17 January 2013

My favourite homemade CNY Goodies ^.^

Just wanna share with you my ultimate most favourite Chinese New Year goodie since childhood!!!

They are homemade by my brother-in-law's sister. And our family buys from their family since forever. Since.. Wah.. Wtf.. Since i was 7 year old plus going 8 years old O.O

My brother-in-law super nice one ah. He coach me until i understand English and Maths lol. P1 i am maybe part retard when i go to school cox don't know English / Maths one. Only end of P1, starting of P2 then i got smarter. Hahaha. Thanks to my brother-in-law lah!

And every Chinese New Year he will bring us goodies homemade by his sister.

But we have one whole village hungry for more goodies so gradually we just buy lah =D

Worth every penny.

Open top pineapple tart. This is soooo awesome good. Omg how to tell you leh. The pineapple jam is not too sweet so don't worry! I don't like the kind that's too sweet cox after that you can't taste shit lol.
The tart is soooo melty . One thing i know i HATE about pineapple tarts.. is the cheap buttery taste. But this one don't have one =D I LOVE IT!!! It's just melty, buttery enough and hen xiang!
But i choose close pineapple tart to open top anytime =DDD Hahaha. I just love it lah! Love biting into it. And these are so tiny you can comfortably munch into one ^.^
There, xiao xiao li de. Hahah ^.^ The taste is the same as the open top but this close one has a layer of egg on top of it ah, for the gloss. I love this one more ^.^
Looookie! Moist and soft and melty bliss!!!!
Sorry i really LOVE this so much i need to show you more pictures of it haha. It's so freaking yummy! Like you cannot stop one. Pop pop pop. These tiny little pineapple balls are evil! =P
POP! Wth i popped like 5 in a row. And then later everything after the shoot =XX Too good to miss.
The sister also bakes Kueh Bangkit if you guys are keen. It's good. But it's not one of my favourite CNY goodies. It used to be thou. I like tomelt it with my saliva til it disappear in my mouth. LOL.
If you'd like something savoury, YOU MUST TRY THIS Seaweed roll!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOO CRISPY AND FRAGRANT!!!! Like the seaweed ah, omg love. The taste goes very well with soft drink lol. I bet it goes even better with beer =X Thou i don't do beer but i am sure someone in your family would appreciate it. Or your guest over during CNY.
Ugly but yummy.

Freaking cereal cookies.
Cereal crusted on butter cookies. SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOOOOOOD...... =OOO
❤ ❤ ❤
No time to waste..
You just pop it in your mouth =Oo.

Alright! That's all for my childhood favourite!!! Cereal cookies + close pineapple tarts + seaweed roll are my super-choices. If you wanna get these for your guest / family, each bottle cost $24.

If you guys are keen to get these homemade CNY goodies you may text 8139 7676

Also remember the healthy drinks i blogged about?

You can get them from the same number and email, each bottle is $1.25 - $1.50 only!

Yummy CNY goodies + healthy drinks to reduce heatiness..

We are well covered. Hahah ^.^


Anonymous said...

y u no just say sister-in-law instead of say brother-in-law's sister, LOL.

Anonymous said...

y u no just say sister-in-law instead of say brother-in-law's sister, LOL.

Ishah said...

Pineapple tart is my favourite for Hari Raya too :) I love the not so sweet pineappley taste and crumbly buttery tart pastry <3

Carlyn said...

mmmmm they certainly look delicious! I have never had Chinese New Year treats before but I will especially try to find those treats if I ever have the opportunity to go to CNY event.

Hanna Lei said...

They look so good! My Blog

Anonymous said...

hihi how many pieces are there in each bottle for cereal cookie and the xiaoxiaoli pineappletart??

SALLY said...

Hi, may I know how big is the bottle and how many pieces are there in one? I'm very interested to buy! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! CNY is here!!!!!! Happy Happy Happyyyyy!!!!! looks sooo yummmyyyyyyy!!!!!

Janice said...

May i know how many pcs of tarts are there in each bottle and is there free delivery above a certain amount / how do we go about with collection?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, is it! I didn't know that means she is my sister in law O.O

Ishah i know righttt. The super sweet kind gets very jelat like after 3 tarts max.

Carlyn, you have to!!! =D

Guys i have no idea how many pieces exactly but the bottle size is about.. 5 inches X 5 inches? round bottles. The typical kind you see in market =D

sally said...

Cereal cookies are my ultimate favourite too! Ahhhh. You made me wanna get some for myself nowww. :D

Anonymous said...

anon is dumb. her brother-in-law's sister is NOT her sister-in-law. act smart but trolled.

Adel said...

I love ur eyeshadow colours...can u share with us wat is the brand of eyeshadows?

Anonymous said...

the open pineapple tarts look yummy! prefer open ones!

Sara Wang said...

I love me some pineapple tarts from S'pore!!!!!!!!!

Would your brother-in-law's sister be interested in selling them overseas to the U.S.? The Taiwanese bakeries here in LA don't make them open top ones like in S'pore

I will gladly pay for shipping and will purchase at least 4 containers. Please, please pretty please help me ask (: thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi, i want to get the cereal cookies n the seaweed rolls . can i know how can i get it ?
thank you:)