18 April 2014

I LOVE JAPAN - Arrival to eat, shop and eat


This is the start of my Japan trip. I snapped like thousands of pictures O.O And this is the first time in the longest time me and Josh actually went on an all-leisure trip so..


This is just post 1 of 10...... O.O I cannot not put all the pictures cox i had so much fun time. That, or i travelled way too long to get to the places that i cannot not document it down. Lolol.

And i made this trip cox i have been dying to see the sakura for the first time in my life =)) So this trip is sort of like my dream come true ^.^ For that i felt really inspired to do something!!!

Will start it soon and see where it'd take to!

Stupid air limousine the glass damn tinted. Haha. Hao hao de Japan sunlight become all blue.
Ain't gonna stop me from camho-ing!
Right outside our hotel. My outfit list : Jacket from JRunway, top from Bugis Street, freaking $5 only!!! Shorts from JB $4, bag from Longchamp, shoes from online i forgot where. I love these kind of sneakers lor. This one is platform one. I have another wedge one which is more comfy!
Do what you need to do in Japan. Lolol. Snapshots with all the pretty little things!!!
Okay about enough lah hahah.
Super happy shot on the walk out to hunt for our first appetizer.. RAMEN! Haha. Sam jiejie so tired until her eyes become double eyelid lolol. Is chio one hor if she got double eyelid. I have been psychoing her to go Korea with me next week lolol. She is tempted. I'd keep trying.
Only in Japan.. Random selfie with messy hair on the street, still look chio. Lol.
Randomly walked past a newly opened ramen shop!!! Like it opened one day before we arrived. Haha. IT IS SUCH A GOD-GIFT ENCOUNTER cox the ramen..... WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
Only thing is.. Their chef shout motivational cheers like ALL the time hahaha. But if you like macho Japanese guys shouting damn manly while cooking you your ramen.. Please try! Haha!
Sam and me ^.^
Josh who got a headache not long after hahaha. Cox the shouting too loud too often.
HERE COMES!!!!!! By the way i got Shio to set my hair for this trip a day before we leave.. So that i can look good through out hahaha. If you're going for overseas trip / function / dinner events please find him to add some magic with his hair-setting! Call and book him at 6338 5250
OH HELLO AWESOME RAMEN WITH AWESOME EGGGGG!!!! I was sooooo happy cox first meal in Tokyo cost me ¥500 (SGD 6.25) only and was so good!!!!!
This is the place if any of you are keen!!! =D
Walked to Shibuya 109 cox shopping queen wanna shop haha! She damn siao!!! Spent more than half her cash on the first day!!!!!! Simi sai. Lolol. Wanna snatch my title for being shopping queen.
Chio mannequin i saw within 109! Too chio i had to snap a picture of it! The hair is dreamy max!
Bought this pair of glasses for ¥1000! But it looks so cute!!!
Duper massive chio backdrop at Samantha Vega / Samantha Thavasa shop at 109!
After shopping we went back to drop off the stuff and then meet Kasahara san for dinner!!! Walked past this shop on the way and though it looks beautiful =))) Sorry ah! Japan a lot of things i find beautiful i just have to snap pictures!!!
They booked the VIP room =DDD Everyone!!! Sam, Josh, Kasahara, Sio, Yumo san! =DDD Yumo is major nice please!!! He's helping me with Girlymake expansion plans! But anyway talking about Girlymake, i'm gonna stop sales from the site for a while cox i'd be leaving for Korea for 2 weeks!
SEE WHICH TEAM MORE SWAG!!! Hahaha. Black and White team!
Or Blue / Green team! Haha! FYI we are all mimicking Sio's pose okay. He damn bad at posing one. forever PEACEEEE and then chin up. Lol.
Sam and me ^.^ Omg totally love my hair. Hahaha. Thank you Sio!!!
READY FOR FOOD SPAM?! KIMCHI I SO VERY LOVE! We ordered many extra servings!!!
Erm.. Not so exciting.. But this is the highlight of my meal lolol. Egg soup.
While the rest go cray cray on beef and what not. This plate in particular.. Josh and every SUPER MAJOR LOVE. They say it melts in the mouth like heaven. Okay...... But if Josh say it's damn good then it is DAMN FUCKING GOOD. Lolol. He mostly either say "so-so" or "this is the last time i'm here" Lololol. Bugger think he is Anton Ego or Gordan Ramsay lolol.
More parts of the cow they ordered....... From tongue to diaphragm *i turn green*
OMG MY GARLIC!!!!! Deep fried and somehow caramelised into perfection.. In sesame oil!!!
Tofu.. I don't know i never try! Didn't feel like doing tofu cox egg + garlic already quite vegetariany lolol. So Sam ordered some pork for me but one turned out like silicon i cannot chew through lololol. So i politely pass to Josh LOL. The next pork she ordered was good!!!! =DDD
Me turning a little red cox i had like 2 or 3 cup of sweet cassis mild alcohol drink!!! It is my favourite drink in Japan restaurants now and i will keep ordering it wherever i go in Japan!!!
Omg gross hahahaha.
Okay not so gross. But still gross. Lolol. Posing with ice pop just looks gross.
Deng deng deng!!! My favourite must-have time of the day! They wanted to bring me to supermarket but it was closed! But combini is good enough!
WHAT IS IT YOU SAYING JAPAN CONVENIENCE STORE? You mocking Singapore one is it?! Ah, what? You say you much more chio?! Okay! Lolol. You all see lah!!! Japanese really add these little touch to make EVERYTHING look MUCH nicer!!!
Where else you can find pretty look dessert at a cheap price, 24/7.
Don Quixote shopping after combini~!
And then we go for food again O.O Omg these people damn siao on.
GONNA BE MY FAVOURITE WAY TO EAT A NON-FLAVOURED EGG!!!!!!!!!! Just salt grain and semi-hard boiled egg!!! I hope Josh make for me at home T.T
Super good ramen again.. What's new? And erm.. Sam looking like a lawyer in debate. Lololol. Oh by the way.. This piece of meat.. I can't even. It just melts!!!!!!!! Like how do they do ittttt!!!
My awesome travel mates =)))
By the way this is the ramen joint we went to. It's quite famous one lah. Ichiran ramen. It's open 24/7 i think. Wtfff. I am so jealous of the Japanese. 24/7 they can have awesome ramen like this!!!
And that's the end of day one!!! Half a day in Japan only and so much love already!!!

