28 February 2012

Happy Birthday, Nuffnang!!! =DDD

Nuffnang is 5!!! The birthday bash was held at Swissotel Equinox. Awesome venue!!! Great food!
Wendy and i meet earlier cox she brought a dress for me to try on cox i bought a black dress the night before and that was the only decent choice but i a bit sian to wear black again lol. So yeah!
This shimmery lacey dusty pink dress is she pass me one =D Thank you thank you!!! Us camwhoring outside the ballroom. We were early!!! Very good.
Hi i look like chihuahua here. Lol.
The sunlight super nice when we got there (6pm like that). So it means.. CAMWHORE MORE.
Seated at Table 1 ='(


You don't know one lor. When Wendy and i walked in we didn't know our table number and we were like "Think we don't sit here lah, this one is for VIP one" and then i was like "Yeah yeah, we sit on the one behind!"

And then later when the whole Table 1 is filled i realise all the awesomest bloggers are sitting together.

So i was actually really touched and feeling very very thankful.

What have i done to be so lucky and have all the good things happening to me.

I know lah, you all might think i'm being over drama lol. But sitting with all the people who had the recipe to be awesome in life, make me feel proud of myself too.. Wo hen kai xin! =)
The venue. Cozy and atas!
The view. The sky.. The sky is high.. And we're getting nearer to it everyday =)
With great sunlight, comes a great camwhore shot.
There!!! Picture of the dress =DDD Mei hor???
Wendy, Ming and i ^.^ Congrats, Ming! Your baby is 5! Congrats to Tim too!
Wendy help me take one =D Look at Jayne at the back hahahaha.
My heels a bit ta-match thou. But it's okay! I can haz chio dress!
Welcome to the party!!!!
FOOD!!!!!! Lots and lots of good food!!!
And a HUGE variety of desserts!!!!

The party haven't really start at this point and i was just at the table talking with Wendy and Valarie and then someone came to our table and then nudge me and say

"Quick, quick"

It was Huiwen.

I was like "Huh, quick what huh?"

She was like "Quick lah! Use your camera take picture with me!!!"

So i was like "Oh okay okay okay!"

And then Wendy was like "Where got people so buay hiao bai one!!! Ask people use their camera take picture with you!!!" HAHAHAH!!!

INDEED. I didn't even thought of it. HUIWEN, YOU THINK YOU SUPERSTAR?!?!?!? Hahahaha.
Na na na here here here. Take also want to take until three. But to be fair she do look good that day!!! =D But the center parting thing.. Hmm. I gotta think about it. Lolol. That's for calling me ugly all the time becox of my hair!!!
 Wendy, Valarie and me =D
Deng deng deng! Showtime!!! =D The two emcees super hilarious!!! And drama!!! In this picture they were doing a duet singing. Hahaha. All the hidden talents working as Nuffies.
Founder's speech by Ming! Only shot out of the 5 that i took, has him looking into the cam. I fail lol.
Personnel from Swissotel welcoming us, awesome performance by Jack and Rai, stand up comedy by Chua En Lai and SUPER GREAT PERFORMANCE by Ling Kai!!!

There was also games and contest going on so we had great fun, laughter and music through the night! ^.^ I really love the whole mood!! Everyone is happy and i particularly feel extra lucky and thankful.

Like please, Table one? LOL. It's just most part of my life i'm usually not one of the better ones. But somehow i guess when you find a place you belong to, where your efforts are recognised, you'd wanna work harder!
Got asked on stage. Probably not the best thing that happened that night. Lolol. Gotta do some sort of dance thingy. And i hope nobody video-ed it down O.O Please. And Wendy super zidong!!!! She used my camera to snap these pictures for me one. Hahaha. Very good!!! =DDD
Another contest! Each table have to draw a rendition of Ming. Wendy super serious one O.O And very talented at it. So we dumped the whole thing for her to do. Hahahah.
AND OUR TABLE WON!!!!!! =DDD Not sure what's the prize thou. But doesn't matter, had fun!
What's a birthday without a birthday cake!!! =DDD Tim and Ming on the cake. Hahaha. Cute!
❤ ❤ ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUFFNANG!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
Spot Sophie (Next time please sit beside me so we can camwhore more!), Yutaki, Beatrice and Peggy!!! Everyone's looking good!!! =DDD Okay except maybe my hair a bit messy liao lol.
Wendy, Me and Yutaki ^.^ This one i take one, hand is long but still got limitation.
Four of us!!! This one Yutaki take one, what the fuck he can self-shot a 10 pax family portrait for himself, no problem. Lolol.
Sophie, Me and Yutaki =D Yutaki every shot also cool cool one! Lol. Smile yi ge leh!
MICHELLE, LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!!!!!!! I shamelessly ask for a picture with Nat Ho JUST FOR YOU ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDDDD YOU HAPPY MA?!?!?
One more, for myself. Trollolol. Nat Ho is SO GODDAMN FRIENDLY and totally nice and positive! We were seated on the same table!!! Mich, JELLY MUCH? Lolol.
With some of the pretty Nuffies!!! ^.^ BIG BIG thanks to them for making the party awesome and for working their assess of for us bloggers =') MUAH.
One shot with Ming. Thank you for bringing Nuffnang here and further.
Thanks to Wendy for sharing with the world about Nuffnang 5 years ago =) With you guys + all the Nuffies around the world, i'm sure we all can grow well!


Unknown said...

You look so happy on these pictures :D pretty!
you look so tall, although you're just 4cm taller than me :( sucks to live in europe where everbody is tall -.-

Reenee said...

Your face like abit red in some of the photo? Heh, think you look prettier compare to last time :) Happy for you that you enjoy your life now. Hope your life just get better! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I jelly! (O: Nat Ho look like some AhBeng with that hair color.)

*A* oh my, pretty dress!

FiSh said...

you girls look good in all the pictures :) dont mind bout the messy hair because the brilliant smile already takes over the pictures, hahah

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Nana said...

Wow! You look very cute in there! :D : D I really like the all the food... hahaha!

Cupcake said...

That dress looks so good on you! I wish there were blog parties like that in America!

Natalie said...

Xiaxue so pretty that night! and she does look so slim nowadays!

QiuQiu said...

Elli, i was VERY happy indeed! ^.^

Reenee, yeah has kinda bad breakout on the forehead.

Cupcake, YOU COME OVER to singapore!!! =DDD

Natalie, yes Wendy lost A LOT of weight. Her face also slimmed down and sharpen!! =D

Aiko said...

Wendy's looking like a mermaid-princess.
And your dress looks so pretty!

You could eating sushi! (°o°) Sugoooiii.

Anonymous said...

sorry but photoshop in this post is horrible.. made awesome you and wendy look extremely weird for some reason ! :(

Anonymous said...

not a fan of your droopy eyelashes. i think you are like trying to copy xx for it. in the first place, xx doesnt even look good with droop lashes!

Anonymous said...

Hey i don't mean to be mean or anything but your makeup here not really nice compared to the past. You've done way better makeup than this :/. & btw LOVE the heels!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting! I think you drew your eyeliner too long in this post, it makes you look as if your eyes point downwards :(


QiuQiu said...

Hello! Oay next time i don't photoshop too droopey! Haha. Chill!

Anonymous said...

hmm..ur eyeliner draw not so nice.. made your eyes look droopy..

fourfeetnine said...

why tim look like harry potter wan HAHAHAHAH

Nanda said...

Wendy looks so prettyyy~ You too~ Flawless skiinnn~ *jellymax*