01 February 2013

How about no head

One of my biggest woes about my face is the blackheads / whiteheads. I freaking hate them.

I hate them since i was a teenager. Lol. And i can easily count more than 20 times, i live with a inflamed nose with open wound / pimple after that, becox of me not being able to stop myself from squeezing blackheads and whiteheads off my nose. Lolol.

I tried a lot of products. Mostly pore packs, both strips form and the mask form. Mask like when it dries up, you peel it off. I also tried all sort of water form exfoliating gel.

I even tried a mixture / combination of the above methods, and before that i'd do things like..

Putting my nose to steam on a bowl of hot water O.O The logic was to open up the pores for easy extraction. Not much use one, although really more effective than without.

Then i realise that really hurts lololol. I steam my eyes also defug it was painful hahahaha.

Then i change to using a hairdryer, cox directional mah, the heat. I on it to level 3 (hottest) and started blowdrying hot air on my nose. Super uncomfortable also cox mouth turn very dry and then the eyes also kena hot air for nothing. Lololol. My eyes confirm go like "WTF WHAT DID WE DO!!!"

Then lastly i use a towel wet with hot water. My idea is to wipe it on my nose and then the pores will all open up right, but the towel with hot water is so hot i also don't know how to hold it to wipe nose without burning my own hands =________= lololol.

So you probably already guessed, i fail at a lot of things lololol. Even though most of them sound like they make sense and is very scientific. I mean look, open up those pores with heat (heat expand things de mah right or not) and then use products on it, then it'd be easily extracted.

So anyway. One day i was just like.

Instead of trying to open the pores. WHY NOT I TRY TO SOFTEN THE SKIN HOLDING THE WHITEHEADS / BLACKHEADS!!! And i'm like "Omg Qiuting you're so smart!!!"

And then i'm like "Alright let's let's try it!"

"Okay!" =D So myself and i did it.

My nose.
This is i intentionally collect for like 3 days one. And this is the second time i am doing this nose blackheads whiteheads pullout thing. The first time i tried it was about a month ago?
the other side of my nose, not so close up. Lol. Still, you can see the black / whiteheads. And when you feel it, it's very prickly and bumpy one, cox of the whiteheads and blackheads.

Okay so first step!
Use a serum. Preferably something that can soften skin and a bit oily one also nevermind. I use the Rachel K booster serum cox that's the only serum i have in my drawer anyway haha. It's from the last sponsored post they did with me one, it's very good so i kept it. Came in handy!!! =DDD
Massage it with nice pressure on your nose / affected area for 1 minute.
After 1 minute, gentle tap off the excess serum on your nose. TAP GENTLY ah. Don't wipe it. You don't want the skin to dry up at that area you wanna pull blackheads / whiteheads out from.
Then use a mask pore pack that you like. I am using the Love More Acne All-Out Purifying Mask. I bought it from Secretive a while back, after reading about it from Wendy's post on it.

So if you read the post right, you'd see that the pore pack actually already provide a 3 step, soften, pull, close pores set. But i misplaced the other two. And for the longest time i only have the main pore pack in my drawer. Lolol. And then i also forgot about the soften, pull, close tecnique.

So all the using heat to open pores method that i tried.. I actually suffered in vain. Lolol.

So anyway. Apply it to wherever applicable. For my it's my nose and the cheek area near nose!
Usually about 15 minutes you can pull it off liao. But becox the amount of serum i use is quite excessive plus i apply a really thick layer of the porepack, it takes a much longer time to dry! So i left it on for 30 - 45 minutes. You just have to make sure everything is dry and there's a tightening effect when it dries up so you have to feel it! If not i am not sure if it's still gonna be effective ah!
DENG DENG DENG DENG!!!!! Peel it off and these are what you get! Let me bring you around the porepack peeled off from this time!!! I still remember the first time i did this, i got soooo much blackheads out it was phenomenal lolol. This time okay okay only. But still impressively gross!
Thick fat juicy oily whiteheads.
Some really loooong ones my god.
And more..
Award-winning shot. Lolol. Almost like a macro plant shot. But more satisfying to look at.
Okay after that, if you gonna shower liao then you wash face then use toner / moisturiser all lah. If not you just use toner quickly cox supposedly toner got disinfection qualities. I am using Laneige toner to tone the pores. There will still be SOME stubborn ones that refuse to leave one, you just have to do this more often to get rid of them. Like maybe from twice a week, become once a week. With good maintenance i think 2 - 3 weeks your nose will be smooth one lor!
A unnecessary camho shot. Lolol. I went on to squeeze the stubborn one on the right side of my nose and then i forgot it was still soft from all the serum =(((( I use nail to scratch it out and then it po pi.
And then you can some whiteheads right under my nose right. Those is also sort of like pushed out by the serum and i didn't scratch those off cox near my alarplasty line if i scratch will be painful one.
But anyway, this is my nose after.  You can still see some black / whiteheads but i will do it more often so how about NO FREAKING HEADS AT ALL THE NEXT TIME?!

