16 February 2012

Giveback time

People call it a giveaway for readers.

I call it a giveback.

Cox you guys gave me as much as i might have brought you. Okay actually i don't know what i might have brought you. Maybe a little bit of laughter. Maybe a tip or two every now and then.

But on the other hand, i guess other than all my friends and family, bf and doggies, Clicknetwork and Nuffnang, other than these, i have my readers to thank for a lot of things that i have now =)

So here! I hope i'd be able to do this more often ^.^ For sure there will be a next one cox i already bought the next set of clothes and accessories and bags for you =DDD

I can't wait to snap pictures of it and then do another giveback to you guys!

But here's the first set that you guys can win ^.^

Green Cardigan, bohemian dress, colourful canvas bag.
It'd probably go better with other bags but heck, you can carry this bag and throw everything inside.
Okay enough camwhoring shots, you got it. The dress, the cardigan, the bag. AND..
Accessories!!! =D 1 brown flora band, 1 white flora band, one star ring.

I know a lot of you were disappointed the last time when you went all the way down for the flea and the floral weaved hair strings were all sold out. So here! I went to buy two more, along with this colourful weaved star ring ^.^

The ring doesn't match the floral shit so please mix and match it yourself with with other get up if you win it lol. I'm just putting them together on me to showcase it.
There! The ring ^.^ It's really quite cute, has three layers of colours shown on the side.
On a bright day, go to the window, flap open the middle of your curtain, just let a little teeny weeny bit of sunlight on your face, itd look like you're the only thing in the room that glows O.O Lol.
100% not retouched. FML the cb eyelid tape didn't work that day. Lol. I just tweak the camera setting to flush out the background mainly, and myself. When i saw this in the camera LCD i'm like "OMG. Niseeee" But when i blow it up on the computer it's like.. "This is a piece of rock, i need to turn it into diamond" Lolol. And so i did..
There. Diamond. Hahaha.

Alright! That's all! If you're keen to win all the items..

Leave me a comment! Anything will do.

Don't forget to leave your email or twitter nick! So i can get back to you if you win it ^.^

Sorry there's only one set cox i have no idea how the response will be since the stuff i bought are.. You know, pretty affordable (say cheap) lol. Here's the breakdown anyway,

Green Cardigan - $4
Bohemian Dress - $5
Colourful Bag - $5
Accessories - $5
Good luck!

AND PLEASE DON'T STOP TRYING TO WIN THE FEECHA CONTEST BELOW!!! Scroll down to read next post! There's 8 X $128 to be won IF I WIN, yes, for eight lucky readers of mine =D


Nana said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! First of all, I want to win those items...badly! Haha. More so after seeing the prices. If you only live here in the Philippines, I would love to have you as my shopping buddy so that I can buy lots of clothes that are cheap and still look as if I am wearing something expensive. Hmm..now it got me thinking..can I join this giveback even though I am from the Philippines? I really hope so, because I really love all the items you have chosen for us, your readers. Please tell me I won! haha.
By the way, thank you for replying to my e-mail. I never thought you would reply. You even said nice things. More power to your blog!

Hoping to win,

~Sue Anne~ said...

yay! first to comment. i've only been reading your blog since last year-so i'm kinda a new reader i guess- but i just love your sense of style and humour. I always think that nice things does not necessary always come with a high price and you certainly prove it to me. so, thanks for showing me that fashion can also be achieved without the high price tag. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i like reading your blog, as you're really very humble person from what i read. But anyway, i did support you over at feecha, and i hope you would win cause its kind for you to actually wasnt to donate the money to gentle paws instead of people who just wanna win the money for themselves. Anyway, just hope you will win and have lots of love, re-feecha or whatsoever ! (:

Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu!

I'm really very excited for your giveaway (or giveback time for your context) and especially all your Budget Barbie episodes!
I really hope to win, as it's free (budget girl) and the bag is really very pretty and I just love big bags where you can just dump all your stuffs and leave home quickly! The clothes are so casual which can hide all my fats and be pretty at the same time. Heehee.

Can't wait for your new blog posts and more Budget Barbie episodes!

Have a great day ahead!

Yours Sincerely,
(Twitter: CarissaJarcelle)
(Email: carissachee@msn.com)

Anonymous said...

wow really pretty! like those japanese magazine kind of photoshoot! hehe stay pretty oh^^

Twitter nick: Msgiggles1

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuting, i really love the star ring as shown in your picture. may i know where you bought it from? :)

Jennifer said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I've definitely been reading your posts and following Budget Barbie RELIGIOUSLY since I first stumbled upon a video Xia Xue made on plastic surgery a few months ago. One click led to another, and before I knew it I had stumbled into the world of blogging of Asia. And now I wish I lived in Singapore instead of Canada </3 But in any case, I seriously LOVE reading your blog so much. You're really different from the other bloggers since your attitude is so down-to-earth and hilarious!

By the way, you're gorgeous! I LOVE your style and makeup and clothes and hair and nails and photos and attitude and etc., etc., etc. Wishing you the best! (My email is: jennifer.w.liu94@gmail.com)

Ari said...

This is irrelevant to this post and sorry if it sounds rude but I had read that reaaaally long post directed to your ex-friend, and I read that you did get a boob job, but honestly it doesn't look like you got any job at all cause well, still looks small lol =x. So I was wondering if you removed the implants or something? o.o

~Sue Anne~ said...

oh and if I can get the prizes, my e-mail is sueanne94@yahoo.com

i didn't put my e-mail together with my comment because i didn't want my personal e-mail to be published. i hope you'll understand. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu,I really wish to win the set. love the dress and cardigan and ESP the colourful bag!!!:)it's a perfect go to school outfit which shouts out awesome!!!:) pls let me win this pls.ps I have voted haha:) email:charissa_tan@hotmail .com

Michelle N. 황흔이 said...

Wow!! I love the feel~ So vivi-ish! ^.~

Email: michelle_mixed@hotmail.com

Corrine Shanshy ♥ said...

I really think u look super pretty in the second outfit ^^


milk said...

Hi bong qiu qiu, I really love the colorful bag... Give it to me pls so I can carry it to sch.. Haha!


Anonymous said...

The ensemble is so pretty!



Caramel's said...

