11 January 2013

New Year, New Fresh Face

So we're 11 days into our new year! =D I hope 2013 will be a good year for you!

rarebits (my blogstore) also wanna be part of your new year lah haha.

So we came up with a New Year Giveaway! =D
There are THREE sets of these to be won!

This entire range of skincare could be yours so long as you spend at least $80 nett in a single checkout! Read til the end to find out more on how to stand a chance to win them ^.^

We bought three sets of the skincare range and it's mostly stuff i tried and love or stuff that are highly raved. So yup! We bought three sets of these items for our customers who spend $80 and up.

Below are some of the items from our latest collection ^.^

Dresses for young ladies / young working executives.
Accessories!!! I especially love the vintage jade drop one and the LOVE one!!! =DDD
Gummy Bags that will be great for you to bring out for a quick date or to bring for lunch etc! =D And of course, skulls, fur, chains, studs and.. Black =X If you like it, good for you! Cox they are all selling for really low prices =D
On me, top and skirt from rarebits ^.^ I LOVEEEE THE SKIRT! It's soooo "pompy" one. Haha.
Here is it!!! 3 sets X Entire Range you see in this picture!

Left - Right:

Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream - Good moisturizer that gives you slimmer face in ten minutes

Biore Cleansing Oil cotton Facial Sheets X 10 sheets - Removes makeup conveniently + quickly

SENKA Perfect Whip - This mochi cleansing foam is so good it's one of the top selling in Japan

SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion - One step toner lotion to moisturize your skin daily and make it glow

SEXYLOOK Hello Kitty Brightening Mask - Brightens and rejuvenate your skin!

How you can stand to win one of the three sets!!!

- Spend $80nett on rarebits in a single checkout
- Tweet / instagram with #rarebits (content can be anything)

Tip: You may combine orders with a few friends if you like ^.^

That's all on your side! On our end we will pick three winners randomly and after that we'd need you to provide your invoice number to verify that you indeed spent $80 haha.

Promo ends end of February.


Hop on to shop on rarebits now!


Rainy said...

Hi qiu qiu may i know does rarebits deliver to any other country? or just within singapore?

Anonymous said...

is the bag with the golden heart available on rarebits?didn't see it on the website!

Celine said...

I LOVE the gummy bags!! <3

Anonymous said...

is the heart studded bag sold out already? it's so pretty but i can't have it now!):

Anonymous said...

Hi is the one with golden heart available?