20 February 2014

Last of my CNY

This is a little back-dated but i got all these pictures from Shuyin's house opening and then my san jie's impromptu steamboat!!! =DDD These two houses are by far in the top three of my favourite steamboat at home. Lolol. Previously there was one, it's at the Choy's family!!! I miss them three sisters so much =O Ang Bao already bao hao hao already but haven't got chance to visit =(


Baby Joen was there that day~! Each time i see him he grow more and more chubs hahaha! Here's one with Xiao Wen, Wendy, Baby Joen and Yutaki =DDD
Joen be like "Uncle why ni guai guai de?" hahaahaha!
Shuyin and her husband really is EFFORT MAX. These are just tip of the ice berg!!! Bing shan yi jiao, bi mao yi gen! After this they whip up salted egg prawns which has one of the nicest salted egg sauce i ever had~!!! If i do steamboat gathering, everyone is only getting kani, eggs and cabbage =) LOL.
Before dinner start, everyone LOU HEI~!!!!!! HUAT AH! =DDD This yusheng Shuyin got from Giant surprising quite yummy!!! Haha!
One picture of my favourite friends ^.^ Missing Sophie~

"阿姨 你是不是又要捉我来拍照? =__="
 "好 我勉强跟你笑一张"
"靠. 又来一个!"
 "你们够了啊 不要逼我!!!"
"我发起疯来 自己都会怕!!! 沙煲那么大的拳头 你们有没有看过?!"
 "开玩笑的啦! =D 对你爱爱爱 不""腕"" LOL.
Cao Yutaki took my camera when i was playing with the babies. AND HE CAMHOED LIKE A LOT. I give him A for thick-skinned so i yi si yi si put up one hahahahha.
And then we banluck~ Me and Wendy the banker who had crazy good luck that day *STARE!* I actually took like 4 - 5 pictures with her and Yutaki separately but most turned out blur =XXX I don't dare to post if not Wendy is going to throw away my camera.
And one with Yutaki who had a calculator to play banluck that day HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I hope he don't read this!!! If not he might kill me! I ask you lah, you got a 10, and then you got a 9, do you still take? HE WANT WOR. Either he dare devil or he cannot count hahahah.
"阿姨 哦跟你讲很多次了 你 camera angle 要调高一点 不蓝哦看起来很胖啦" Hahahahaha. Says Xiao Pang ^.^ I miss him so much he already can walk now dee!!! I have to go visit them soon~!!!!!!

After steamboat round one i rush over to my san jie's place for steamboat round two!!!
They prepared so much kani for meeee!!! And cheese tofu!!!!! =DDD And my san jie throw in wolfberries and dried scallops like no need money one!
Chip and Dale!!! =DDD Dale is the one of the left!

He got a super sad story one. My san jie adopted him from the previous owner who got Dale, and then i think the owner got pregnant or something and then decided to cage him up 24/7, with no food nor water FOR 6 MONTHS T.T WTF LAH SERIOUSLY i think they were just waiting for him to die.

But he could reach out to the washing machine dirty water at the side of his cage so he drank those waste water from the washing machine and survived the 6 - 9 months of abuse somehow.

Details nobody would really know but some kind-hearted people manage to rescue him from that horrible family and then foster him until my sister met him and took him in =DDD

They say he's very silly one, whole day only know how to chillax and copy Chip the prince of the house hahaha. He is bigger size than Chipchip but he is the 小跟班 of Chip.

A beautiful and perfectly healthy dog even after all that he's been through! His ears so cute hor!!! I think this tells us that 你不要的话 很多人等着要 请不要糟蹋. Rather these people give up their doggies for adoption than to torture the poor doggy like this, whole day leave the doggy to wonder what he did wrong, why is he feeling hungry and weak and thirsty and unloved. Please lah i put you in a cage don't give you food for 6 months can or not. Lan jiao lang.
FIRST TIME I SEE WANG ZI MIAN!!!!!! =DDDDDD I heard it in Stef Sun's song before but have never seen it hahaha! It's this isn't it?! Or there are many kinds of wang zi mian!

Okay lah i go back to blogwork dee T.T

Tomorrow i got fitting for a campaign print-ad but i just weighed myself to be 50kg T.T

Also my calves have become thicker than i remember T.T

I gotta stop lusting over food so much. Seriously food is the only thing that turns me on the whole day!!! Pass one week plus it's been all either pack pack pack pack pack flowers or type type type type type keyboard. Once i can peel myself off the routine i'd be like FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD.

If i die i confirm die a yao gui one.

Okay bye bye i really gotta go clear blog adverts T.T

Fake crying is my favourite emoticon now T.T


Anonymous said...

😱😱😱omg 王子面 where to buy?

Hanna Lei said...

Those dogs are so cute! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Dale is so cute!! He looks like Tintin's dog Snowy!!

Anonymous said...

i get so pissed off when i read about how the previous owner has caged the pup for months without food and drink ! does they even human ! my god i feel like crying and pity the little pup. and have an shout out over here, anyone that doesnt love their pets and not capable to take care of them please give it to other people that can take care of them and loved them. They deserved that because owner is their only one in their life !

missxxx said...

Great blog you have there. I'm going greendale secondary tomorrow, so I'm wondering if you know how to get from punggol mrt to greendale. Hope you can answer this asap.

San san said...

Hello qiuqiu!
Just wanna tell u, u r really the most natural(zi ran) blogger I came across. (= nowadays hardly read blog but u r v diff from the rest so I been following u!
Continue yr jovial,joyous and zi ran self!!!jiayou on yr goals!ooo and u really love lovely n pretty w nose enhancement n aft graft.don't really need those invasive treatment.u go gal!!!xoxo

wada said...

I am so angry to read abt Dale's previous experience. wtf la those ppl.. i hope they choke on dog treats!! luckily Dale is now well loved by new family. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that Dale is so much happier now with a family who loves him! So happy for him ^^