02 March 2013

QWeekly - Looking good


Just wanna leave you guys a short note. To let you know that i'd be flying off to Korea on Sunday.

For 10 days.

To do a nose job and a fat-grating procedure on my face. Thanks to DocDoc.com for their help to liaise with Korea side and for sponsoring my trip up to Korea and for the surgeries.

I'd talk more about the procedures soon but for now.. I guess i just really need to talk.

I've been really busy last couple of months, mainly trying to clear as much work as i can before leaving for the trip and i try to tell myself it's good!

I hardly have time to sleep as much i would love to haha. But i guess like what they say, sleep is for the weak lol. Also, some people say, we will sleep forever when we're dead. So we should just do more with our life now and sleep lesser.

Who say that one one?

I think the most amazing things happen in our dreams.

The ones we dream when sleeping or the ones we dream when awake.

So if we're not living the dream when we're awake.. Then i think sleep is the next best place to live the next best thing to reality.

But i think i am living the dream lah. Like i mean.. A job i love, fly around to places i've always wanted to see, fix my face and with all these, still have nice friends and family and husband by my side.

I mean not everyone can have it all. I don't have a lot of things but i also have a lot of things. Really just rambling here haha but i hope you're still following haha.

So yeah, i think i am living my dream. So that means i don't have to sleep that much but then again.. My dark eye rings don't seem to agree. And sometimes i think without dark eye rings i will look 2 times chioer. But then i know even if i get rid of my dark eye ring, i will find something else to fix.

I guess this is all part of looking good. It doesn't matter if it's about my face, your face, my life, your life. We just all wanna look good. You drive a nice car, stay in a nice house, buy a branded bag, i do branded nose. Lol. It's all about feeling good, looking good.

The surgeon in Korea whom i found on DocDoc.com is quite top-notch one =D You can find doctors / healthcare specialist, in short, all sort of medical experts from various clinics in Singapore / Korea / Hong Kong / Japan / Australia. And then compare them / book an appointment with them all in matter of clicks away on DocDoc! =D

Will share more about them but for now, would like to thank DocDoc, Jon especially, for being so helpful and efficient when liaising for my trip! =)

Also very thankful for the Nuffies for helping me with all my scheduled postings and for my schedule =) Thank you Sarah for going out of your way to help me so i can just go enjoy my trip! =))

Actually i am quite anxious. I get anxious each time i go to a new place / country. Haven't been to Korea before! And i haven't experience extremely cold weather before! Heard Korea is -4*c now!

I don't even know exactly how cold that is but i bought a nice dark green trench coat on sale the other day. And one black winter jacket + one pink winter vest too. And some heat tech inner wear. That's about it. Haven't pack anything into the luggage. So they are all still lying lose on my beauty room floor.

I have been warned to heavily, intensively moisturize my skin. Okay now i am a bit scared lol.

Do you all have any tips for me or not? On how to survive super duper cold weather O.O I am not so worried about the surgery cox got professionals looking after me.

Sigh. I don't really know how and what i'm feeling right now!!! I am anxious about going to a new place, scared that i have to experience extremely cold weather for the first time, excited to do my nose and face look chioer after that lol, thankful for the people in Singapore giving me their blessing, sad that i will miss my family a lot. Especially Baby Yurou and my dad. My dad and sisters are still telling me "You are already very pretty" ='l

But hey~ Don't worry, i will come back looking good!!!

Life is already looking pretty good, i gotta keep up =)

I will bring my laptop and camera there so will stay in touch =D


Winter said...

WHAAA!!! So cool you're coming to Korea!! I just arrived a few days ago. It's not cold for me, but I am Canadian haha

I wouldn't bring a big winter coat though. It's not too cold. Just remember to layer and always have a scarf to not get sick. And a pair of gloves (not too thick)

Will you have any time for a meet & greet with your readers before the surgery? If not, all the best to you!! ^.^

MINGYANG \(^.^)/ said...

Anyone going with you? Hope to see the results ^^

Beauty Addict said...

As Winter said; you'll need a scarf, gloves and layering. I do think you should bring your winter coat, when your not used to -degrees, it'll be freezing! (advice from Scandinavia)

Looking forward to see your 'new' nose, though I think your already so pretty :)
Good luck!

melody said...

living your dreams! love that a lot!

Lanie said...
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Lanie said...

