25 October 2011

Sponsored post: Buy your contact lenses from licensed vendors


ME! *raise hand for attention* Me Me Me Me ME!!!

I love to shop for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, cute boh liao stuff like my 7th unused pouch and cutest keychains i'd never use, online O.O Yes i do that.

Who's with me?! =DDD

We can now get almost ANYTHING online. Aside from the common stuff like fashion stuff, weird things we can find online ranges from pets, to transport vehicle, to furniture and major household appliances. Yeah, almost anything.

Not forgetting one common thing we lookout for online.. Beauty and health products!

Common beauty products would be makeup, makeup tools, eyelashes etc. There's also contact lens.

But do you know that buying contact lens from dubious online websites can post severe health hazard to your eyesight?
In a study conducted by Health Sciences Authority in 2008, it was discovered that nearly two-thirds of online purchases of health products were counterfeit, adulterated or substandard.

Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard1

I'm like.. WHaaaaat?! SCARY. How can people sell counterfeit stuff that will cause us harm?!

It's almost as bad as taking the chance to murder someone. Or to injure someone.

As shocking as the figures are, and as much as i do not want to believe it, IT IS TRUE.

1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 20102, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 20102

Now i worry =(( Becox i for one.. Am guilty of buying health products online =(((( Am i gonna die? *drama* Lol.

So from now on i must REMEMBER!!! You too!!!

 I will NEVER buy health products from dubious sites online anymore!!!

I will not risk my health for the sake of convenience, lower prices or greater privacy by purchasing health products from dubious or unfamiliar sources such as random Internet websites or persons postings offers on auction sites, discussion forums etc!

Especially forums!!! NEVER TRUST THEM FULLY!!! Here's why, allow me to remind you again..

Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard1


1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 20102, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 20102

Products purchased from above mentioned sources pose very high risk of being counterfeit or adulterated with undeclared potent substances that may cause serious harm to consumers like us!

How can they be like this!!! =(( Pin us down with our weakness and then feed on it and then we lose money never mind, how can they make things that pose danger to us =(( We will be double extra kelian if we have to live with the initial problem to why we needed the products, AND have to face health issues after taking the product.

The dangers are especially high if the substances are prescription drugs which should only be taken under close medical supervision.

Since we're on the topic on contact lenses.
I know how those lenses can look really good online and with all the fanciful names, it makes us want to buy them all! I'm ashamed to say before i did research for this post, i had sold ad space to a few sites selling contacts lenses. And i have no idea where their lenses are from.

I don't wear contact lenses so i have no idea how bad a damage the non-sterile ones can do your eyes but IT CAN.

These are all images i googled from the internet, of people who bought and try non-prescriptive contact lenses on their own.

It's always good to go to a licensed and qualified optometrist/ eye-care practitioner to have your contact lenses prescripted becox you don't want to wear something that doesn't fit your eyes.

If the contacts don't fit properly (too tight or too loose) they can scratch the cornea, which can cause serious vision problems.

I really don't think you want that to happen to you. It's a big risk.. And the odds are against you. 

If you're REALLY lucky, you might get eye infections, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, vision impairment. Do you want that? Gosh, if i'm lucky, i only want to strike 4D! I don't want to be lucky only to get these!!!

And if you're not lucky.. Those contact lenses that you bought online from random sites, might cause you to turn blind.. For the rest of your life =(

The contact lenses you get from dubious online sites, are usually of poor quality  (that's why you get them at a much lower price compared to the ones from the licensed stores!) and deficient in many aspects.

I gathered these info from the Health Sciences Authority website.

"For instance, the solution which the lenses were packed in were found to be contaminated with a harmful bacteria, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa which has been known to cause serious eye infections.

The counterfeit lenses in general have lower water content and were thicker in the centre of the lens. These defects minimise oxygen penetration to the eye through the contact lenses. The lack of oxygen supply to the eye and several other defects found in the counterfeit lenses can give rise to severe eye irritation, discomfort and pain, in addition to the risk of eye infections."

Buy your contact lenses only from licensed vendors and not over the Internet or other sources. They also have very chio ones in stores!!!


When in doubt on whether or not the site/ company is licensed to sell contact lenses, or whether the particular brand of contact lenses is approved, contact health practitioners or authorities, like Health Sciences Authority. You may also find out more about dangers of buying online here.

Okay so i leave you here! BEAUTY IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

But health is priceless!!!!! There must be other ways to get that slimmer body, bigger boobs, bigger looking eyes (just go to licensed shop to get your contact lenses that are safe to wear!!!) and all. Stay healthy and safe so you can continue working on looking better! ^.^

If i am not healthy, i won't be able to look good cox if i lose my eyesight i won't be able to photoshop lolol. Make sense ma? Okay lah, really leave you here with my pictures. Byebye!!!

Hi, i look healthy ma? Lol.

No infection in my eyes. Healthy. Lol.

ˡ World Health Organization on Counterfeit Medicines: Fact sheet No 275 (2010).
²Ops Pangea III global results


Anonymous said...

I'm really scared by the pictures
-_________- Okay now I don't dare to even use contact lenses!

나니 said...

It's all about using common sense. Don't purchase from cheap, sketchy sites and ALWAYS treat your lenses with care.

Coco Tai said...

Ew QQ, now I don't even wanna wear lenses! Yucky!

Kiwi said...

I only purchase contact lenses from the two places I trust - and they are places where I get my prescription glasses. I'm even too skeptical about ordering from websites that many other people order from... and I will definitely never buy from those random shops on streets or those cube shops.

Those pics you posted were so scary omg. I feel so bad for those people who got their eyes screwed up because of fake contact lenses

Obscure Affair said...

I still think you should wear contacts! You would look so much more chio-er... hehe.

Anonymous said...

can give warning abt gross pics??

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu i'm sorry but i can't stand yr fringe! Why is it like that? Last time you cut bangs also not like this one :(.

Anonymous said...

Omg no offence but dont ever cut bangs again! You look so much prettier before you had bangs!

Shmuberry said...

extremely relevant posts. I used to review and I had sponsored circle lenses but I have stopped after doing some research, just like you did. There is a reason why they are not legal in my country and until they are, I cannot endorse them :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that photos really scare me :(
My friends recommend me to try their fav site and I really want to try these lenses

Ahh!!! What should I do!!!

Magnifying Glasses said...

I think even if you purchase expensive contact lenses and you are not aware of all precautions you would end up like that.

Unknown said...

Oh! I am really afraid from the pictures.
But it's a great info.
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