Yay!First to comment:D
Hey qiuqiu!How come you bcame prettier and prettier!haha
I really want the floral headband!Yea!I went down all the way last time to buy your floral headband but sold out already!):
Ohya!You say the pasir ris interchange got cheap clothes right!Izzit only open during weekends?(:
How i wish we could be friends!jkjk.Haha..im also as tall as you and i live at sengkang!Somemore i also loves to look out for cheap bargains!hahaha


Anonymous said...

hi, could you please share what you use for your eyebrows?
mine is so black i cant save it lol. (and my hair is brown -____-")

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the bag?

Shasha said...

Hi qiu2! I’ve been stalking your blog for a while :)
I always love the way you mix match your outfit! And I love how you always found cute dress with affordable price.. Thanks for the giveback time :)
(btw this is international?)

laurensianatasha (at ) gmail (dot) com

Mel Zhang said...

Lovely! Hope I am selected :)
my first time dropping comment on ur blog, hope i have first time luck as well :)

かほう said...

Wow, QiuQiu! Thank you for having a 'giveback'!! You are always so nice! Also, you look so pretty in the photos.

You said the bag could be better, but it's actually already a very cute coordinate. I personally like using big bags to hold an extra sweater and food lol.

Also the floral headband!!! ♥♥♥ I always want one, but can never find!

I'm from the USA, so I'm not sure if I'm still eligible, but I'd be very happy if I win. Again, thank you!

My twitter ID: kauoh

Samantha Phang said...

Hi there, I really like the green cardigan and the star ring. Can you tell me where to get all the stuff including the bags, dress and floral band? Even if I do not win, I still can go to the shop and buy it myself! :) I really like reading your blog! It's awesome.
Samantha (phangcm2003@hotmail.com)

Samantha Phang said...

Hi there, I really like the green cardigan and the star ring. Can you tell me where to get all the stuff including the bags, dress and floral band? Even if I do not win, I still can go to the shop and buy it myself! :) I really like reading your blog! It's awesome.
Samantha (phangcm2003@hotmail.com)

Nana said...

Wow! Even without retouching your photo's you are really pretty! : D : D
My email is: withnanamail@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

i hope i can the colourful bag! :)
p/s: ure so slim!!! :)
email: smurfy-joyce@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

First comment yayyyyyyyyy~ pick me pick me! Lol.

Doubting you'll choose me bcs I live in Indonesia hahaha.. Also not sure about Feecha bcs somehow I thought it only works on Singapore -.-

Anyhow love the bag! And yes that eyelid sticker thing happens to me ALL the time. Always look like shit at one eye while the other eye was like perfect all over :|

Anonymous said...

can i know where did you get the bag????? :(

Clarissa said...

Eh okay I leave the name empty -_-

Also just realized I might not be first commenter since your blog need approval *stupid*

Twitter: @CLoveZz <3

Anonymous said...

I really like watching your budget barbie videos. the stuffs you bought are really amazing yet affordable. And so excited to be the 1st to comment. You inspire me that cheap stuffs can be nice too.

Email: jaziyu_@hotmail.com

nixiquita said...

youre always very pretty, phototshopped or not. i just wish im as tall and slim as you are :D hehe

~twitter: @nixiquita

Doris said...

Hi.. Been following ur blog since last year. You won't know the number of nights I stayed up through the nights after my kids have slept to read your blog -right from the beginning. Yes, those archives!!! U are just great.frank and daring!!

D (orist111@hotmail.com)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu giveback sounds really nice and friendly! I would really love to win these items listed down by you! It looks really great although it's cheap. Who don't love cheap and pretty stuffs right? In love with the canvas bag most, pretty striking and most importantly big enough to dump everything in.

I guess the response will be good, no worries about that! Hehehh. Way to go girl, keep on blogging! <3


Anonymous said...

Omg! Where did you bought the flower band?? Its so pretta!!!


Hi qiu qiu! I would love to win the set of clothes !! Please let me win, i seldom post comments to you. But just this time i would like to win the set of clothes. I had never tried nor even dare to wear those long maxi dress before. If i win, i will confirm wear it out and will start loving to wear long maxi dresses in future. let me have a chance to wear it! let me win! Thanks babe!! hehehe

With love

Jovyne said...

hello hope i can win cos i was working and couldnt go down for the flea :( and youre an awesome blogger like that cos i <3 how you can find pretty and pretty cheap things. and omg i love the headband. can you reveal where you got it? JYJY keep posting funny and great stuff :)

Anonymous said...


Its so nice of you to come out with this giveaway!
Totally love your style...
Even if I don't receive any gifts from you I will still continue supporting you...

twitter nick:perpetuallylove

Mickey Holtzhausen said...

I'm a blogger from New Zealand, and I just wanna say that I really enjoy reading your blog and is constantly inspired by the different lifestyle and the fun things that you do :) Keep up the good work! xx Oh and you are really pretty <3

Kerri said...

Hi Qiuqiu, may I know where you bought the floral weaved hair strings?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love you qiuqiu <3


黑夜里的一株向日葵 said...

Love the flower headbands! Look gorgeous on you. (:

Keke said...

Hey, QiuQiu! I really love the colourful bag.It's so pretty and big enough for me to throw all my documents inside for school(: I really hope i can win it.If not, would you mind telling me where do you get the bag from?so that i can go hunt it on my own hehe:DD

Daphine Muffin said...

Seriously got a shock when I saw the Price of the stuff you bought how come you always manage to make cheap stuff look expensive??!?!

Virn (ecinriv@gmail.com) said...

Hey QQ! I know you get this all the time, especially when doing a giveback like that.. but whether or not I win the items, I just want to thank you for being real. The 銀 saga (haha) is testament to that and I appreciate your honesty, straightforwardness, and candidness. Sticking to being who you are is precisely what sets you apart from the thousands of bloggers out there, cos these days all we keep seeing are bloggers who try too hard to fit in a certain mold. Enough of the boot-licking! Here's wishing you continued success and all the best in everything you do. Cheers love :)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! I really love the ring!! Can match it with plain colored tops for school! And I've been wanting a cardigan cos I only have 2- both grey somemore just different shades haha. And I love floraaals and printed stuff. I went to the flea at 3 and only saw a pair of shoes and toy bear left, so sad. And Y U NO have second collection for strawbirdy?!? Your clothes are all nice and affordable :) have a good day!
-clarisse (clarissesabrina@gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

you are do pretty ;)) like always ... i would like to enter the contest so : srna.todorovska@hotmail.com :))

Cassandra Wong said...

