23 June 2011

Why he so ham..?

Ham means hamsum means handsome lah okay. Lol.

This post is just random pictures taken from dinner with Alaric and Sophie, Yutaki, Miyake and Eric. But i cannot put it on QWeekly becox got quite a few pictures of this Yutaki.. And no pictures of the dinner itself with the rest. Oh got but it's on Twitter. Lol.

We were all at the Chinatown flea. I was there to film Budget Barbie and they were there to sell their stuff and Yutaki joined us later. And then later-later, we all head for dinner together. Lol.

SO! After dinner we were just talking and then we realise that although i've met Yutaki since about three years ago but i've never really taken much pictures with him each time i see him.

So i took out my camera. BUT i was talking to someone else, and then this 急性子 Yutaki went "GIMMIE!" and just grab my camera and go snap snap snap on his own. LOL. He's super funny okay. I think maybe he's hyperactive. No, yeah, i'm quite affirmative that he IS hyperactive.

Everything must fast fast fast, now now now. So anyway, here's some of the pictures he took!

Eh to think of it now hor, i should only post and release one picture of him everyday. Then all his supporters will visit my blog everyday. LOL #cunning #makinguseofriend

Lol. We were in some Thai restaurant in Singapore, HUMID, sweaty and sticky like shit. But when he camwhore, he looks like he's in Japan, winter time =.=" We fail. Lol.

I should charge for this. "Pay $5 to see pictures of Yutaki (all white and nude)" True what, the background is nude-cream colour. Lol.

More.. You all owe me a lot of money already.

One with Miyake. Hate both of them a bit. Lol.

Yutaki showing you all that his super sharp nose is real. See, he can push and bend it one. Lol. Anyway, I derived some camwhoring rules from this picture.

Rule number one: When taking pictures with people who always look good in pictures, you should JUST SMILE WIDELY, HAPPILY AND SINCERELY. Becox however less-great you look compared to them, you'd be likable at least. LOL. Cox people always like happy people.

Rule number two: When taking pictures with people who'd look great with whatever funny faces they make, DO NOT FOLLOW. You don't wanna look like less-good-looking PLUS trying to be funny and attention-seeking with all the retarded funny faces. Play safe.

Rule number three: It better be your own camera so you can go home and photoshop to save your life. Lolol.

So yeah, by sticking to the rules, so far, i'm still surviving.

Okay maybe a lil bit of squishy squashy face is okay. Lol.

I shall end the post with quoting myself. LOL.

"I always give people a 100% to start with, and minus off and add on from there, for everything they do" -- BONGQIUQIU.

LOLOL. Okay any good quotes also kena spoiled by BONGQIUQIU at the end. Okay i try again.

"I believe everyone is nice, until they prove otherwise" -- QiuQiu

*vomit dinner out now* STOP QUOTING YOURSELVES!!! Lolol.


Ida said...

Where there's a will there's a way... cool qoute on the tee ^^

Yue Huan said...

I love your blog. You're so funny x)

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, what camera do you use? :)

Anonymous said...

What circle lens is he wearing?

OMG said...

yutake uses double eyelid glue!!! O:

Anonymous said...

anyway i am so random. you should do budget barbie ep at city plaze. bot alot of good buys cheap somemore. just saying haha

QiuQiu said...

Anon, S95!

Anon, i don't know.. Go ask him on his Twitter, nick Yutakis ^.^ Or go visit his blog to ask? =DD

OMG, huh.. Very surprising?

Anon, i went there for an ep before already! Check the earlier eps! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a guy who likes to act cute while taking pictures..

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i think nothing wrong leh.. And he's not acting cute.. He's really just posing for pictures..

Anonymous said...

are you serious? He doesn't look bad but you have to admit he's trying to act cute in the first/second picture. Lol.

Anonymous said...

is his photo photoshopped here?