21 February 2012

KL is love!

Love from bf

It's my ring and he ling ji yi dong, use it to coil my earpiece so they won't make le passionate sex and get all tangled up in my bag, like how earpieces are described in 9gag. Lol.

So Wendy and i set off for KL for acupotomy again!!! And Cheesie very kindly shou liu us at her place lol. Yohoo~ This time i a bit more hardworking, got put makeup so here you have, pictures!!!

On the coach, on our way up ^.^
Wendy was sleeping if not i'd ask her to snap a full length picture of me and caption this as
"Draw me like one of your french girls" Lol.

We were too late for acupotomy that day so we went to do hair at 76 Style (Cheesie's hair sponsor) instead!!!! =OOO I've heard Cheesie raved about their magical treatment for hair so i was excited!!!
Some people got straight teeth now, haolian.
SEE. Really one. Must purposely smile to show ALL the teeth!
My hat on her head. And Wendy haven't put on much makeup so she no want camwhore yet. Lol.
Hikky ku xiao-ing at my hair condition. Actually to be fair, i think it'd be a lot better if i comb it more often O.O But it's so tangled most of the time, i don't bother to comb/ brush it cox it'd hurt a bit so..
It's a flat iron but it's not a flat iron O.O When it clips to your hair the blue light beats all the goodness of the treatment deep into your hair O.O Something like what the blue ring light at my hair sponsor does! Except this one is direct contact to your hair =D
All three of us done ^.^ My hair colour how?!?!?! Nicest ever right?!?! =DDD Ashy ashy one!
Wendy, Cheesie and Me ^.^
BANG. Okay. BANG! Lolol.
Is love.
Cute ma - Peace peace peace. Lolol.
I look like a giraffe beside them both =O
Somehow Wendy look like Hebe here O.O Somehow.
Lol she smile so happy also no use, got flash can't see her face.
"What what~ Where is the camera~"
"Wooo it's pointing at us~ We so fabulous~!!!" Lolol!

And then we head for KTV with buffet one!!!! =D

Wendy and i got a cheese cake for Cheesie (lol) from Singapore and we were afraid the KTV people won't allow outside food so we lied and say it's for a birthday.

Totally thatawkwardmoment when they ask who's birthday is it and we're like "Sui bian la" Lololol.
So nice they got us a candle and dedicated a birthday song for us to sing. Lolol.
Cheesie singing us a malay duet haha.

Both of them also can sing one and i hate it. LOL. Cox erm...... If i go singing with my gfs like Yuzhen and Mich, I AM THE BEST SINGER. LOLOL. Now i go sing with them my standard is just like meh. Lolol. Yi shan hai bi yi shan gao. SUPER FUN NIGHT anyway =DDD

Next morning before Cheesie brought us for YUMMIEST CHAR SIEW I EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE, for breakfast, before acupotomy. Me camwhoring with one of the many mirrors in her house.
Cheesie dressed like a hipster.
Okay excuse me, Cheesie, i want my solo. Lolol.

Hah~ So much so much shiokness this time round. Just lacking of a full body massage. I love KL lah!

And also to Cheesie for bringing us around and to Wendy for being so nice to hang out with! =D And i never told Wendy how funny and ridiculous it is when she play goldminer right before bed time and keep mumbling and scolding the pig and all. Lolol. Hao xiao.

Okay that's all! I don't have to go back for acupotomy until my next migraine happen =D For all i know, it might never happen again =OOO *fingers crossed and twisted and tangled*


FiSh said...

i love the bang!:D that's so so so pretty <3

Aiko said...

I think, where you three are, there is party! (^_^)

Anonymous said...

how much is the service for your hair? and cheesie's and wendy's?

Unknown said...

Pretty pictures! How tall are you?

Unknown said...

all photos are so nice! I've told you before, I love your hair!!! Take a good care of my love lolol :)
Hope the accupoctsomething treatment works good for you!

Cynthia said...

i love your hair colour chick! very natural looking! i'm losing my hair dying virginity this week, wish me luck! haha xx

Anonymous said...

Somehow you look more pretty with side parting? :) Or maybe just not use to your bang.

_ink out of the quill at` said...

Hi Qiuting did you go for the acupotomy for your migraine with auras? Mine's been acting really frequently and so farrrr does it help? I have them (migraine with auras) on average once a week now =(

_ink out of the quill at` said...

Hi Qiuting did you go for the acupotomy for your migraine with auras? Mine's been acting really frequently and so farrrr does it help? I have them (migraine with auras) on average once a week now =(

Anonymous said...

LOL at your caption "excuse me, Cheesie, i want my solo. Lolol." !!!

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi Qiu, You girls are looking fab!:-) BTW, have you tried dying your hair a shade of brownish-red? I think you'd look in that kind of color not that you don't look nice with your new color-it makes you look younger.

QiuQiu said...

Fish thank you!

Anon, i'm not sure actually. You could contact N76 to check ^.^

Elli, i'm 172cm!

Olga, THANK YOU!!! ^.^


Anon, yeah i think i look better with side parting also!

Ink i have no idea where it is cox Cheesie brings us.

Pearlene lolol.

Rose, thank you ^.^

Anonymous said...

I think you should layer the bang more, it's too thick :/. But anyway you look great when you put effort to make up, hehe.

Anonymous said...

I love ur hair and u r so cute....can u pls tell me what treatment u did...my hair is like urs...before treatment..please help me qiuqiu, wo qiu qiu nie...:))

Anonymous said...

u so tall, my pretty qiu darling...loves

Anonymous said...

Your hair does look so much better after using that !

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu i think that if you draw ur eyebrows alittle longer and have an arch like a curvy one it would make u look better. Now your brows look abit weird. :)

Selene said...

You look really pretty in the last 3 pictures! :) I'm actually glad you did something to your hair... cause it was looking very neglected. But now it looks really nice and smooth!! I think the bangs might be a bit too thick for you though... or maybe it's just the first few pictures after the cut.

Anonymous said...

Can do a make up tutorial? I like how you do your eyes! :D

Boss Stewie said...

Haha I like your expression in this picture... haha damn funny


Fel T. said...

the treatment looks like it does wonders!! hope they have it in Singapore:DD!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Did you girls get acupotomy sessions to treat obesity? If so, which clinic have you guys been visiting?


Jasmine.W said...

Think you're long overdue for your next trip since HK! KL doesn't cut it! (still love you kl)

What about checking out the Thai Water Festival sometime in April this year?