08 April 2014

#DashTurns1 =)))


Update on Dash Dash first birthday party!!! Wendy really went all the way hahaha. It was quite impressive i must say!!! All her sponsors were great and most guests came in superhero outfits!!!

Of course Xiao Pang came as Incredible Dash hahaha. More like Incredible Dash and his pot belly.
Drown by the public crowd who came to meet-and-greet Dash Dash ^.^
FIRST THING THAT BLEW ME AWAY!!! Dessert table that Hokey Pokey put up!!! CAN YOU JUST LOOK AT THE DETAILS!!! Jellybean and macaroon buildings + character cupcakes all!!!
Le wild Hulk appears hahahaha.
The Incredible Hulk werking it.
Superheros zhut power. With Shuyin the Robin Hood and Yutaki the Super Mario hahahah.
Yipmomo dressed up as costume designer of The Incredibles' family. Hahaha. Got look like lah!!!
Ang moh baby strolling around the playground after his meet-and-greet haha. Again, with his sidekick, the Potter Belly.
MIAN BAO LIAN MAX???!!! Who want to bite his cheeks like i do!!!
"Hoi, so rude. Keep teasing about my tummy" lololol but Dash Dash ah, 真的很大粒你的肚腩 LOL!
Superheroes unite!!! With Wendy as She-Ra!
Family picture with Mike as Darth Vader and Wendy's brother as superman i think! And.. Dash Dash as 皮赛王 hahahaha.
Dash be like "OMG WHAT THE HECK?!"
Yutaki rolling in the deep. Hahahaha.
Bryan so crazy he came as Elmo mascot!!! Hahahaha! Dash Dash likes it though! What a lucky boy!!! So many people come to show him love and see him and wish him Happy Birthday!!! =DDD
With Miley the Joker Girl who had one tag line that day "Whyyyyy.. Shhhooo.. Xeeriushhh..." Hahahaha! Damn cute lah kids this age cox they loveeee to speak but everything also a bit not accurate one i love it. And Miley was friendly to everyone i get to carry her a bit!!! =D
With Junne and Xiao Pang and Yutaki at the awesome photobooth area!!! They had soooo much related props and the lighting was so nice!!!
"Whaaaat. Am i captured?!" Hahaha. Cake-cutting time!!!
Sing birthday song first =)))
Group shot with the Nuffies who were there, Jayne, Karen and Amanda!
Group shot with the Clicknetwork hosts who were there!!! Gillian as Snow White's evil step mother, Rozz as Maleficent, Paul as Spiderman and his girlfriend as spiderman's girlfriend i guess?! Gwen? And Shu Ann and boyfriend as unicorns! Haha!
Then it's time to attack the dessert!!! I especially like the brownies cox inside got some kind of melty chocolate one ^.^

Okay lah that's all the pictures i have!!! Really very happy that Xiao Pang is growing up so well surrounded by so much love from his family and family friends and lotsa love from his fans around the world. It's like i am an adult and i am jealous of his birthday party already!!! ^.^

But i think most of all he is blessed with a mommy who REALLY CANNOT get enough of him!!! She is always trying to kiss him and hug him and play with him =))) And when we were in Japan, Wendy miss Dash Dash so much that after webcam, she proceed to watch Dash Dash's 10 thousand videos and photos on her phone until 4-5am!!! Wtfff lolol.

Next morning gotta wake up 7am plus some more.

I think anyone would be blessed to have someone love them so much. And this Xiao Pang has soooo many of such adults loving him around him =))) Dash Dash please grow up healthy and kind and continue to be hamsum okay ^.^ Soon you'd be smarter than me already what the heck hahaha.

See you tomorrow for picnic!!!

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Dash's outfit is so cute! -Hanna Lei