14 November 2012

Japan Day 4 - DisneySea ^.^

Yohoo~! Here to continue my holiday with Wendy, Audrey and Cheesie to Taiwan and Japan, courtesy of Expedia ^.^ Will link up all the posts when i'm done but for now if you are keen you just gotta keep going "older post", "older post" haha. My favourite post so far is the Sanrio land one!

If you're thinking of traveling you really have to book your trip through Expedia becox they have the BEST PRICE GUARANTEED policy and can give you all sorts of information you need about the 400 over airlines and 150,000 hotels they work with and then ffer you the most affordable rate! ^.^

If you are planning to getaway but can't decide on where, visit Expedia facebook page, they have updates on where on earth (pun not intended lol) will have the most beautiful sight going on soon.

We're at Day 4 in Japan and we've planned to head Tokyo DisneySea ^.^

Early morning all very hungry but Audrey went to get everyone onigiri ^.^ That is about the only correct food she buys for everyone. Other time her taste for food nobody appreciate. Lol *insert chicken feet picture*

Me and Wendy ^.^ My rice ball is SO good. The rice on its own is great. PLUS got egg, omg LOVE.
❤ ❤ ❤
Arrived at DisneySea =DDD
First thing you need to do is to get yourself something to wear, to camho. Be it a pair of clipon ears, big hair accessory or in Wendy and Audrey's case, tails. Haha! CUTE.
You'd see many many many cute Japanese babies and kids and this is one of them. Just innocently sitting down, not making noise, cutely nibbling on her food.. Awwww LET ME CARRY YOU!!! Your curly hair is so pretty, baby!!! And your eyes are so round ^.^ Angugu~
All three of us got our ears/ headpiece/ tails settled only Audrey haven't lol. So while we wait for her to wait for the salesperson, we camho.
And camho.
And then lunch time first cox we are STILL hungry!!!
My meat sauce spaghetti set meal on a Mickey Mouse plate ^.^ When we were eating we could see performances and parade outside the window one lor! Quite nice the whole feeling ^.^
My favourite picture ^.^ Of the mouse and the meow. And yay, Audrey found her headpiece. It's a black Mickey / Minnie mouse ear but i think it's the MODE ear. Lol. Got studs all.
Everyone in brown fluffy/ fringey footwear that day ^.^
Still queuing for some kind of submarine ride.
One of Audrey and Cheesie ^.^ I really thought we were under water O.O Wendy just have to spoil it for me and say it's not. Lolol. You can go figure it out yourself if you're there.
While Q-ing to take picture with Little Mermaid, we saw the cutest little girl!!! =OOO She's sooo well-mannered too!!! She even say "Konnichiwa" to us first awwww girls.
Picture with the very pretty mermaid who kept flapping her tail haha ^.^ We watched the Mermaid show too and everyone teared ='X T's just too beautiful and magical you'd be sooo overwhelmed.
Just a nice shot of a underwater castle haha.
And then we went to sit some ride that looks like it's for kids. It indeed is lah. But still quite thrilling for us (or me at least) haha. Erm cox i just don't like rides? =X I SCARED LAH OKAY. Lolol.
Wendy "Oh YAY! Look at my perfect teeth thanks to invisalign and Orchard Scotts Dental!" Lol.
Hair all messy after the ride. Me and Audrey.
The underwater part of DisneySea. Really look quite underwaterish hor.
Serious discussion going on. Lolol. Wendy the mummy-to-be is not quite sure to buy baby clothes for baby girl or baby boy. She struggled A LOT and ended up buying for both sexes. Some for boys and a lot more for girls lolol.
And then we sat down with mats, tidbits, pizza and ice cream and just enjoy while we wait for the firework show =))) I enjoy this the most cox it's so relaxing and nice =))) And this Cheesie so comfy and feeling so Japanese she at one point even lie down flat on the floor mat lolol.

We also went to a few shops where it's all filled with Duffy and Shellie May.
Taking a ride to head back to the entrance ^.^ Only Audrey and i still haven't give up on looking good lolol. This Wendy and Cheesie remove contact lens liao haha. I never wear contact lens lah but i haven't give up hahaha.
It was halloween then *vomit* so.. Never mind nothing much to say about halloween =X SORRY! Quite turned off by the orange stuff everywhere!!!
Heading off. Lots and lotsa smiley happy people taking their last few pictures before leaving =)
And then we head for Yoshinoya for MY FAVOURITE PORK BOWL!!! OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Okay that's all for now! ^.^ Really hope you guys will get to visit Japan and enjoy what they made for everyone to enjoy, the beauty of everything, that is!


Unknown said...

lolled about orange halloween stuff

Unknown said...

extremely pretty photos and i m so envious of how you get to travel on sponsored trips to japan!! love your blogs and you qiuqiu :D

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice!!!!!! happy post!!!!! super love everything!!!!!! love the way you write too!!!!!!

Winter said...

It looks like Patrick Star is popping up in the background of that picture with Xiaxue on the ride. lol

Hanna Lei said...

It looks like so much fun! I wish I could go to Disney Sea. My Blog

Willyn said...

you are so pretty.. are you a cosplayer? the pictures taken are all great! wish i could go there too :-)

Anonymous said...

everything is soooo cuteeeeeeeee!!!!! and magical and happy and all things lovely!!!!!!!!!!

sunburst said...

Omg makes me super envious... I wanna go Japan again!!! I didn't know there is a girl version of Duffy hehe... I only have a huge Duffy that I bought in HK Disney Land.

Carlyn said...

I always love your travel stories.

Alice said...

*droolz* Even Yoshinoya food looks 100 times better than SG's one. lol