Hi QiuQiu, I love the canvas bag and the flora bands alot,hahaa! Went to make a special trip to the City Square Mall flea for the flora band, but it was SOLD OUT :'(.
Yup, so I hope I'm the lucky girl who can win these items, THANKYOU!:D

Email: cassblue.93@gmail.com
Twitter Name :PATISSIER922

Anonymous said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

选我选我选我~!haha. anw just drop by to let u you know that i like your jovial and positive character. stay sweet and happy! ❤

E-mail: christine-89@live.com
Twitter: @waimun003

Jessica said...

pick me!!!

Hannah said...

Hey babe, I remember how nice you were when I approached you to take pictures cos I felt shy! You were so pretty @ that flea. Back then, I was still with my guy but now, we've broken up.. But nonetheless, I'll always support you! You're a wonderful person, hardworking, nice and of cos, REAL. Jiayou! Will always support you :)


Florence lee said...

Hello,qiuqiu, i really love reading your blog and watching budget barbie. Every day,i will check your blog and see whether u have any update . haha
I really hope that i can win :Green Cardigan
Bohemian Dress
Colourful Bag


twitter nick:florence_cw

Jessica Ho said...

<3 the green cardigan! Simple and easy to match! painless_feeling@live.com

Cholettrix said...

QiuQiu! I wanna win the items hehehe. So pretty!


Michelle Tan said...

Hi QiuQiu! (may I call you that?) I really really like the items for giveaway! I like the green cardigan as the color is really bright and summery and naise!! I'm trying to include brighter and more cheerful stuffs in my wardrobe so it'd be perfect! The bag is also really really nice! I like it the most if all, cos I totally need a big bag where I cab throw all my barang in. What's more, it's super bright and super pretty! If I don't win, could you pls at least reveal where you got the bag so I can go buy it? I LOVE it that much. The dress is very very pretty! Vintage yet summery, perfect for sg! :) I hope to win this giveaway, so please let me win! I will thank you with all of my heart ( and limited pocket money) !

Michelle Tan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! <3
Hope i'm able to win the giveaway! :)
Really love the items you bought for us readers to giveaway! :) You're so kind! ^^
Love the floral bands, u look like an angel wearing it!
love reading ur blog always! <3

Stay pretty! <3
Hope i can win. :D

e-mail: saladpalette@hotmail.sg

Anonymous said...

So so pretty! Love the flower headbands and the dress, perfect for summer!!

here's my email: gingersmuffin@gmail.com
and my twitter handle: @maffin87

Kisses from Italy!

Owner by Jasmine!!! said...

Hi qiuqiu, I really want to win the accessories set so badly! I have been searching for the floral hairband especially ever since you took photos with it previously. I even went to orchard ion, far east, bugs and all this places to find it. If I don't get the chance to win can you please email me where do you get it? Pardon for my bad English but I just hope I have the luck to win that set. Thanks!(:

Owner by Jasmine!!! said...

Hi qiuqiu, I would really love to get that set of accessories. I have been searching for the floral hairband for so long especially ever since you took picture with floral hairband in your previous post. I even went to orchard ion, far east bugs to search for it but I can't seem to have the luck. If I can't get to win can you please email me where do you get it? Pardon for my bad English but have a nice day!(:

Cupcake said...

Hi!! Thank you for this giveback post. I hope I can win!
Here is my info :]


Little Miss Evon said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!! My friend saw you in Midvalley today haha. Wish I could meet you someday too :) And also win this giveback!!! Btw, you're so pretty. And amazing at purchasing cheap stuff but making them look classy enough to put them on! I can never be as good as you haha *salutes* Thanks for being our budget barbie <3

twitter nick: littlemissevon

JQ SHOP said...

hey qiuqiu~ loving the canvas bag! it will totally brighten up my outfit for sch ! the floral headband is nice too!


SIUMIN said...

Hello Qiuqiu! :D
I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I realllly love your posts! I've been following your BudgetBarbie since Episode 1! I love all of your purchases because I believe that cost does not mean fashion! For that one expensive item, you can buy 10 other cheap, yet good items! You can also mix and match for limitless number of outfits! You are my role model, to be practical, yet fashionable! And I REALLY REALLY LOVE GREEN!!!! Which is also the reason why I am hoping with all of my heart to win this. The green cardigan is PERFECTT, and the bag will last me the next 5 years of school! I really hope i can win this, and even if i dont win, i just want to tell you how much you are an inspiration to me, and keep doing what you do best: Being Yourself! :)

Your faithful reader, SIUMIN/Greenylove
Twitter: @SIUMIN
Email: angsiumin@gmail.com

holymolypolymer said...

The ring is really cute!

holymolypolymer said...

Your ring is really cute!

holymolypolymer said...

Your ring is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the pretty floral band. Would love to have it and let me feel like a princess. heh


sarah said...

Qiu Qiu!!! Another new post :) And this time even a "giveback", I'm so EXCITED :D I really respect you for your dedication to your readers as you always never fail to constantly update your blog <3 I have watched EVERY, SINGLE episode of budget barbie, and I really love you and your super bubbly personality!! It's really amazing how you mange to source out all these cool deals c: You so cool x)

Love, Sarah

Anissa Sia said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! I really enjoy reading your blog and 've been reading it since last year. And budget barbie too! Got lots of cheap deals thanks to budget barbie! =D Really love the items you got there. Hopefully that I'll be lucky enough to win it. Hehe. Stay pretty! ;)

Email : anissa_sia@hotmail.com
twitter : anissasyh

Can't wait to receive good news from you =)

FlowerPetals said...

Dearest Qiuqiu,

Just so you know, I love reading your blog and never missed a single episode of Budget Barbie. I <3 them all and really salute u coz u always managed to get clothings/accessories at an affordable price for every episode. Ur really good at it. :))

Twitter: dazzexplosion

Kimberly Kiss said...