So remember not to scratch it with your finger nails after you do this hor. If not end up like me got one big po pi (ehhh.. torn skin? But it's no blood kind).

Good luck you can try this method using your own product range. So long as it's a serum, a good peel off pore pack and lastly, toner ^.^ Good luck ah! Oh after that i also use a moisturiser to complete the whole skincare routine.

Extract all the heads!!!!


I am 25 and i am going through a mid-life crisis with the way i look and i need a lot of beauty tips!!!!!!!!! Lolol.

Don't bluff me one ah. Say real one. Ke lian ke lian wo lah, my dark eyerings any darker, i'd really can go work with Kai Kai and Jia Jia already.

Also not bad. They whole day act cute eat bamboo shoots only.

Don't ask me to sleep early lah, becox i really cannot.

Becox they say smart people sleep really late.

Yeah well.. I agree.

我很聪明的 =DDDDDD


Unknown said...

This post is so helpful ! Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu! Did you use your canon powershot s90 to take these pictures??

mariang said...

I really love your writing style lolol. And I've got the same problem relating to those blackheads. I guess, I'll try your method and be impressed :D

Bahiyah Khalid said...

LOLOLOL.. gross.. but a girl/woman gotta do what she gotta do.. huhuu... u so brave, put it up on blog..

Alyssa Low said...

Please reply Qiu Qiu~~ Where to get the LOVE MORE KIWI ACNES ALL OUT SET? Which WATSONS outlet in Singapore??

Anonymous said...

apart from your nose area, your skin looks really good. like no pores!

Hanna Lei said...

I can't believe that worked so well. I'm going to try it :) My blog

Abigail said...

hi Qiu! it's not gross but gorgeous ahhahaha, next time if i have try it, i will also look at it for super long! omg omg! because i look at yours for quite long too, the fat juicy stuff! =D nice post! me like!

Abigail said...

Hi Qiu! it's not gross but gorgeous!!! hahahah, if next time i have try it, i will also look at it for super long! omg omg! that fat juicy stuff! nice post me love!

supporter from neighbour country!

Unknown said...

This works so well, and we can see that thanks to the award winning macro shots for sure xD I'll try this method!

iameunicegm said...

wow! just have to try this!

Rum Tum Cat said...

WHERE TO GET THAT MASK YA??????????????????????????????????????????

i follow your instagram but this is my first time read your blog hehee..because i wanna see the eyebrow 3d tattoo sort of thing~~~~~~ lollol

Anonymous said...

good to know i'm not the only one who enjoys staring at the whiteheads on the mask ^.^

I used to use the pore masks but i found that it made my blackheads on my nose to become more??

Huien said...

Haha the photos not erxin at all lo! When you do it and see all that come out, it's like maximum sense of satisfaction!

Happy walker said...

well, it looks quite geli when you enlarge your nose pic~

Anonymous said...

u can try shiseido eye moisture. works for me, its reduces my eye bags and dark circles.

Alice said...

Wow thanks for sharing, really gonna try this when i have the time.

Erm, dark eye circles ah, there's a reason why 'beauty sleep' is called 'beauty sleep' lol. Hope you don't join Jia Jia and Kai Kai so soon. Hehe joking. Oh! I think massaging the eye area while putting eye gel should help. ^.^

Anonymous said...

Green tea bags helps with dark eye circle. Just get a Luke warm tea bag over your eyes. I find that it works better if you do it constantly and plus, it leaves your eyes feeling very refreshing.

Kelly said...

Cool method for blackhead extraction! I dunno if you read your comment section for a post that's so old but a really good way to get rid of dark circles is to use hemorrhoid cream. I went to school in Rhode Island with the now Miss Universe and it's apparently what beauty queens use to constrict the vessels under the eyes to get rid of dark circles!