13 June 2013

Simple ponytail with volume =D

Sup sup sup! I did a video on how to tie a pony tail that allows you to have volume where you want it to! Especially for those who share the same problem as me, FLAT CROWN. Like the weight of my ponytail always pull my crown down and i know you can use the twisting method to create a pouf on the crown but that one a bit princessy.

So this is for those who just want the simplest ponytail, but with volume at the crown and at the sides also if you like =D And you can just pull each sides, without affecting the other sides haha. I learnt this method from Shio one. I always wonder why he tie my ponytail and i tie my ponytail is different result one. Lol. So the last time he tied a ponytail for me, i pay more attention and so i'm sharing it with you =DDD You're welcome ah. It's really really simple actually! Just watch the video! =D

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Tysh said...

You are so pretty, i'm so jealous >_<

Anonymous said...

qiu qiu, i cannot view the video

Anjo said...

Thanks for the tip.

-- Lu -- said...

haha so cute la you, esp the last part.