Trying my luck! ^___^
Hopefully can win something to wear for uni starting in two weeks!!

E-mail kimberlytcching@live.com

Xo Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu! I really adore floral prints and hope to win the set with the floral weave-bands and star ring. I could accessorize them easily with my floral dresses/skirts :) stay pretty! :)


samantha said...

HI QiuQiu:D
Been reading your blog forever and *haha* I have to say that I LOVE how you are able to relate to a typical Singaporean like me xD And I watch ALL the Budget Barbie eps; esp love the flea market ep, so farny!:D
I also like how you can zilian so much and still look pretty D: #fml
Hope you post more frequently *although you already are* as well as air more budget barbie posts!~
your reader Samantha!
@samantha_lsy *I've been following!*

Stephanie ♥ said...

Choose me choose me~ *waving hand*,Hahah!Err..to be honest,I'm your new reader,which is just starting to read your blog since last year.I still remembered the very first post i read was about the Macro lane Breast Filler operation.Before I expose to the video and your post,in my personal's thinking that enhance the beauty of ourselves by surgery is wrongly action that I can't accept it seriously.BUT,I had change my mind over when I watch your video.When I watching the video,I feel touching especially the moment you wake up from the operation..I change my perception and I found that there is actually other way round for the meaning of having plastic surgery instead of do extra things.Qiu Qiu,just want to tell you that, you really brave enough!*thumbs up*.
I'm having my English forum last semester and the topic I choosed was regarding plastic surgery. At that time,I wish to let my lecturer and my coursemates know that actually having plastic surgery also have its good side.I shared it in my forum and I take your case into it as a succesful example.I think I done quite well on that time and guess what Qiu Qiu,i get my English result this morning,and it was distinction! It's really unexpectedly seriously.Really happy and wish to share this happiness together with you,because of you,I just have the idea on my forum.You really awesome Qiu Qiu! <3
I'm not sure if i'm still eligible with your "Giveback Time",because I'm from Malaysia.BUT,it doesn't matter if the"Giveback Time" just open to Singaporean,because I just want to let you know,you having a new follower here,Teeheee!(IF is international,hope i can have a chance to win it,really love those prizes.^^)

Hoping to win,
Stephanie Chang.
(Email: cs_qing69@hotmail.com)

Zoe Soh Yu En. said...

HI QIUQIU! Omg I'm such an avid reader of your blog how could I've missed this! I love the dress and I'm in love with dresses, floral or patterns. I love the flora head band too, have been dying to get one like that! Couldn't find it! :(

Really hope I can finally win smtg from the Watson budget barbie ep or this! ^^


RonoroaMorreira said...

Hello Qiu Qiu, I think you're really awesome and down to earth. You're pretty and gorgeous in a way that is only your own. (:


shalyn said...


Please let me win the accessories because i want to be pretty like you!! Simple as that.

Thank you

email: milk_house87@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wasn't aware that cheap clothings can be worn so stylish :) Upz! And I'd love to own them.


jasmine fatty goh said...

let me win the set to hang it on my wardrobe door everyday to motivate me to slim down (inserts "ME GUSTA") lololol
please please!
twitter @jsmnee
email drinksmylo@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

hello! im so interested in ur flora headband hehehe. been a regular of watching BB but i feel this is like the best giveaway ever cos its so pretty. hahaha. thank you!

(btw. ur eyelid stickers are quite visible so i think itll be better to photoshop it away or sth. ;))


Carmen (linzhiruo@gmail.com) said...

Hi Qiuting, you're so funny (: and love your photos, they are veru pretty, the lighting effects and all. Ohmygosh there's so many ppl commenting, so slim chances :| hahaha, can I have the colorful bag? I like colourful stuff! Or the floral headbands????

Anyway, all the best! Whether I get anything or not. And oh oh, baby yurou's so cute hahaha she is SO chubby!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog, but believe me, i have been following your posts for a while!

Brings me a lot of fun and laughter whenever i read your posts, because it really just touches on topics that are close to my heart, as well as to the hearts of your other avid readers! It amazes me every single time you could find clothes at such affordable prices, you really deserve a salute for that!

Anyway, i am definitely looking forward to winning this set of clothes as well as the colourful bag (it goes well with so many outfits!) so that i could inject some colour into my otherwise boring wardrobe. But if i cannot, could you let me know where did you get the bag and clothes from? Thank you very much!:D

My Email: lynette.1991@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

heyo how do u make those lips? like Japanese pale pink Barbie doll lips! teach me!

Anonymous said...

Hey gal! I have been a faithful reader for quite some time. Love your style and how straightforward and honest you are :) Anyway, this giveaway event is a brilliant idea, you should try to make it more fun by making readers do some fun stuff :p Lastly, CHOOSE ME!! Haha, I love the items, esp the bag, lots! Email is lynnlucky@hotmail.com. Thanks! :D

Lisa ♡ said...

omg you're so super beautiful! I love how you're able to find pretty stuff at such affordable prices!
Hope I'm lucky enough to be picked ^_^ I love you QiuQiu! <3

email: pink-addiction@hotmail.com
twitter: SAD_UNIC0RN

Anonymous said...

Can i know where you buy those floral headbands?:)

Josephine said...

Awwwww!!! I want to win the giveaway items!! All the things that you own/buy are so pretty ttm and how can they b so cheap when they don't look like it is...
I wish to own them too! =D


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

Your photos are really awesome and can't help but to say that you rly look like shanshan from the channel 8 drama! so pretty and cute! I super love the bohemian dress! Im definitely going to wear it often if I get it! Like you said, wear 5 times/5 ways each time is $1, so affordable! ^^

Thanks for always writing such awesome posts and just being you! ^^

sherry said...

i think its awesome how you always manage to make all these affordable stuff look great! (hate it when I see a fashion blog / ppl dressing up nicely & they claim that the stuff are affordable, only for me to find out that its almost always more than $50). Couldn't make it down to the flea but yay you're doing a giveaway! too awesome! oh & i really love the bag as well cuz its roomy enough for school! keeping my fingers crossed hehe :D



Anonymous said...

Oops Qiuqiu I forgot to leave my email! youronlydelight.livejournal.com

Thank you once again :)

Cy. said...