Hii QQ, I live in Finland so here are some tips to keep warm. Hope it will help.
- Always keep your feet warm, wear 2 socks will help
- Layering clothes is better than wear less layers but thicker clothes, more fashionable too :D
- Wear hat and scarf to keep ears and throat warm

I wish you got the best result with the surgery <3

Anonymous said...

hi! It's always good to dress in layers if it's your first time there! You can bring different layers! I would recommend a heattech top + a relatively good normal fleecejacket and a windproof coat it would help! Wear proper gloves too! Even though you are wearing gloves you should keep your hands in your pocket also! Then maybe dont use your phone to take pictures cos it's touch screen right! I mean you can get those gloves that allow you to use your phone but they are quite thin! I think for bottoms you can wear leggings with jeans or thermal leggings with something else. Then if it's too warm for you then you can remove the outer layer. Then when you go indoors remember to remove your coat if you're okay with the inner layers. Cos if you dont remove then after a while your body will adjust to the temperature so your outer coat might not be that useful when you step outdoors again.
bring heatpacks with you! earmuffs and beanie! it's always good to have them with you even if you might not have to use them! it's for like the just in case scenario!
sorry for being so long winded but i really hope this helps you :)

Raine Lee said...

Jelly!!! I also wna do at Korea :( But low on budget, sigh. You're so lucky!

Anonymous said...

congrats on free surgery..all the best to you and hope its turn out perfect just the way you like it. When you said in your previous post you were going to Korea, i sort of guessed you were getting free PS. But i was thinking boob job not nose job. Since you are there already, why not get a boob job at the same time? hehe

Anonymous said...

Have fun in korea!

Korea is really dry and when it's cold, your skin just dries up so quickly it ends up itching a lot.

Comparing to Japan, the exact same temperature can feel 2x colder in Korea, probably because of the dryness.

So remember to bring some lotion over!

taehreh said...

Aww hearing someone say -4 is extremely cold makes me smile. actually it makes me jealous cause it was -13C for me the other day and that's not even considered cold here. My tips: always wear a toque (hat), and warm shoes with good socks.

isabel said...

Bring a big jar of vaseline. It's really good to moisterise your lips and all, because your lips will be all crackely if your not used to the cold? ^^ And if you can find hot-pockets that would be really nice too. I see people saying that -4 isn't so cold. It isn't for us ( people who are used to it) but if you aren't used to it you'll be very cold the first few days. But don't worry you'll get used to it soon!

Huyen Mong~ said...

Woo! I hope your surgery turns out great! Not that you even need it since your so pretty! =P I was going to give you some tips because I'm from Canada and it's freezing cold here but it seems like the other bloggers already know what their talking about ^^ Have fun and stay well rested!! :)

Huyen Mong~ said...

Woo! I hope your surgery turns out great! Not that you even need it since your so pretty! =P I was going to give you some tips because I'm from Canada and it's freezing cold here but it seems like the other bloggers already know what their talking about ^^ Have fun and stay well rested!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to hear about your planned surgeries. To me, you are a very beautiful young lady and in my eyes, you don't need any surgical help.

Eng 1B Student: Tanner said...

Qiuqiu I want to wish you the best of luck. Its super exciting to get surgery! You'll look amazing. .. again good luck qiuqiu and hope all goes well while you are in Korea! I'm very excited for you.

Susan Lolo Bua said...

all the best Qiuqiu..

why you never reply your blog reader tweet?
hope if you at Korea you will reply my tweet even once :)

Anonymous said...

Don't change Qiu.. I love you.

Anonymous said...

I think the dryness would be more of an issue than the cold. Bring facial mist/toner in a small bottle that you can just whip out and spray on your face when it feels tight... And a chapstick/balm for your lips.

Stay warm and all the best for your cosmetic endeavors!

jacqkay said...

hey there from Germany! <3
Layering is definitely the best way to go! you can even get something like ski underwear and wear it under a blouse and a pullover (preppy style ;) )
what else... layer socks, get warm, waterproof shoes...
Skin care! Make sure your moisturizer doesn't freeze (most water based ones do). I like to use Kiehl's ultra facial cream during the winter months.

Good luck and have a nice trip!

Anonymous said...

You've been travelling alot lately, eh? :D Lucky you!!

I love to travel and I always feel like the luckiest and most-loved girl when travelling!

Wishing you the best in Korea as well!

From your biggest fan :)

Anonymous said...

Why not eyelid surgery since you always use the cheapo plastic things anyways? I think you don't need the nose job or fat grafting! Honestly, Qiu, as a random reader, I can't tell you to do anything but I think you look great the way you are. Nose doesn't look bad and neither does face. I think maybe concentrate on hair and eyes since you always put makeup on your eyes and your hair is kinda damaged.

Daphne said...

Qiuqiu! You are already so pretty!! Why go for surgery! Dangerous! But I still wish you all the best :) Faster recover and show us ur pretty face okay? :)

Anonymous said...

You just need to be content. Think of those poor child around the world, and you are asking for a new nose!

Anonymous said...

i think i just saw you and your husband today at Hongdae while crossing the road. I was about to call you but i dare not. Because I am afraid I might call the wrong person. Spotted you walking around with the white bandage. I think the world is so small! Well, hope it turns out well for you ~ Today 10 March weather is super cold especially with the strong wind. However yesterday 9th was rather warm. Weather changes drastically during this changing period. All the best ~