Will update with more (A LOT MORE) of my Japan trip ^.^

For now i just wanna share that i am feeling a little stressed up =(

I mean other than my surgery happening like just.. Next week..

Everyday from now till then i am swamped with work. I know it's good lah but waking up to 3 - 5 different people chasing you for work = OVERWHELMING. Lol. And i am a super-slacker everyone would know lol. But i am still happy to know that many brands are happy to work with me O.O

Thank you ah, you all very nice. But i say real one.. My schedule is pack until cannot already =X Now i only look forward to my trip to Seoul for my surgery!!! Then during recovery i still have to work from the computer lah but at least i am away!!! =DDD

But once i get back in Singapore.. I gotta start work almost immediately T.T

But i try to look at it in a more positive way also lah. Work = Money =D Also the venture Josh and i are doing are progressing great!!! We'd be able to launch it by May we hope!!! =DDD

Omg okay i think that means more work. Some more Little Thoughts Mothers' Day order is gonna be CRAZY. Lol. But keep it coming! Once the actual catalog is up i'd let you guys know!

What the heck have i been saying. Total verbal diarrhea lol.

I was saying!!! About looking at it positively!!! If i keep going like this, by next year end i can shift into a bigger house and hopefully bring MooMoo back from the shelter!!! This is the BIGGEST DREAM of my life for the longest time!!! =DDD Okay lah!!! JIAYOU ME!!! ^.^

I hope all of you enjoy your long weekend okay!!! =D KEEP ON DREAMING!!!


Vanessa said...

heehee looking forward to more of your japan posts!! can i just say im really glad that you update so often on both your blog and dayre :))) even though you may have many ads but you always make the effort to have non-ad posts in between and i really appreciate that! enjoy reading your ad posts as well, but i have to control my spending lol. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST for your surgery!! may your recovery be swift and painless ;)

Hanna Lei said...

All the food looks amazing! I love that telephone booth. -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

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