Hihi. :D
Yup I have been reading your blog and I really like how you always manage to look for cheap yet fashionable clothes. Just wanna ask you where did you get those floral bands! Hahah cause I probably won't win it. So if I don't, please do at least tell me where you get those pretty yet cheap bands! Elsewhere selling for like $10+ which is so totally not worth it! :O
Thanks so much :D
Ginnessa Goh

Kristy G. said...

I enjoy reading your blog!


Grace said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!

Its simply awesome how you're so good at getting superb deals at awfully low prices. I really needa learn how to do that! Haha. Those retail boutiques have been cheating my money all these while:(

Anw i really love that bohemian dress as well as the floral headband accessories! They look tooo good on u! haha.

I always wanted to try out chiffon dresses but i am too scared it will look overly puffy on me._. But hopefully this piece would look good? I hope=x haha.

Thanks for organizing this awesome giveaway(: Glad u love us readers as much as we love u!

Grace, grace_beyond@hotmail.com

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu, so many people commented already. sigh i dont think i will stand a chance to win it. really love everything! the dress, bag, cardi...... sigh. But anw stay pretty alright! you are my favourite blogger. i come to your blog EVERYDAY!!!!!! have more of giveaway soon? love you mwah!!!!!

email: elevenpromises@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Love the colourful bag and the green cardigan! :)))


Anonymous said...

can i know where did u buy the bohemia dress?

Noukster said...

M'en i wish i lived where you live...so cheap and so cute ^_^

Lovely that you give stuff away :-D

Hope i win ^_^ teehee


San said...

I love love love all the items, so pretty~ and thank you for such useful tips on budget barbie =)

(twitter: san3lle)

Stephy said...

Those floral headbands are so adorable!


Rebeca said...

Win all the prizes o/

Anonymous said...

Omg the first thing that caught my eyes was the color block bag. =D Can i have this pretty set? heeheehee

my email : irenetantantan@gmail.com

peachmilk said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Wow! Giveback!!!

I have been reading your blog and NEVER MISS AN EPISODE OF BUDGET BARBIE!

Love your style and the fun things you always able to get a fraction of the price of what we getting outside. And your are so nice to share those informations!

I love the colourful Bag, perfect for a shopping day, dump all the good buy in and refuse the plastic bag and save the earth.

My sis love the Green Cardigan and star ring, my Sister-in-law wants the dress and the flora band.

Pick me leh...
I win = 3 happy folk !

Thanks you!

选我 选我 选我 选我 选我 选我 选我 选我 ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu! I wish i can have the items because I have been looking everywhere for a nice bohemian dress but they are all so not-worth-the-price/ugly >.< but yours is so pretty~! or maybe because you're pretty, hehe :)

I've always been a tshirt and jeans girl until i chanced upon your budget barbie videos and since then i've been more daring to try out new styles, thanks to you!

I really admire your generosity and sense of humor!

Sincerely Serene :3
P.s. I live in Punggol too, and I have weird thing wishing that I can somehow bump into you -.-" it would be quite a funny scene because I would be like look up and :O "she so taaaallll". and then, i would probably be too shy to ask for a picture together >.<"

Karen said...

Hello Qiuqiu!
Not trying to be cliche but I love everything about your giveback :) Keeping my fingers crossed here hoping I can be the lucky winner!
Here's also wishing that you can scale even greater heights in the blogosphere, all the best Qiuqiu!


zen said...

can i have the flowery hairband? and please post a tutorial on how you did your hair, esp back view as well! thanks and my email is face2fake@hotmail.com.

LOLing over your rock-into-diamond- camaraderie!

popsncouture said...

I have not bought a cardigan for two years as I just didn't think I need one...and each time I feel cold...I would wish I have one. Lolz...okay la not sure pitiful but I love love your bargain hunting skills. You just have the 'nose' for it. I know there are tons of comments already but the ensemble looks great! I also want to look cool and pretty while chasing after my 3year old boy and I love love bright colored bags....so pick me for reasons:

1) Your blog always gives me a break at any time of the day when I am so so tired from my work at home, house chores & my lil one.

2) I stay around your area ...I think... :D

3) I wish I can look younger and prettier again...like you!

My e: adonyap@yahoo.com.sg

(oh please God, this would save me money to buy bags, cardigan and dress...let me win! teheheh)

Anonymous said...

I would like to win the head band badly!
email: janetnyh_04@hotmail.com

Carolyn Lee said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, I have to admit that it was recently that I started reading your blog and getting more updates on pretty stuff. But I have been following your video on clicknetwork and I really love the cheap deals you found and it's like I can never find such cheap and nice stuff. Definitely, this is my first time commenting on your post and I really love the dress, cardi and bag that you have put up on this post. Way to go. All the best to you and lastly, I hope I can win something from here. ;) <3

Twitter : Caroloytella
Email : lee.carol-@hotmail.com

Esther said...


thanks babe! ;)

Sandra said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, I went to your flea that day, but didn't manage to get the flora bands! :( I wanted it so badly, & was so sad that it was all sold out! I have lots of events next month which i can match it with the flora bands!! So please please let me win the flora bands!! *pray hard* Lastly, really love your blog, so don't stop blogging! ;)

Name : Sandra Yen
Email : sandra_regrets@hotmail.com

Azalea said...

What a cute idea^^
Like blog version of budget barbie:)
Hope you'll do this more often too!

Lulu Joys said...

I love how you match those items together . So nice :)


Goh Wei Ying said...

No distinctive words to really describe how matching the bag can be. It is so versatile, regardless of casual chic, bohemian look, or if you play with colours. Canvas always shines out as it is durable, lightweight and awesome for girls because we always bring our "entire room" out - water bottles, makeup, umbrella, wallets, blah blah.

Email: g.weiyingg@gmail.com

FAITH said...

Hi Bong Qiu Qiu!!

To be honest, I am only your reader for awhile. I only came to know about Budget Barbie few months ago? And then began to search for your blog. I really like the way you host the show, because you are so real and you are so skillful! (Clothes are cheap and pretty!!)

I seldom wear dresses and I remember there was a time when all my friends wear maxi dress for a party in Sentosa and I was there with only tank top and shorts. I feel so awkward :(

I really love the dress that you wore and I hope to win that! The whole set! I think that the dress, the cardigan, the bag and the accessories would make me to be a pretty girl!!

