11 October 2011

Harajuku Street Style Fashion show! ^.^

Wendy, me and Cheesie! =DDD

We were at the Harajuku Street style fashion show at Tangs! We each did a post on that earlier. Xiaxue's, Cheesie's and Mine =D

One more =D WE WERE THERE TO BE SUPERMODELS. Lolol. Not exactly.. But you know, not model-model, just there to walk the finale as special appearance sorta thing.

It was SO FUN actually! The most most most shiok part was the makeup part!!! The Japanese makeup artist will do facial cleansing, toning, moisturizing AND FACIAL MASSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST EVER. I went home and tell bf how AWED i was by the extra things the Japanese do to everything to make it so perfect and enjoyable for people. And how much pride they take in their work. So impressed!!!

Hi please don't get sick of our faces. Wendy's heart-stickers on the eye cute ma? Cheesie's hair bow also cute! If i may say so myself.. My fringe also cute. Lol. It's so thick, it's unacceptable by most.

 ❤ ❤ ❤

Wendy happily talking to someone else..
 Me: Eh Wendy, Wendy, Wendy..

*poke* HAHAHA. She say i very boh liao. Lol.

 Cheesie's perfect makeup that day!

This dress Wendy wearing, was bought during our break.

She just change into it like that. And can you please see my lips?!

I bought this super expensive thing to apply on the lip and it'd make my lips naturally pink for a LONG time! Under the salesgirl's sincere selling and Wendy's fanning (煽动), i bought it lol. $29.90 i think. But i'm loving it so far!!! =DDD Can see my pink lips? Lolol.

With Ben before the show starts! He just got invisalign so he speaks really hilariously. Lol. Sho we all raugh at him becosh he shepeaksh funnily. Haha.

Me, Ben, Wendy and Cheesie ^.^ On the stage!

We no care the choreographer at one point and started to do our own act-cute poses. Lol. We had peace, meow, blow kiss etc. Haha. Confirm the choreographer pissed one if he had known that we planned to do these. He's like "Give me high fashion", "I don't want to see catalogue TV" to the model-models. BUT we not models~ So we can let the creativity flow. Lol.

It was so fun to watch the models at the backstage, rushing. Hahaha. I keep gloating inside.. "Heng i no need work so hard".

With Utt. The host of the event!

And so the event was over i SO wish we can do more of this kinda stuff!!!  SO FUN ONE!!!

The walk didn't turn out well for me thou cox i spent the whole time twitching my face on the stage lolol. Cox i was too.. Hmm, also not say nervous cox i really wasn't THAT nervous.. Maybe i'm shy? LOL. Not just the mouth area twitched you know, like the eye, the cheeks, THE WHOLE FACE, was twitching non-stop. Lol.

After the event Cheesie took a rocket back to Malaysia =( and Wendy and i went for Pepperlunch =D But before that we dong toy capsule from this toy machine.

I went first and i got Mickey!!! =DDDD She super lucky she get Minnie which is her first choice *Sings Britney Spear's Lucky - She's so lucky~ She's a star~* Lolol.

No really, Wendy is a star.

Yay that's all~! More soon! ^.^


GenevieveWijaya said...

I've got your super model runway picture!

Anonymous said...

I personally think that if you have the same bangs cut as Xiaxue, you will be super duper pretty! Go ask ur bf lol.

ahlost said...

The Minnie so cute !!

and you all so pretty <3

Why Cheesie took rocket back to Malaysia?

Tiffany said...

hi qiuting, can you tell us what's the makeup the japanese makeup artist used ? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know where is the capsule machine located at? :) Please reply! Thank you! :)

Rhi said...

Ahhh, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! You all look so pretty <3 <3 <3 !

Anonymous said...

What is the thing u bought to apply on ur lips?
Looks great!
Would like to get it too.

Xin Yi said...

Hello Qiu Ting!

May I know what's the thing that you bought to apply on your lips to keep it pink? Thank you so much! (:

Rena said...

so cute la! I like the Minnie ring! :B

Xynn-eigh said...

You are really pretty :) I don't think you need to photoshop your pictures at all! But you look better with full bangs compared to centre parting.

Anonymous said...

Somehow you look like a model in the first group shot together with Ben inside one. Nice :)

Anonymous said...

Why does your blog look so much like Xia Xue's blog ? Did you copy her ? Does she allow you to do that ?

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!
May i know where you bought the baby pink top that you wore in the BB Chinatown ep.11? Makes you look so gorgeous!

Pls reply thank you so much!!

smokë said...

cheesie's hair so cute! OMG you are the tallest among all? so good. and love your bangs!

Elysa Ajusshi said...

Omgawd you girls are so pretty! And Ben is cute ;) heh. Your latest budget barbie rocks as well! cheap stuffs ftw!

isa b said...

love the lips! what expensive item was it? please share :)

QiuQiu said...

Ahlost, Cheesie had some event to attend in Msia!

Tiffany.. Ipsy!!! Don't kno wif here got sell it's a Jap brand.

Anon, Tangs level four! Where the harajuku thing i shappening.

Thing on my lip is from liole or smth. Lip essense.

Regine said...

hi, where did u bought the mickey mouse ring?? it is very cute :)