16 June 2013

QWeekly - On my way to appearing everywhere lol.

With the nicest team i've met!!! From HER WORLD magazine! With Lolent the hair and makeup artist, Alice the stylist and Ankita the writer! =D They are all really friendly and easy to work with!

So i'm gonna be on HER WORLD July!!! I think it's gonna be an issue about bargains and discounts or something. So there's a part on Budget Barbie and where i like to shop and some shopping tips!

I am quite excited to see it ^.^

Lolent touching up my hair for the shoot!
Almost done! I loveeee the colour (green and deep purple) on my hair!!! Shio did them for me ^.^ So if you wanna add some fun summer colour to your hair too, you can call them up for appointment!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

And then after that i went to camho a lot. Hahaha.
It's very subtle but i love the effect of the fat grafting on my chin more and more =O Didn't think it'd be much of a difference at first but actually it does show up in pictures quite nicely!
Okay okay, last of my camho shot. The purple is on my hair is beautiful and it's very lasting O.O

And before i forget! This is me on Cleo magazine, June issue. For GUESS ^.^

So i am on my way to conquer every magazine hahaha. If i don't get to go on a cover, IT IS OKAY!!! I get inside!!! Haha. Last time when i was modelling part time i appear in Teens, HER WORLD Bride, SHAPE and Women's Weekly before. Now i tick off Cleo and HER WORLD. Hahaha. Also when i was joining some TV show before, i appear in i-Weekly and 8 Days interview with the contestants. Lolol. Okay now what's left to conquer. I want to appear in every magazine before i die.

Lololol. That's a joke. It's not really my dream. My dream is to be very very rich by doing the things i love to do. And have soooo much money, i can buy a few big houses. Get the people i love anything they want. This is my dream. You know why?

Becox if i am that rich, i can then appear on Singapore Tatler and Prestige lolol. Kidding~

Anyway~~ I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! I am going to JB tomorrow ^.^ With Mich and Monkey and Josh. We four gonna eat and walk and shop JB like never before. OMG I AM SOOOO SAD!!! I haven't get to go to the Hello Kitty town in JB =((( I want to go leh.

Anyway~ Haha.

On the cover of QWeekly this week is Jemma and Andrea from That F Word!

Check out QWeekly now! The DIY nailart tutorial is very nice and appropriate for summer!!! It's a palm tree design! Try it out okay =D The contributors put in quite some effort to do it up one!

There are two sets of pictures Josh took of Andrea and Jemma and i really love the second one that is not used for the cover! But the one that's picked for cover is more cover-y lah haha.

So go see for yourself! =D


Anonymous said...

how come the Cleo magazine picture make your face look kinda square and big?

Anjo said...


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog especially on my down days. Your blog brightens me up =)


Anonymous said...

love the curls! any idea what brand of curler your hairstylist used?

Anonymous said...

Woah~you are so beautiful with curls!! Of course you are beautiful before thou~~Love this blog^^

Anonymous said...

Woah~you are so beautiful with curls!! Of course you were beautiful before thou~Love this blog^^