26 November 2012

rarebits new launch - Colours

Hello! rarebits has a new launch! And it's super colourful i love ^.^

Me and my gfs bring in plenty of bags and clutches ^.^ Hope you love them too!

I love the colourful top i'm wearing here!!! And if you're in school /  working, you'd love some of the tops Michelle and Yu Zhen picked out for you all. Very simple and easy-matching one!

And our accessories! All i pick one ah ^.^ Nice or not haha! I LOVE the colour plate of gems one. The necklaces i picked are usually easier to match for simple outfits to look interesting.

Thank you for your support so far!



FiSh said...

when will the delivery to malaysia be available ^__^

Kiyo said...

Already got 3...Tammy and I got it for out bestie who's studying in Beijing right now >.<


Angelicjin said...

Or uk? So pretty at such affordable price. *Grabs everything throws into cart. Want!

Hanna Lei said...

I love your blog shop! Congrats on starting your own business My Blog

Unknown said...

Yeah! is there gonna be shipping to Malaysia? :) http://chariswongg.blogspot.com/

MingYang :) said...

Omg you and the model are both so pretty!!!