04 May 2012

You wanna talk?

"Let's talk"

Haha. An arguement always starts like this.

Or a heart-to-heart talk, if you're lucky.

But here on this blog, it means "I am going to blabber whatever comes to my mind and try to keep you updated of my life becox i will feel bad if i flood you with advertorial after advertorial" =X

I feel good when i have adverts thou! Don't get me wrong, keep it coming lolol. I am just trying to keep you informed of ME! =D Cox that's our relationship right?

I be interesting, you be interested. Hahah.

I be cute, you be awwwwwed.

I be shameless, you laugh.

I be pretty, you praise me ^.^V

It's a great relationship we have here! We're working in harmony.

So here's a little bit of what i get done.

I did a list of resolutions for Year 2012 in this post earlier this January. Let's do a check.

1. Start a blogshop to sell clothes at low prices
I did and then i stop becox the nicer ones are out of stock and then i got too lazy to go get more stocks for other collections and mainly cox i got disheartened so many people are so whiney. $13 - $17 is suddenly too expensive for them to buy online just becox i am Budget Barbie. Sigh. But it's okay! I've decided to ignore those people and then start again!!! =DDD

2. Send my dad and my mum to Taiwan at year end
He might wanna head China to visit his family instead. We're still talking about it. Either or, or both! So this one cannot tick yet! ^.^ Until it happens.

3. Go fix my face
Did so.

4. Ask some dental clinic to fix my teeth with invisalign

5. Be more hardworking and earn more money so that maybe year end, not only i can afford to send my dad and mum to Taiwan, i can also join them =D
Bitch please, i'm heading Japan at least twice this year so Taiwan can wait! =D But i am still hardworking thou ^.^V So this one consider as ticked!

6. Stop reading boring blogs just cause i wanna understand why people read their blogs
I stopped ^.^V Now i browse my own blog at least 3 times a day =X Hahaha.

7. Pick up something like a new skill or new sports or new hobby etc
Hmm. I would love to learn the guitar but i am quite retarded in my hands coordination so not happening. Maybe i should pick up netball again but i can only do indoor. Got aircon, please? Sigh. Maybe i'd just pick up something that's indoor-ish. So this one, no tick, no clue so far.

8. Be a bit more patient with rude people before i start to be un-nice
Formspring is a good training ground but i am really getting down to answering questions selectively. It's so hard having to keep refraining myself from answering "FTS, you cannot read is it?" to a huge percentage of the questions =X So i feel instead of training me to be more patient, Formspring is making me lose my patience even more readily. Lol. So this one i cannot tick. Still working on it ^.^

And talking about social media platform.. I just posted another picture on Instagram yesterday. After leaving the account to rot since i posted my first picture on it like 64 weeks ago. Let me count..

That's almost 1.5 year ago O.O I posted one picture on it and decided, there's only these few (like 10 then?) photo filters, meh. And then later i stopped using filter for the longest time and just post raw pictures on Twitter until Wendy introduced Mei Tu Xiu Xiu, i've been using MTXX ever since just cox they have bokeh effect ^.^ Love.

So i never thought much of Instagram until YESTERDAY. Yutakis tell me "Bitch has one picture n 2000 plus followers! Y U NO feel guilty and go be active on it???! OMG. TSKTSK."


I suddenly feel like i'm this screwed up man who abandon his family and abandon people who love him to go out and have all the fun and refuse to go home. Defug. And all the people who love me just down there 痴痴地等, devotedly wait for my return. Lolol. Or i think too much already?

But 1 picture and 2000 over people following me is a HUGE deal to me!!! And i've never even talked about Instagram publicly i think. Like i've never go "Follow me on Instagram" Haha.

Thank you all =') I am really quite touched! O.O I also is super love and thankful for all the people who read my blog one ^.^ I have fun things coming up for us (yeah YOU and ME)!!! So.. YAY!!! =D

And now that i've made it clear i've just revived my Instagram account, follow me there. Thank you. Lolol. You know how to find me, i am @bongqiuqiu

So i have three more things to complete ^.^

So.. You wanna talk? No? Great, i'd do all the talking. You can just keep hearing me out ^.^

This is a harmonious relationship.


Anonymous said...

yessss please talk more!!!!!
love the harmonious relationship!!! hahaha
and congrats on ticking so many things off your list!!!!!

*yeun said...

i love this post of yours!! :D & am also happy for you that you managed to make most of your resolutions come true! (:

continue to infect us with your positivity! ^^

Anonymous said...

lol, does fixing your face require surgery?? O:

Anonymous said...

You fixed ur face? What do u mean? You had plastic s too?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, thanks~~~ Hahaha ^.^ I'd keep talking!!!

Yeun, thank you ^.^ Yes! Spreading it like a disease!!! Hahaha.

Anon, yes i did alarplasty and i didn't hide it ah, i just didn't share it. I did talked about it on my formspring. No biggie!

Anonymous said...

hello, im going for alarplasty this december and im very afraid of needles, if its okay for u to say, how many injections of aneasthic did they give you? because one of the videos on youtube shows about 6 injections, 2 of which is at the gums?? >< it looks very scary

QiuQiu said...

Anon, don't worry. One jab of sedation at your wrist only. For me that is. They don't work with LA one leh i think the clinic i went to. It's all sedation. And if major surgery they just put extra dosage. Mine was so small and simple, it took less than 20 minutes O.O Bu yao pa, no biggie one alarplasty. And good luck!!! Hope you'd love it!!! I love mine ^.^

Anonymous said...

okay thanks lol. what a relieve O_O i initally thought that 6 injections was abit too much too

Anonymous said...

Hey Qui
I really like your blog, so keep up the good work. :-D

You seem like a very nice & bubbly person. And you are very lovely! :-)

Just wanted to say hi & have a nice day :-D

Anonymous said...

You're awesome!!!! :-D <3