15 February 2013

Nami San's mini birthday celebration

So remember i did a shoot for the JRunway app right, if you haven't download you can do it now! =D

Hi that's me. Lol.
Me and Genevieve who recently started a online store for pets, you can find stuff for all your pets lah, like cats, dogs, rabbit etc ^.^ Visit Pawfection if you wanna get food / clothes / toys for your pets!
There is Nami San. Helping out with my hair. Her birthday was gonna happen in 2 days i think. So Josh and i arranged for a mini celebration for her ^.^ But she wasn't informed of course! Haha.
There she is.. Working very hard. Poor girl have to work on all festive season O.O I think she a mini celebration would really perk her up! =D
Nothing like GOOD YUMMY FOOD to perk people's mood up!!! Me and Josh ordered food from Perkies =DDDDD Thank you Jess from Perkies for helping me with this in such short notice! =D This seafood aglio olio is really good stuff omg.. The ingredient they throw in like no need money one. The scallops sooooo juicy and fat. The sundried tomatoes makes it all heavenly. CAN DIE.
Corn puppies!!! Only using sausages from Japan!!! =D
Fresh salmon tofu salad.
LOVE THEIR MOCHI BALLS!!! As usual!!! So chewy and soft inside, crunchy outside!!!
Me and Gen camhoring to distract Nami San lol. After that i pretend to snap pictures around also and talk nonsense to Nami San lol. Cox the Perkies people are still whipping up their signature drinks!
Mojito tea and lychee fizz ball!!! =DDD

And then we offed the lights lolol. Romantic hor.. And Moyu San and her husband walk in with the cake haha. And Nami San was like ?!?!?!?! We're like HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

And she was like ?!??!?! "But it's not my birthday!!!!"

And we're like =___=" But it's gonna be in two days and she was like "Oh yeah yeah yeah" Lolol.

Happy Birthday Nami San! =D Thank you for being helpful and nice ^.^
After making her wishes..
^.^V Left to right, Zacson, male model of the day haha, Gen, Nami San, Moyu San, Tim (Moyu's husband) and Kumiko San! =D
Omg i look like a giant here. Hahaha. Happy Birthday Nami San!
Alright that's all for now! =D I'm gonna head out to squeeze Baby Yurou now! She just got back from China! WO YAO BAO BAO TA!!!! =DDD


Anonymous said...

OMG the food looks delicious!! :P

Anonymous said...

you're still shit for posting that previous post.

good job no brains no boobs.

Cynthia said...

Woah, your so tall. Supermodel! Heheh, you're a very good friend ah. ^^

Laila said...

Thanks for posting again:)


Jayneeee said...

You look realllyyy pretty Qiuqiu :) Love to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

How much did it cost to cater from Perkies?