Please give it to me!!! :D

Twitter: FaithLoh
Email: ruoping96@hotmail.com

Peiqi said...

Hello Qiuqiu! I was really excited when I saw your recent post about the giveback to your readers! I really really like the colourful bag as it look really awesome! Would you mind to tell me where did you get this bag? And also, I just wanna said, I really love reading your blog and watch all the episode of budget Barbie! All your intros really help me save a lot during shopping! (:

Email: quer_peiqi@hotmail.com
Twitter nick: peiqisylvia

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu! I really love the colourful that you bought. May I know where did you get the bag from? (:

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the flower bands from? :)

Mochi said...

Hiya, hope I can win! =)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU AND YOUR AWESOME BLOG HEHE. And im just 14 y/o hah. :-) Stay pretty and natural, love ya. <3~ joonislovelyz@gmail.com

CARYN! said...

Hey! This is probably the first time I have visited your blog through my friend's introduction and I love it A LOT! You're so pretty, with or without those eyelid tapes. Those outfits are really A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and I want to win them real badly! They're so pretty, omg! My email's caryn_wong_zhen_yi@hotmail.com and my twitter's @Caryynnn ! Love ya and will visit you again soon!


JIAEN :D said...

Qiuqiu, I've just started to read your blog this year but it doesn't take long to realise that you are a really genuine and passionate blogger! Keep up the good work girl! <3

Lirong said...

Hello QiuQiu!

I have been reading your blog for a year and really love how true your personality is! And I love to go for cheap items too! :D Jiayou!
Twitter: lirongs
Thank you! ^^

Anonymous said...

I want those stuff please qiuqiu?!!!!!
Not gonna ramble but yeah, just wish they could be mine. ^___^

Alexandra said...

awww I love the cardigan!!


Jacques said...

Hi QIUQIU! I've been faithfully reading your blog and checking out all your mega mega affordable purchases coupled with AMAZING fashion sense! I really hope that i'm able to win the items in your giveback :)


Aiko said...

I wish I could win ... but if I would win I couldn't wear it. because I am fat. You are not. (Because of you are not fat I say I am fatter than you (^_^) You can follow me? :D)

But it is friendly how you say thank you to your readers.
The flowers are pretty ...
Hope, I can read more wonderful articles from you. (^_^)

Nabilah said...

hi Qui Qui! :)
I would like to win those item. They are so cute. The Dress is so pretty. ^^ You look really nice and chio in those picture. :>
Hope you choose me. ^^
PS: Love reading your blog. ^^
Email: sitinabilah58@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Avid reader of your blog ♥ !

Amanda said...

Love the combinations of the stuff put together... always wanted to try that bohemian chic look! Pick me please!I think Im one of those rare people ( like yourself ) that can rock a cheap outfit and make it look expensive : ) Thanks for your awesome blog posts that made me smile, laugh cry and lastly, feel. All the best, Qiu Qiu!


Georgina said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

The items for giveaways are so attractive and I hope I'm the lucky winner :-D


Unknown said...

i really love reading your blog! its a source of inspiration and entertainment for me :D all the photos, events, blogshops, raves and rants you blog about really make my day! be it with makeup or not, branded goods or not, i still love you and your blog! hope you win your contest and stay happy and healthy! will continue supporting you and your blog :D

ps: i reallyreallyreallyreally love the bag!!!!! ♥ . ♥

my email is euphony_4@hotmail.com :D

2302xy said...

ohoh! hooray for giveaway~~ ^^
Love the dress so much, gahhh so pretty! and it's such a cheap buy, DAMN GOOD DEAL! Did you get them in Singapore? btw, you bring out the things you wear very well! It's my first time leaving a comment in your blog here, will i have 'beginner's-luck'? hahahahah.


always there for you said...

hi qiu qiu
love to read your blog!!!! i love the things that you are giving away and love it when you always introduce cheap stuff for us to buy cos i also the same like to buy cheap stuff. those expensive de, dun buy cos will think bo hua. haha hope i can win the items:)


Anonymous said...

would love to win the bohemian dress! =D


Anonymous said...

i know i can't win this give away, but can i know where you get that rainbow bag? I LOVE IT.

Desiree Choo said...

hoping to win the headband!!! WOOHOO.


valentina said...

hi qiu qiu, have been watching budget barie since ep 1 till today.. U did bring a lot of laughter and great deals and ideas on what to get and where to get great stuff at! I love reading your blog as well... U are Budget Barbie and also also a fashion blogger queen! haha... I really hope i will be picked and win the clothing and the brown flora band or any other thing that u pick :D

Jia you qiu qiu and all the best to you! :D

If i am picked... i can be contacted @:

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! You are really pretty! Your nose eyes and chin, really like your features. You really do look like cheezer


SChaeyoung said...

Hi Qiuqiu, thanks for the lovely giveaway! ♥ I really love the items you had because they are so pretty and colorful! Hoping to win the bag, and bands! ♥


Thank you & goodluck ♥

SChaeyoung said...

Hi Qiuqiu, thanks for the lovely giveaway! ♥ I really love the items you had because they are so pretty and colorful! Hoping to win the bag, and bands! ♥


Thank you & goodluck ♥

Serene said...

Hello QQ! I love the flora accessories, if i'm not getting the 'giveback'. May i know where can i purchase it? Heh!


Wendy Teo said...

I hope to just win one of your floral headbands and that will do <33 :) love reading your blog and it is always updated with things that its so interesting ;) WILL KEEP READING AND SUPPORT YOUR BLOG! :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu ,
I'm really amazed by how you managed to get so many pretty and good deals at such low prices . The things you get are cheap but they dont look cheap ! I hope I will get a chance to see you in real life (:

Lots of love ,

Anonymous said...

Hey Qui Qui!

I love your blog and would love to win those items! They're beautiful~

Thank you for this opportunity!I really appreciate it. ^0^

Love, Rae ( @rae_robinson95)

Pearzy said...

The bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why so nice one, got attracted to the happy colours the moment I saw it on your blog. @_@ ... Then I realised there are so many people who commented, so what are the chances of me getting the bag? LOL.

