04 February 2014

CNY Day 2, 3 and 4 =DDD


Chinese New Year is really the period i spend most time with my family =') And i am sooo thankful for that. cox other time i just feel like even when everyone's there, everyone have to leave to keep up with daily schedule. Chinese New Year everyone wanna be there and to spend as much time as possible with each other =)))

And there's no work to care about. Okay for me there is quite a lot of work waiting =XXX But it's Chinese New Year so work can wait!!! Omg i am such a Cancerian. Lol. Family time is VERY important to me!!!

Anyway my CNY Day 2, 3 and 4 are mostly good but got a bit of spoiler here and there =(

Day 2 after dinner at Ming's place i went for the yearly movie affair with my family.

Brought them to try out Shaw Premiere and it's their first time =DDD

I was actually really looking forward to it but Shaw Premiere service was a tad disappointing this time round. Service was really slow and the staff repeatedly forget our order.

Other than all the food and drinks ordered, i asked for a round of water for the 8 of us. This order was made 30 minutes before the movie, at the lounge.

30 mins later, the movie started and before that actually the food and drinks order got slowly arrive at our table lah. 15 mins into the movie, i reminded them about the water.

It wasn't served until another 15 minutes later.

And then about 30 minutes before the movie ends, a bill was brought to us. It was for the additional hotdog bun ordered. Cox i already paid for all the food and drinks before the movie.

So anyway the hotdog bun bill was $14+. Josh gave the guy a $50 note.

When the movie ended we all went home right.


And i don't think it was our fault?!?! Like the guy had 30 minutes (or more) to return us the change leh!!! How come he never lah. Our attention was on the movie so i think it's his job to return us the change during the last 30 minutes! And 30 minutes is really more than enough time to prepare a change lor. I cannot think of any other reason why we didn't get our change other than the staff is lazy + slow + a little dishonest. $35+ change, gone just like that.

Sigh i can't believe i love them so much before i even blogged nice things about them. I mean it was good the last two times i was there but this time the service dipped so badly. If this is gonna be the service at Shaw Premiere from now on, i will never visit again. I hope they get back to me quick about the change lor!

My family had a really nice time at the theater nonetheless! The movie SUCKED BIG TIME =X but we heard all the CNY movies this year suck big time so.. No lost on that. My dad was really impressed he say he eat until so big, first time watch movie got blanket, got table and recline chair one =D Niao Niao super duper sick that night!!! Poor her. But i'm happy she still join ^.^
Josh was major sick that day also but already bought his tickets lah so he boh bian have to go. Li En also very hip that night to join our family for midnight movie =D San Jie also first time experiencing premiere movie lolol. I love it!!! Best of all is Ah Bong!!! He sibeh excited even about the ticket stubs as you can see from the picture! He say never see before silver card one hahaha.

Day 3 we went for KTV!!! =D At Chinatown $10 KTV club. It was all okay lah except that we have about 11 pax so the drinks order a bit confusing so the girl serving us got quite irritated and got a bit rude. But then later i tell everyone each time only can order 2 kinds of drinks. Don't confuse people.

With great leadership initiative from me (hahaha) + a small angbao for the lady, everything turn out good! =D My parents also join us!!! Haha. They got a little bored after that and went to jalanjalan.

But surprisingly the one and only person who didn't get bored of 5 hours KTV..

Is this naughty Yurou!!! ^.^ She was dancing / singing / clapping for others who are singing / playing iPhone the whole time. And my dad wanna bring her out to go walkwalk, she also don't want. She wanna be part of the "happening" in the ktv room hahaha. Very promising this girl. Hahaha. Also after her mum or dad sing, she will tell them they did a good job =__= Hahaha.
My dad treat the KTV like his own house. Sit on the floor all.
Lotsa CNY goodies ^.^
Yusheng ^.^ It's a bit sad the Yusheng got no red no brown almost no colour one hahah. And add stupid unrelated items i think the zichar stall run out of ingredients lol.
But got lotsa fish though! =DDD I every year also lao until highest =DDD

Before Yusheng we gamble right. Ah Bong lost all his angbao money and i keep psychoing him to continue playing and even offer to lend him money to play hahahaha.

He keep saying "No, i lost all my money, i learnt my lesson"

I'm like "No Bong, you should never give up. You got hear before what is call 白手起家? They are people who start a business empire with NOTHING. NOTHING! So you have no money now, it's okay. What you have to do is to take $2 from me, make it $6 and then make it $18, how? BY GAMBLING! Soon you will win a fortune. This is entrepunerial spirit!!! Come! Come gamble!"

Hahahahahaha. He didn't fall for it. Damn. Lol.

Day 4 of CNY
Deng deng deng~ Ticket to my new lease of life. Went for my first physiotherapy session at 8.30am.

Josh went with me =)) Actually i sibeh troubled the night before and had really wanted to sleep in cox i forgot about the appointment being really early and at 3.20am i was still awake =OOO

So then i finally sleep at about 4am. Wake up at 7am. 3 hours of sleep = regret later. Becox when i finally get home at 2.30pm after shopping with my sister, i wake up to realise that i slept through a migraine attack. And wake up with the aftermath of a migraine like someone hit me on the right side of my neck with a baseball bat real hard. And also right side of my skull. Thank you god, for letting me sleep through the symptoms. I was soooo thankful.

If you'd count it, only plus point is that my assigned physio doctor looks like young Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic what the heck lolol. He's a Caucasian so the Chinese auntie in me actually feel a little bit shy O.O Lolol.

