11 March 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Nuffnang =)

Went for Nuffnang's 6th Birthday bash couple of days back and had a fun time catching up with Wendy, Yutaki and Sophie and the rest of the bloggers who were there ^.^

The theme is retro lolol. I bought all my stuff from Bangkok. Top 100 baht. Skirt 100 baht. Shoes 100 baht. Bag 100 baht. GOOD JOB, ME.

They Nuffies had live band, photobooth, yummy food and some games and contest for everyone =DD It was a cozy evening gathering and quite nice to see all the familiar faces from last year!

Talking about last year..

This is me and Wendy this year.. She is very pregnant now and i am very excited to see DashDash!!
And then i remember this was from last year Nuffnang's Birthday bash!!! =OOO You already know what is next year gonna look like!!! Little Dash would be in the picture already ah =))))
Some of the food Nuffnang had for us ^.^ Crepe cake is damn awesome. I quite love the pasta also!
And then got a "Guess Who" game. YOU ALL GUESS WHO IS ALVIN TRYING TO MIMIC!!! Hahahaha. I already knew lor!!! From the first hint! A pair of thick frame glass with thumb to lips. Second hint is flower to face and third hint is crown on head looking far. Lolol. Alvin is epic.
Wendy and i ^.^
Wendy, Peggy and me.
Yutaki and i =D

And then later got some nonsense for fun "Award ceremony" Lolol.

And i won something!!!!!!! YOHOOOO~!!!!

Lololol. Most appropriate award for me to win.

When the emcee say "The next award is the most Thick-Skinned Blogger award.." We all turn to look at Yutaki lolololol. I know he don't sound thick-skinned online lah but actually he quite thick-skin when with us one lol. And i know i appear very thick-skinned online but actually i very shy one lol.

Or maybe not. I don't know. Depends. Lol. I am most thick-skinned when i'm with myself.

"Wow you look awesome with this lip colour!"

"Wah wah wah, chio chio chio"

"Omg you look so pretty!"

I often say these to myself during / after makeup O.O

Huge birthday cake for Nuffnang ^.^
Me, Velda and Wendy =D
Yutaki, Sophie and Wendy all won a watch each!!! =DDD Cox they either guessed correctly in Guess Who or was the answer to Guess Who. Lolol. Sophie's was the answer to "Eh i am a Eurasian okay i only take 5 minutes to makeup" Lolol. Her classic line made up by Wendy during NAPBAS time.
Yutaki, Sophie and me. Wendy by this time give up liao lol. So we carry on.
Us again. Sophie looking sensual haha.
Lai lai lai, here's a smile from Sophie. Help yourself, you don't find it everyday!!!
Sophie looking stupid lolol. Use the flash light of one camera to lit up herself for another camera.
And then guess what the Nuffies did..
Harlem freaking shake lolol. They really super epic max omg lolol. Especially Alvin and Chris. And the girls were all going bonkers also lolol. Really is 60's ahgogo trance spasm. Lol.
Our outfit shot~! We're like "Wear so nice never take full-length shots!
So one more~!
And then Yutaki help me snap this. I am this close to looking like a beer girl. Lolol.

Went home to snap some more pictures of the outfit becox i doubt i'd ever wear it like that again. I mean i love the top and the skirt and the bags separately (I don't love the shoes i bought them just to match with the necklace and bag and also cox it's 100baht nee lolol) but i won't wear them all together like this on a usual day lah. So here~

Yohoo~ Re bu retro!
Quite love the skirt although the tinsel dropped everywhere.

Alright enough whoring the outfit haha.
Whore my makeup! Using eye shadow palette from YSL. In this picture my lipstick quite gone already cox it's end of one whole long day. But the colour is really love! Using YSL Lip Volupte =D You can check out their stores to try out other colours! =D They have outlets in ION Orchard =)
How do i look ah.
Actually.. I think not bad. Lol. I google "Doll makeup" and then got lotsa Barbie doll makeup come up and then i just find one to copy as close as i can to it. Haha. But i changed the shadow colour to pink purple instead of pink green.
I also rolled and pinned my hair lah. I think the end result not bad but very messy max. Lol. Didn't wanna hairspray it cox i don't intend to wash hair that night =X
Alright.. Thanks for looking through my face again and again lolol. Bye~


How can i not whore this nonsense award that i won!!! Lololol. Not everyday a thick-skinned person is regconised for being thick-skinned! I mean you think about it..

You think being over-confident is very easy is it?!
Nah-huh~ 学着点呗~ 你们~ Lolol.

Alright! Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang~!!! I hope you have more and more good solid bloggers who have good blogging ethics, who can shine and be recognised for their effort and passion in blogging to join you!


Also, if you haven't, please follow my blog on NuffnangX

You can download the NuffnangX app on android / iphone! =D I shared about it the last time! Read it and follow me lah thank you ^.^ I reply to the comments there more often also, cox of the conversation function. So we can talk more there ^.^

Anyway it helps you read blogs on the move much much easily!! So download it~


Farah said...

Hahahahaha you guys are hilarious!!!! Can't believe the skirt is 100 baht, it looks so pretty!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

thank you for the pic of your face behind the award! awesome pic!! that made me laugh out loud after a lousy day.. =P

My wardrobe mess said...
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Charlene said...

QiuQiu, can u make a haul video about things u bought? hehe!!

Charlene Yeoh said...

QiuQiu, can u make a haul video about things u bought in korea ? hehe!!

Anonymous said...

at first i tot you were the one that won it! hahaha
loving all all all the picsssss esp yoursssss
love love love the make up and your look and your hair and what you wore! super super love the pink!!!!
CONGRATS on the award!!!!!!
its truly hard to be thick skinned!!!!!!!!

ChristineLeeYS said...

walao eh damn scary ur thick skinned award picture! omg -__- but still love u hahaha

Steamy Nails said...

You guys looked like you had so much fun! And hahaha, Sophie "I only take 5 mins to do my makeup" omg I love Wendy :P

Anonymous said...

You have great spirit n energy!

Hope your inner beauty will grow with your outer beauty post surgery <3 I've always thought beauty goes from inside out but with you, it might just be the other way, too. ;)

Susan Lolo Bua said...

you all happy together and you is the most la i see.

Qiuiu congrat for won, hehe...
you should get award as the most happiest blogger.

Manon said...

love your "surprise one more of me" shot XD lol



Anonymous said...

erm.. ur face is sunken n tired looking becos got no fats? how to have fats on the face when u r extremely skinny way underweight? theres not even fats on ur body. pls put on some wt. u gain boobs and a more fleshy fac enaturally.

Anonymous said...

Instead of thick skinned, the award should hv been for honest and confident

Anonymous said...

Can you share who is your surgeon for alar?