =D

Anonymous said...

omg, is the bakery you went to called "my fat lady cakes" ?

Yong Ming said...

>,< I feel obligated to say, "Don't be deceived! I'm actually quite fugly. Qiuqiu photoshopped my pictures!"

Anonymous said...

Omg u got the necklace from HK @ such low price! It looks damn high class! Like tiff&co HAHA. Anw where did u get such got buys! I just went to HK recently too :D

Diyanah R. said...

Yong Ming is so handsome. Eventhough he says it's all Photoshop haha.

Maybe he was shy to make a wish because his wish would be to have you Qiu Qiu. (; (heheheheh Sorry I love best-friends-turned-boyfriend stories.^^)