09 October 2011

QWeekly - I am the 6th kind

Hi, that day i went for Budget Barbie filming and Huiying (one of the producer) was saying i look especially photogenic that day so she adviced me, with a serious face, "You look especially photogenic today, should take more pictures"

So here. 有吗..? 有么 photogenic 吗~ Lolol.

Sui bian lah, snap a few more. LOL. Wah i really very erxin.

There's a few kinds of people.

1) Pretty and know that they are pretty (Good job!)

2) Pretty but don't know that they are pretty (People who are not vain should not be pretty! *jealous*)

3) Not pretty but think they are pretty (this is okay, it's confidence)

4) Not pretty but think they damn, super duper, MOST pretty (PUKES)

5) Pretty and know it and pretend like they don't know it (forever fishing for compliment, hate)

"I look so bad in this picture"

"Sorry to scare you with this UGLY picture!"

"I look so fugly"

Irritating!!! Please leh, if the picture really SUPER FUGLY, or scary until will scare people, you really will put meh?! You won't right?!

By the way, i think all my pictures above are quite alright, if it's not pretty, it's cute lololol. I am #the6thkindofpeople - Pretty but think they are A LOT PRETTIER THAN they are. Lolol.
- - - - - - -
Went to cut fringe finally. And to get another colour.

The mix looks more orangey in real life.

The scalp treatment i did that day. The products used are from REDKEN.

Some pictures i took..
The hairstylist have to squeeze it out like this.. All over the head.

And rub/ massage them in like this gently.

  Then a full head massage somewhere in the middle lol. Shiok.

Some steps i remember.

I did step 2 to prevent that oily smell on our head. Some people get that at the end of the day. Some people get it mid-day onwards. I get it if i don't shampoo my hair for 3 days. Lolol. So basically step 2 will help oil-control.

Step 3 is to freshen the scalp and strengthen the hair. It provides hyration for the hair as well so they do not become brittle and break/ drop easily.

THE AMAZING PART IS STEP 4!!! Those with "M" hairline please rejoice. This micro booster for low-density hairlines will be able to help you! You will see more hair/ thicker hair growing where you put the serum.

Result of the treatment is healthy hair from the root! Actually from the scalp, to the end! ^.^

I also did a Ice hair mask treatment that has tea tree oil and it's all natural ingredient. Feels SUPER SUPER shiok one cox it's REALLY COLD and cooling. You can check with the salon staff for that.

Tel: 6284 4866 for appointment
Blk203 Hougang Street21 #01-55

Exit Kovan MRT Heartland Mall. Keep walking straight towards HDB side, find block 203 and you'd find them easily!!! =DDD
Olay Project 360 EP5 Luminance

Weeks and weeks later, we learn how to prevent our skin from pigmentation, keep it hydrated and improve its elasticity, now what's the last step?! It's to SHINE and glow!!! The luminance of our skin is important! Nobody likes dull looking skin! Find out how Olay products can fit this piece of puzzle in! ^.^

And one more way to shine and be outstanding is by dressing up! Not anyhow okay! Dress up with the colour that compliments your skin tone! So we went to LOVE, BONITO!!! WAREHOUSE!!!!!! It's majorly big and awesome cox got all sorts of shoes, accessories and bags we can choose to mix with!!!

Ting and i trying to work the avant-garde look while waiting for the rest to be done with their interviews. We say must either bend super backwards, or lean super forward. LOL.

HAHAHA. Love fun and sporting people!!!

Watch the video here!


Anonymous said...

Where and when was the love,bonito warehouse sale?:)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you!! Like what some of my classmates does, is to upload, like, 30 pics of themselves and say they look ugly. -___-

Shin said...

Qiuting! May i know How much you did the treatment for? :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know anywhere else that has the scalp treatment the one you did at kovan? :)

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE budget barbie fan of yours!

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu im waiting for your post about dressing up as ShanShan :D

Anonymous said...

Love and i also envy you! So good figure!