13 January 2013

QWeekly - Hair and Magic

So actually one day i wore a nice dress and went out to watch movie with Wendy and Yutaki. But i don't have any pictures from the movie =/ But anyway~ I went to Cleo before that to fix my hair!
❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Shio doing his thang.
I bought my dress from JRunway @ Plaza Sing new extension =D It's max love.
At this point of time my hair was actually at the nicest shade of ash brown, nicest i've ever had!!! But becox i geh-kiang i told Shio i wanna do something crazy after my wedding.. So you already know the rest, i went to have dark purple hair lol.
Me and Shio ^.^
All pictures in this post and most of the pictures on recent post taken with the Casio EX-ZR1000. Really LOVE the way Shio curls my hair all the time! So much volume and look so bouncy! =D Only Japanese can do it lor i tell you. Other people de curls is one chunk one chunk one =X
One more of the nicest shade of ash brown i've ever have.. One last picture actually.. Before..
I turn into this a few days later.
Forgot to switch off the flash. So this is how it looks like with flash.
Without flash ^.^
This one i adjusted it a little bit brighter so.. You can see my face LOL. Cox this picture my face quite nice ah thank you for your understanding. Lolol.
Nah this one the colour not edited.
This one don't know why look so bright straight from camera so i thought nevermind i adjust even brighter, look like a unreal person with unreal hair. Lol. I edited my face a bit of course. Okay maybe a bit more than a bit lolol.
Thank you Shio!!! =DDD My pastel pink leopard prints shorts is bought from JRunway also ^.^ Heng i got discount!!! If not i really might go broke shopping all the Japanese clothes there!

Anyway as you can see lah, this hair colour looks like dark dark purple in some lighting and with flash. So it's not outrightly crazy but not boring lah. So if you wanna do something like that, but with other colour (red, pink, blue, purple, green, apricot etc etc) you can go to Cleo Hair and do lah!

I love them all the way from when i started!!! =D And good news!!!

You know for Chinese New Year all hair salon increase their pricelist right?

All services at Cleo will maintain the same and in this peak period (which is now til after CNY lah) they will NOT increase their prices ^.^ All services will be charged at normal rate! =DDD

Best time for you to try the Japanese hairstylists magic!!! =DDD

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Some camho-ing shots O.O

That's not all for QWeekly this week =D
- - - - - - - -
I got invited to watch INCANTO and i LOVE IT!!!! =DDDD It's showing at Resorts World Sentosa and you can look at the preview video HERE. The preview video doesn't do the show justice =X
It was my first magic show ever (other than the kind that goes to my primary school lah lol) and i am pleasantly surprised becox it offers soooo much more than just magic show ah!!! =D Got lotsa action-packed performances and the program layout is very interactive with the audience!

So you can bring your kids / nephew and nieces / friends / parents to go watch with you!!! =D I am sure they will love it one!!! I see a lot of kids very enthu and keep wanting to volunteer lol.

Me with the star magician. Lolol. I hope you can see it's a standee hor. Lol.
Me with the clown. I GET SO EXCITED WHEN I SEE MASCOT, CLOWN AND MAGICIAN!!! Thank you RWS and thank you Matthew and Jayne for liaising to get me the tickets =D

Erm as you can see, i am strangely dressed in all light black ((LOL got such thing one or not) and black. Actually i wore a white laced dress one, and had natural-looking makeup on but then later i was talking to Josh about how i hope i will be picked as volunteer later at the show.

And then i'm like "OH NO I WANNA CHANGE INTO PANTS!!!" Becox when we went to watch a circus show the other time i see they only pick people who wear pants lolol.

And then later i think magician confirm like dark dark things (like dark magic lolol) so i pick out the darkest clothings i have. And also..

