10 May 2012


Last night i was on the bed at 6am. I fell asleep only at 7am. Don't say i disgusting hor but i was just looking at my bf and feeling very very very thankful i have him in my life.

And then i started to think about all the things we been through in the past 6.5 years. And then i am glad that although things started out super rocky, everything turned out better than expected.

Last time the quote "It's not the destination that matters, it's the journey" pull a heartstring.

Now i think without a specific destination, we are just headless chickens in our entire journey.

Give you an example. When i first started out with my bf, i keep thinking, "Just savor the moment, enjoy the present" but what the fuck? This kind of things need reminder one meh?

If i was truly enjoying it with no other worries, i'd have no need to remind myself of that. So the constant reminder to enjoy the moment, is actually self-comforting "It's okay if there's no future". But it is not. It is not okay to not have a vision of the future with someone, anyone. Be it friends, family, or your partner. So truth was, i wasn't happy becox i didn't see a future.

But now i do! I do i do i do!!! I DO. Lololol. Majorly dropping hint here hahahaha. Cox Cheesie is getting married! I also want! ^.^ Congrats to Cheesie again!!!

I see a future with my girlfriends since we became close! I see our kids hanging out with us. Go for hi-tea, visit the libraries together. Us chilling out at my house in the future. Us traveling together. I see us be good friends until we are old. Lolol. And with this "future" i so treasure in mind, i am more motivated to keep them close in my life! Seeing a future with them, is loving them in a way!

I see a future with my family. It looks good. We're happy and healthy leading a prosperous life in the future i envisioned. In order to get there, we'd have to do specific stuff. All the things we do will somehow string together, and we'd get there.

But if we see no bright future, we'd just do whatever we want, right or wrong wouldn't matter.

We'd have no qualms about letting each other down in the journey.

Cox without a finishing point to look forward to, how would we know if we're on or off track?

I also ask myself, how do i know when i hit the finishing point, how do i know when i'm at my destination. I guess the destination is something infinite. It's a big picture. It's a totality of how me and the people around me feels. With this in mind, i try to be less selfish and be more giving too.

It'd be great if the people we love doesn't go away. But sometimes circumstances change. Sometimes people change. So our mark might shift from one focus to another but, the mark itself doesn't change

The mark is happiness. Not just our own, also happiness of everyone involved. You cannot be happy with someone who is not happy with you, make sense?

If i can see myself happy with someone who's happy with me for the next 3 days, next month, next year, next 10 years, i think we're on the right track! =DDD

Omg typing the previous line and feeling so thankful my life is filled with people i'd be happy to hang out with for the next 20, 30 years even!!! So my point is.. Focus on Destination Happiness becox if it's there, it'd motivate you to work even harder to make things as good as they can possibly be.

If you have a point in mind that you wanna hit, you don't waste effort trying to hit something else. You focus on it. You invest energy in it. When you finally get there, everyone's happy.

These days i made a pointer in my head to remain positive and happy. It's not like i'm not already happy enough, it's just other than being happy, i wanna try to avoid unnecessary disruption of having to deal with gross people/ less than pleasant situations. So i came up with a HAPPINESS CODE.

Lolol. It's not the only thing that signifies my happiness but it definitely is a part of it.

And i am practicing it with Mich and Zhen. Michelle is an insurance agent so her code is MDRT, if it make sense to some of you. It's the Million Dollar Round Table club. Lol. So whenever she is talking about something less than pleasant, it's Zhen's and my job to say MDRT!!! So she'd stop.

Zhen wants a house at Sentosa so if she's ever unhappy or complaining about some stuff, Mich and i will say SENTOSA COVE. But so far we haven't got chance to remind her much. She'd too neutral!!

My happiness reminder code is "LANDED HOUSE". Hahaha. It's been used very very very very often in our chat. I really have to work on liking people more. Lololol. But why are some people SO hard to like!!! I must try harder to either like them, or ignore them!!! I think i'm doing a pretty good job so far! Much improvement! =D I really have to give myself that!

So yeah! That's all! I hope you're happy reading this post and being here.

Happiness.. Shall be the destinations for all the journeys i set off on.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to cheesie! When is your turn qiu qiu? Hahaha.. U got Any ideas which blog shop/ shop sell affordable and naise Jie meis dresses?

Anonymous said...

Qiu, thanks for sharing such an inspriring post. Stay happy :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks QiuQiu:) I wish my bf and I can get closer but we seem to have so many arguments recently. I hope i can set happiness as the destinations too! thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Happy Land!!!!!!
I'm just soooo happy thinking about Happy Land!!!!!!!
My destination!!!!!!!!

Ordinary 90s Girl said...


Be Happy! ^^

Anonymous said...

Ommm.. You're always so happy xP I have to try this "code". TY and stay happy :)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Being happy is best feeling ever. And we have NO reasons to not be happy :))))

Anonymous said...

so inspiring! i think i will implement this code into my chats with my friends. i hope you will be next after Cheesie too! love!

Anonymous said...

If you're desperate to get married, all you have to do is pester your bf to propose to you like Xiaxue did.

Her said...

I love reading your blog! You're truly an inspiration! (;

Unknown said...

I agree on seeing the future! It's needed! I also often think about how not to forget to enjoy the present moment.
I'm trying to think more of what I'm grateful for because of you. I still suck at it lol.
I understand you about getting married! I was the same, I think 2,5 years I know my husband before we had married finally was like forever for me :) I was shocked that he didn't propose after 2 months! Lol, still can't understand! I was so ready and sure then already :) Now we are 5 years married! And I have also waited somemmore for him to "get ready" for kids. Due to my health issues I was afraid we have not so much time :) Hahaha What is it about? IDK maybe my point is I want all the happiness now? Have no doubts! no time to waste!

Anonymous said...

great post (: love your positivity!

Christine said...

People always laugh at you for your poor english, but frankly, you're one of the most insightful and inspiring people I know. All those sad little fuckers who only know how to nitpick on your vocab, without understanding the underlying beautiful meaning of your words, they'll be the ones being miserable while you're happy. I hope you'll have a wonderful and happy life, Qiu qiu! :)

af said...

this post is like a little boring cox theres no pics and its a little too wordy. like maybe at least put in some pics of u or of cheesie and her fiancee. just some suggestions (x

Michelle said...

i am happy qiuqiu nao =D!! and i'm also happy for you since you got engaged ^_^ congratulations again! =D

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu:) i would like to know what is your brand of eyelid sticker that you are using as i went to sasa.com but coudnt find the one u were talking about! thank you!

Anonymous said...

blog about you and his journey lei

Anonymous said...

I've never posted here before, but I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring post! But also to say congratulations from your devoted reader here in America! So happy for you, and your positiveness is so sweet! :D