But I'm just trying my luckkkk!! Have been watching all your BB videos since the very first time, reading your blog frequently (Becos I bookmarked it and visited it everyday!!). So yea, you're really awesome and I super love your fashion sense!! ^-^

Email: sherz_me@hotmail.com


honey said...

Thanks for the giveaway!! Have been a regular reader of your blog and twitter! I love how you buy cheap, good and affordable stuffs in sg. (: to me is so hard to find. I hope to win the cardigan and dress, is pretty! Can you share some places where can get affordable clothes? Like some that you frequent? Thanks!! If possible, can share where you get the cardigan and dress? In case i didnt win! Can you do an episode of budget barbie at bishan? :D hehe thanks!

Honey Tan

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu,

Let's start talking about how I got to know you cyberly hahaha. BUGET BARBIE. Yes! I shop quite often and I go on to clicknetwork often too. Came across your channel. After watching a episode, I kept going for more. I really like your fashion sense, making everything look so beautifully matched even though the apparel is not my kind of style. I wonder how you do that but I love it! Why I wanna win the items at your 'giveback' time? Hehe it's simple, I love the look. Beachy kind of look. And I'll be heading to Bali next month I thought I could make use of these items there ^_^

So yes, whatever it is, whether I'm the winner or not, I'll still keep on supporting. Keep up the good job. Love you ^_^


Peilu said...

There are so many ppl commenting on your blog already! i guess my chanve of winning is really low, anyway i would still really hope that i can win you giveback! Never win anything from the net! haha.. Im from malaysia.. and thought that to win sometime from you would be so nice, you are budget barbie le! haha.. so yeah i hope i can win show it off to my friend.. Dont see the prize of the giveback is little in sg but in msia.. almost RM50 alrdy!!

and hopefully you get well soon from the neck pain or whatever pain! haha

Twitter Nickname: Tomaytoe

♔ Elyssa said...

Hi Qiuqiu!
Really hope that I will be able to win the brown flora band cause I missed it that time when I went to the flea :(


Raden Ayu/MI said...

HI! I really love your blog <3 I hope Im gonna be the winner.

so here is my email tunnel_411_band@yahoo.com

Raden Ayu/MI said...

HI! I really love your blog <3 I hope Im gonna be the winner.

so here is my email tunnel_411_band@yahoo.com
my twitter nick is @imaginarymi

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Thank you for giving us this chance to win awesome prizes from you, may you stay awesome and healthy! God bless xx ♥

email --> larissa-luvzxc@hotmail.sg

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Thank you for giving us this chance to win awesome prizes from you, may you stay awesome and healthy! God bless xx ♥

email --> larissa-luvzxc@hotmail.sg

Audrey said...

Hi QiuQiu ! :) I've been watching budget barbie and reading your blog for quite some time now :) whenever I've finished my work , I'll fish out my phone to watch budget barbie ! I always re-watch every single episode and I think I've watched every one for like 5 times each ? Hahaha . I really loved the flea market episode !!! :D
Yeah, for the giveaway , I'm trying my luck and there's soooooooo many comments already O.O I really really love the green cardigan and have been trying to find a plain cardigan for a very long time already ! But all of the nice cardigans I found were very expensive ): -le sigh- and for the dress , I really hope to have some more dresses in my wardrobe as I've only like 2 ? Lolol . My mother thinks im a tomboy but NOOO !!! Tomboys won't even take part in this giveback right ? :b idk . The bags and accessories are really nice too ! :) The bright colours are really striking and that's what I love about them :)
That's about it :) Hoping to win ! :)
auditeh@gmail.com :D

Kerlynn said...



*yeun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SINGYEE said...

Can i win the bag, pretty please?


Suetyi said...

Why you so nice oneeee, always so nice to you readers (,: You're the best. Btw, the bag so nice!! suit the dress :D I love the floral band!!! and the ring! I dont find them anywhere... sigh* the one you got is so preeettaayyy. hope to win them!! (: (:



Peichuan♥ said...



Anonymous said...

hi hi : First time leave a comment..hehe~~ I m new reader in ur blog, found tat ur blog are interesting n awesome =)Hope can win this contest ^^

Joyce Heng

Jan said...

Hello Qiu Qiu! I would love to win those items! You're so amazing! How did you find such nice items at such jaw dropping prices?!? And I definitely like the way you werk it such that the items seriously looked like it cost more than you've mentioned. ;) I'm also loving the bag! So big and colourful~ Hehe.

PS. Today i wish that generous Qiu Qiu can win the $8888 cash prize by Feecha so that everyone can be happy, even the dogs!! (like '1 stone kills 2 birds', but in this case it's 1 wish makes a lot of others happy. ^^)

Your reader ♡,
(email: kwonnieandgain@hotmail.com)

nicole said...

Hehe i've always been posting anonymous comments on your blog and i'm like stalking you everyday T___T but yeah, i hope to win something from your giveaway! :D Thanks for replying my twitter mentions sometimes! :) You look so pretty even in cheap clothes! Not pretty actually, more like BEAUTIFUL! :)

Continue blogging cos it keeps my spirits up! :)

http://twitter.com/imyoonas (@imyoonas)

Rena said...

Hello QiuQiu!
Firstly, I'd like to say that... I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! I get really excited and happy whenever you reply my tweets to you(which is seldom but I'm still thankful!) ! And when you reply blog comments ^-^ I really like the bohemian dress a lot and I hope I can win it! *fingers crossed* Thank you so much for holding this giveaway! ;D

With cupcakes and cookies,

*yeun said...

QiuQiu!! I want the bohemian dress and colourful bag!! :D


Anonymous said...

Defug! U soo pretty ~~ (: Love it! <3

Email: cool_colour123@hotmail.com


I SUPER LOVE THE FLORAL BAND!\(^0^)/ @tiffanyysz

Anonymous said...

May i know the place to get the floral headband? ThankQ! ^^

IHWS♕ said...

Hi Qiuqiu, I like reading your blog a lot! I like how humble and funny you are! ^.^

I know there are a lot of comments that you received and a lot of people are hoping to win this give-away and I probably don't stand a chance but I'm still hoping I will win!

I like how you can make cheap items look expensive! You really have a talent for that. I watch every episode of Budget Barbie! ^^

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will still support your blog even if I don't win! :)

With love,

Anonymous said...

where did you get the dress?? :)

Anonymous said...

