21 June 2013

Bossini - Summer fun!

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Ever wonder how the colour "green" make people feel better, healthier, happier? =D

You must have seen or heard of Bossini and their iconic green logo that also says..

"Be Happy" =))) I think it's a very meaningful idea to embrace for a huge company like them! Sometimes, without knowing, it could be a cheer-up note for people who are feeling a little down, right? Like if i'm feeling vexed or bothered by something, and i see a "Be Happy" logo when i walk pass Bossini, i'd feel better lah! Cox being happy, is really the best thing we can do for ourselves and for the people we love. And you know i am big on the "Being happy" thing so i think Bossini engage me for advertorial is correct one lah hahaha =DDD

"Bossini is a widely recognized mass casual wear brand, differentiating itself from its competitors through the constant reiteration of its brand message, “Be Happy!”.

With this, Bossini aims to spread happiness to customers in the form of affordable yet quality fashionable clothing that assures comfort"

Look, they even have Happy Family tees haha. How cute is that!!! But today i'm not sharing about this family tee thou i think it's really cute and will be a great bonding thing for the family haha ^.^
I'm here to share about their SUPER PRETTY COLOURFUL CHEERFUL HAPPY SUMMER COLLECTION!!! =DDD All of them look so happy and bright, i also want!!! =D

I super love how Bossini is all fun and fresh!!! And this energy is injected in their apparels! They are mostly of bright and vibrant colour! Matches their image really well haha, BE HAPPY!!! =D

And if you look at the Bossini Summer 2013 collection, you'd see an amplified of their vibrant style!

Me wearing the Bossini Summer 2013 collection ^.^ I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TOP SOOO MUCH!!!!! =DDD Have always been a big fan of loud prints and colours! =D
I also like the denim shorts i'm wearing, it's from Bossini as well ^.^ It's very comfy and soft! =D

As you can see.. I really love it a lot haha. Camho-ed a lot in it. Thank you Josh for helping me snap these pictures!!! =DDD He was like "Okay, done!" I'm like "Take some more!!! I very love this set!!"
The top is actually a t-shirt btw!!! I just tied a knot to make it look even cuter ^.^ You can just wear it as a t-shirt also lah! Great to wear to the beach / for friends gathering at chalet or BBQ etc! Summer is all about having fun outdoor right!!! =DDD
This is another top and bottom i matched from Bossini that is great for this summer =D
The embroidery on the top adds a little sweetness to this summer getup!

Actually you can match it with any other colour of the bottom lah! It's quite versatile one. There are several colours of the top and bottom to choose from. So have fun playing around with it!

So this is summer in subtle details! If you like something louder with prints..
You can also find it at Bossini! =D This Aztec tee is trendy and cooling, super suitable for the hot weather nowadays! =D How's my wig looking haha.
This bottom comes is a part of their Happy Summer Shorts collections and it comes in a few colours, feel free to check them out HERE =D

Have a fun and quirky summer if you may like!!! =DDD If you prefer something more feminine~
This getup would be suitable! I LOVE THE CUTTING OF THE TOP AND FITTING OF THE DENIM SOOO MUCH!!!!! Really compliments the body shape!

Love this shot Josh took =D I was really saying something i think.
Feminine and ladylike yes, but still very bright and outstanding, the colours! =D
Alright that's all for my parade of Bossini Summer collection! Hahaha.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO FLAUNT YOUR SUMMER STYLE! Hop into any Bossini outlets (find an outlet closest to you ^.^) and get these affordable pieces from their Summer 2013 collection!

Here's a recap of how i mix and match the Bossini Summer 2013 collection!

I LOVE THEM ALL =DDD Comfy, bright, easy to match and fashionable ^.^ And extra plus points for quality!!! Especially all the denims! So stretchy and soft on the skin!

Not forgetting it's affordable too! Prices for Bossini’s Summer collection starts from $23. Thank you Bossini for sending me so many pieces of outfits that will fit my everyday dress up! =DDD

Find a Bossini store near you now to go check out the summer collection for yourself =D

Check out Bossini Website and remember to like Bossini SG on Facebook. They always have very fun contests and giveaways on Facebook!!! I also want to win lah! =DDD


GenevieveWijaya said...

So nice loh the pictures!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Wah those legs you have......are endless!

Oh and I specially really love the feminine set, but all nice la!

Anjo said...

you look super cute with the short wig.

#Jaclyn:) said...

Hehe I know you get those brown checkered socks from Daiso~! I got them from Daiso too~!! ^_^ $2 only and thick and comfy omg (Y) :D and the ribbon polka dot socks from korea hors? (Y)

Valarie said...

This is cool!