20 November 2012

Anxious to see YOU GUYS =DDD


So if you've seen my previous few posts, you'd know that i have a Meet-The-Readers sessions lah.

It's the first proper meet-the-readers session i am ever holding =OOO So i'm quite excited to see everyone!!! From past fleas i also got see most of you lah but no chance to talk / mingle!

But tomorrow we can shop, makeup, do hair and take pictures together haha.

And i'd be walking the runway at 6pm so i also hope you don't miss it lah cox today i went for fitting, all the models damn good-looking haha. Especially the two Japanese-mix male models they are so good-looking they don't look real I AM ENGAGED.

Lolol. Kidding lah. I no dig hamsum and super good-body guys but you all confirm like lah.

Also ah, i saw the huge photo-wall it's all pink and funky looking i wanna snap lotsa superstar-like pictures there!!! =DDD You all can snap also ah, snap with me or without me also can haha.

The last time got 200 over comments and tweets telling me you all will come....


Actually if 50% of you don't bluff me i very super happy already hahaha.

You will enjoy the shopping at JRunway one! All the popular Japanese labels for you to shop!

Okay okay, see you tomorrow. To get the 30 X $30 JRunway cash vouchers (will be really helpful for your shopping tomorrow! =D) you have to come early okay! The Nuffnang people will have a booth set up at around 5.30 and will help me give out the cash vouchers that JRunway generously sponsored, to you guys!

I look forward to see you guys right after the fashion show, which starts at 6pm!!! Then we can have ALL the fun =DDD

Okay, gonna slap on a mask now and TRY my best to sleep early tonight although i doubt i can becox i am really quite anxious to see all of you!!! Also, excited to have dinner with the selected readers! =)

21st November (Tomorrow)
6pm - 8pm
JRunway @ Plaza Singapura new extension


FiSh said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Will you be acting in ah boys to men part 2??? :)

Hanna Lei said...

This would be so fun to attend! My Blog

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I know what is the price range for the clothes at JRunway? ^^

Kelsey (Kittentummy) said...

Awww I wish I could come to Singapore to hang out with you ;A;~ have fun!!