Change lipstick colour to red. The magician assistant, you know, the girl who always disappear / gets cut up, always wear red lips one. So anyway.. I didn't get a chance to volunteer lolol. Whole crowd damn enthu one all volunteering like this lolol. But never mind i watch until very happy also!
Josh went with me ^.^ I keep getting up from my seat cox very gan jeong until he have to keep pushing me back into my seat lolol.
Right behind the entrance =DDD I see this! A bit freaky ah.
The body-less girl O.O Haha.
And right before the show starts! No photography allow so i am sorry to disappoint you haha!

But all i can say is.. I ENJOYED THE SHOW A LOT! Although many parts i worry for the performers and for the magician. Okay i tell you one segment to lookout for, the 4 Wheelers one. OMFG that oneeee! I really cannot take it! It's like i constantly have to fear for the performers!!! They run on top of the spinning wheel jiu suan le, they later still blindfold themselves omg.

Okay i shan't say too much but it was soooo fun to see people appearing out of nowhere and disappearing out of nowhere and floating in the air and being sawed into halves and still be alive o.O

Haha. Alright! Check out the discount for the INCANTO tickets!!! =DDD they have package price that will be perfect for family! Like 3 plus 1 free, and also up to 25% discount off for credit cards etc.

Check out the ticket discount and list HERE.

The INCANTO show will be showing from now til March. I think it'd be a great entertaining activity for one whole family to go lah! They are even showing on Chinese New Year!!!  Idea? Would be awesome for your family and relatives and the kids in the household! =D

Can bring your boyfriend / girlfriend to watch INCANTO for Valentine's Day and then later have a nice dinner at Resorts World Sentosa ah =D Alright~ Book your tickets here =D

Outfit of the day for that day which is actually only yesterday. Top from Cotton On, wrap skorts from a Japanese label from JRunway, see-through leopard prints bag from JRunway too. Sandals $4!
Don't show sandals better lol. By the way all pictures for the magic show trip got colour treatment and vignetting to it cox i'm using the Toy Cam mode on the Casio EX-ZR1000! =D Nice or not?
LOVEEEEE the see-through leopard prints bag from JRunway!!! =DDD
Alright one last blurry camho shot of myself. Don't even know why i go learn people do smokey eyes. Lololol. Smoke until all smudge by the time i go home lol. Simi sai.

Alright!!! It's been a hectic and happy week! 2013 January has been awesome so far!

Be back for more updates!
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Ishah said...

Just wanted to tell you, I was looking at the last picture of you with the light ash brown hair and my 3 year old son said "That's Gangnam Style", meaning he thought you looked like Hyuna LOL. Well, I think so because I doubt he would think you look like Psy :p

红豆 said...

qiuqiu u look very nice with dark purple hair(of coz previous ones also nice la)! very dreamy & anime-ish! <3

红豆 said...
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Jovis said...

Your purple hair is AWESOME!!! I love it!!! <3

Anonymous said...

I think Shio is very cute! HAHAHA! And you're super pretty as always!! <3

Anonymous said...

Looking super super super pretty!!!
and your hair is gorgeous!!!!
you look extremely young with the purple hair!!! like 15 only!!!

Misery said...

You look so pretty with those purple/black hair! Love that.

Hanna Lei said...

The dark purple looks so nice! My Blog

elderflowertea said...

I think u look better with the ash brown hair.

elderflowertea said...

I think u look better with the ash brown hair.

angel said...

your face looks so different in the pictures in these posts! (not in the bad way) wtff idk it looks nicer waaa *O*

Anonymous said...

Love the darker hair it brings out your beauty, and I love the purple hight lights! RoRos World

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely amazing in this dark purple hair:)

Chooni said...

Bangs look AWESOME on you qiu!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu i wanted to perm my hair at cleo salon and was wondering if i mention your name how much discount will it be entitled?

Raelynn said...

Hi! Was wondering did you have to bleach your hair to dye the pretty purple shade? Always wanted to try a color like that but reluctant cause of the bleaching process.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering, how do you ask them to do a hair makeover like the one on budget barbie.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering, how do you ask them to do a hair makeover for you like the one on budget barbie.

Unknown said...

I love your hair colour, here (especially in the last few photos)!!