I LOVE TAN TOCK SENG'S PHARMACY SHOP!!!!! Got lotsa snacks and gourmet shit!!! =DDD Look at my white cheddar + black truffle popcorn!!! And sea salt caramel popcorn!!! =DDD Also i super happy cox Josh suggested McDee for breakfast ^.^ Which is my favourite ^.^
 No makeup since CNY Day 3 cox give up dee. CNYE, CNY Day 1 and Day 2 i all got put make up lol. That's a bit too much for a lazyass like myself on days i don't actually have to work.
Later i went shopping in town with my san jie and she was superrr excited about this takoyaki at Ion basement. So she ordered to share. When it's here she say "You try, you try first!!! It's damn yummy!"

So i took off my aligners, suck the saliva off them as i would always do..

And then place it on the flap of the cover. As you can see in the picture but you might have missed it if i didn't tell you cox that's why it's call Invisalign hahaha.

Then my 3rd sis was like..

"You eat the whole thing lah.. You can finish it by yourself"

LOL. Some people are just so fussy!!!

Me and my 3rd sis =)) Okay lah! I have blogged quite a fair bit of personal updates the last few days! I really should get my ass back on finishing up the advertorialsssss i owe T.T Talk more soon okay!

OH WAIT. How can i forget.
Me and Josh went to Frienzie Bistro and Bar at Punggol riverside walk for dinner and IT IS THE WORST DINNER I EVER HAD!!!

Let me tell you about that meal:

Lobster and crab pasta:
More like crayfish and crap. Definitely no lobster. Or it must be a super wannabe crayfish that lied to the kitchen chef and the menu-maker "Yoohoo i'm a lobster, put it down in the menu!" But it must be a crayfish. I mean a cray fish that is so shrivelled and old it looks like it's been chewed by dog who also didn't like it. WORST, the whole freaking pasta is TASTELESS. TASTELESS. TASTELESS!!! The only thing you can smell, is the fishy (chao chor) smell from the shellfish and crabmeat.

It was supposedly to be simmered in like wine and garlic butter and cheese etc. But i'd tell you how i think it's prepared. They put possibly frozen escargot on the dish, throw cheese on top of it and then pop it in the oven. NO FUCKING TASTE. I could use a mouthful of salt with every escargot. It suck.

Fish and Chips:
This is probably the only edible thing. The fries was quite alright actually. Becox it goes with the ketchup and ketchup was the only taste i could understand in the whole dinner. Though i am not particularly impressed with the fish cox the batter is kinda soggy.

Mushroom soup:
I would throw this in the rubbish chute if i was at home. And just FYI, my rubbish is outside my house but yes i will go the extra mile just to dump this mushroom soup away. It's beyond crap. There's NO FUCKING FLAVOUR. I couldn't taste a single shit so i added some salt and pepper to it. Nothing. Then i added more salt and pepper to it. Yet all i could taste is what i would call Blended Soil mix with water. It's hands down the worst mushroom soup i ever tasted. Then again i didn't manage to taste anything cox there was again, NO FUCKING TASTE to the mushroom soup.

I just cannot understand how can a bistro that's been around so damn long, not be able to get a simple mushroom soup right. WELL IF YOU CAN'T GET IT RIGHT, BUY AND SERVE FUCKING CANNED MUSHROOM SOUP!!! They already taste 100382970 times better than the shit you are serving now!!!

It's either the chefs at Frienzie did a group gathering and cut all their tongues off or burnt all their tongues collectively, so bad they cannot taste their own cooking, or they don't taste their own cooking, or their standard of acceptable food is hospital food for a very sick patient who has allergy to all sorts of spice, herbs, salt and pepper etc.

Seriously Frienzie, you are going to close down. I hope soon. Thank you and you're welcome.

All they should do is just brainless frozen-to-deep-fried finger food with lotsa free ketchup and chili sauce. In fact if i am willing to pay for anything at Frienzie, it'd have to be the ketchup and chili sauce. You know, anything that is bought and already pre-seasoned. Not cooked or made by the chefs there.

If i am any one working at the kitchen there, i'd kill myself. Cox how can anyone suck so much at what they are supposed to be good at. I suck at cooking but i think i can whip up better shit than the shit served at Frienzie.

But hey, despite all these. They are still a plenty good place for beer and chillout. Especially if you love to chill with ants crawling on your table and plates and cups =)

And flying insects =D

You know all these would be acceptable if their kitchen was serving better food like they used to cox afterall they are consider a alfresco dining area.

Now they fuck it all up with the food and there goes the only fine bistro in Punggol. So ultimate cannot forgive them for not dealing with the ants and insect issue!!!


Unknown said...

oh no, so sorry to hear abt the poor food at frenzie. went there a few mths ago, and everything seemed okay. maybe they changed the chefs? :S

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Hanna Lei said...

All that food! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

"If i am any one working at the kitchen there, i'd kill myself."
Harsh much?

Cynthia said...

Gong Hay Fat Choi!!! Everyone looks so happy. Wishing you lots of happiness, joy and wealth in the year of the horse! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, i really hope you can reply me! You mentioned that you did alarplasty in Thailand before. Did it leave any scars? And also, will it be weird to do just alarplasty only? And lastly, were you happy with the outcome of the alarplasty surgery? Thanks so much!

sgrmse. said...

this reminds me of an episode of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. lol!! you sound just like gordon ramsay! :'D