You're really awesome.How did you even get a cardigan t $4 and bohemien dress at $5.you look really pretty!


charmaigne grace said...

i'm your fan qiu qiu. i first saw you on hannah's blog (flaircandy)..

you're so gorgeous and your smile is an A plus!

Grace said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, you look great, but i think you should "lengthen" your eyebrows a bit. It looks a bit weird, because it's thick but short. I think you will look much better if there's an arch down.

angieseex said...

HI PRETTY GIRL BEEN WATCHING BB SINCE THE VERY FIRST EPISODE! & i like you alot coz i find that we're quite alike , character wise! haha so i hope i can win thise items!!!!!!! YAY CHIOQIUQIU FTW!


Janice said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!

I love the whole outfit! The bag, dress and cardigan are all very matching. You look amazing in the photos, like a taiwanese/korean model! ^.^

The flower headband is really special too, so pretty!

I <3 to win the set, thank you!


cheryl said...

hi qiu qiu ^^
i'd really like to win the accessories HAHA because they're really really pretty (and because i'd be too short and look like a dwarf in the outfit) :)

thank you for budget barbie and constantly bringing smiles to my face each episode ^^
i think that you're really really hardworking and pretty and hilarious in your posts too so yup ^^
stay happy and thanks for being so sweet for the giveaway!!

@sehwelz on twitter

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

Can you share with us where to get the dress, cardigan and bag in your next post? :s

From one of your fans

Priscilla said...

Hi Qiuqiu!! I really love to read your blog have been reading it since early last year! Haha i really love your style cuz it's affordable yet chic at the same time! I really wanna win this set it's just so awesome and you're so awesome too! Anyway, i hope you win the feecha contest!

Email: pc_le-c@hotmail.com
Twitter nick: @AwesomePeeSee

QiuQiu said...

Hello!!! All the stuff are from Bugis Street! It's hard to desccribe which shop exaclty, but all on first floor! The dress and bag are both last piece thou =(

nicole said...

Thank you for telling us where you got your stuff! ^^ hehe maybe you got them so cheap cos the shop owners know you're the Qiuqiu girl!! :D

Anyway yup i posted up there ^ why i want to win the giveback! :)
wish you good luck in the feecha thingy! :)

Happy face meme

xoxo, nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!I've been following your blog since last year and I go to your blog on every 2 or 3 days knowing you'll blog.Ya la ya la , I admit you are really hardworking xD. And I love how you always add many many pretty pictures. I first know you through "Budget QiuQiu" And I can't deny the fact of how pro you are on choosing clothes , Love your sense of fashion la xD

Thanks for reading ! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu! :) I really hope I can win this giveaway because whenever I go out with my friends, sometimes we will make a theme like stripes etc. A few times it was bohemian chic and I'm like WHY LIDDIS *facepalm* because I dont really have a full set of bohemian clothings! :( Hence, I really hope I can win your giveaway then I can show off my complete bohemian look :p

P.S. : I like the fact that you actually make an effort to be a hardworking blogger! Almost everytime I hit your blog, there will be a new post whoop whoop <3 you gotta be my favourite blogger, really! :)

Hope I win the giveaway~

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Just wanted to say i really like those stuff that you're giving away. D; I'm from Kuching, and Kuching doesn't sell much nice stuff. Saddd (・へ・) I hope i can win those stuff! Just trying my luck :) Actually, if you reply to this, i would already be superbly happy (^▽^) BUDGET BARBIE FOR THE WIN!

Sending love from Malaysia,
Emelia :)
(Twitter: EmeliaFlorian)
(Email: emelia_9791@hotmail.com)

(Reading your Roasted Pork recipe thingy and im damn hungry now! Haha)

QiuQiu said...

Hey guys! Result announced! On Qweekly! Joanne Nom congrats!

Sorry about the rest of you =( next guveback id prepare more sets of items okay!!!!

Shopshop preorder said...

Hello QiuQiu,

Wow! You're definitely a budget barbie! The role totally fits you, I can never understand how you can get such beautiful stuff at such an afforable price, must share with us one day k? Hahaha! I really REALLY like the accessories, been looking for something like that for months! And the dress is super pretty too! And of course, the other two items, the bag and cardigan are also really pretty (at least on you! Hopefully they'll look pretty on me too if I get it!) Actually, I think most clothes you wear look pretty! Anyway, I would really appreciate it if I could win and will definitely put it to good use, thank you Budget Barbie for the kind gesture regardless though!


Evangeline said...

I would like to win the accessories! You look so nice in it! :D and I wish you luck for the feecha contest k! I helped you post on fb/twitter/tumblr already!! Love how nice you treat your family and kind of you to donate to GentlePaws. Enjoy your trip to USS with your family!! And I've always been watching budget barbie! <3

Felicia said...

Love your hairdo here!!! Can you make a youtube tutorial on how to achieve this hairdo!!!

peixuan said...

hehe i love how you blog, have confidence in yourself and your online personality! :D i would love to win the rainbow tote! reminds me of the puking rainbow meme hehe. :) my twitter is @awkwardbean. and i hope to see you again at Westmall!! :p

Angeline Lim said...

Hi QiuQiu, I want to win the white flora band,


Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, hv watched all eps of budget barbie and whenever you model the pieces, you just look good in everything! including on photos! I really like the dress and floral headbands. :)I guess they were sold out at the flea. thks!


Amanda Yong said...

Hey Qiu Qiu!
Firstly, I'm not sure if anyone has said this to you, but I honestly think that we should have been born twins. I have the exact behaviour like you, I'm always searching for cheap deals in terms of clothes and accessories, hence I LOVE watching budget barbie and your strawbirdy blogshop cause everything is so affordable yet pretty at the same time! You are of course much a much more pro-shopper than me, cause your deals are reeallllyyy cheap! So being the auntie I am, I really hope to win something, especially the bohemian dress cause I've been dying to get a long dress.

With love,
Amanda Yong<3

Anonymous said...

Please let me win ): I wanna be a fairy too :B HAHAH :D

I want the accessories please :>


Anonymous said...

Love the canvas bag! So pretty and colorful! :D