20 April 2014

I LOVE JAPAN - Gotemba Premium Factory Outlet

HARROWWWW AGAIN!!! Official day one in Japan we planned to go to Hakone (next post!) and it's quite far out Tokyo so on the way we drop by Gotemba Premium Outlet in hope to bag some cheap and good stuff!!! And i did bought quite a fair bit!!!

You can find the list of brands HERE. It's crazyyyyyy!!! It's like a whole town FILLED with big brands and small brands!!! From Japanese labels to international labels.. Everything at a discount!!!

Beside our hotel.. The first sakura tree i saw in my whole life =))))) It's just a standalone one.
Picked up one from the flower.. It's still perfect =)) There's some kind of.. Serenity in a small alley like this.. Where you can pick up a perfect flower that just fall from the tree.
I love Japan, i love Japan everywhere.
Taking the subway to go meet Watanabe!!! He is Sio's bestfriend and he is an angel!!! He took us around in the car for two whole days!!! That means he took 2 days off work for us!!! Super thankful!
After we grab a quick one from combini for the road trip!
Introducing Watanabe!!! Hahah! ROADTRIP STARTS!!!!!!
Josh moved to the back cox i kept moving around and hit my head on the bar.. Like many times lol. So we switch seats. Cox i bo xi diam.. He xi diam. Lolol.
This time we are still Samantha and Qiu.
After this we are forever #onigirigirls ^.^V Hahaha! I even made a song for our debut album!!! "Onigirigirls~~ Tamago~ Mentaiko~ Oni onigirigirls~ Oh yeah yi yeah yi yeah~" O.O
Happy~~~ I love road trips loh. Cox it's just one person drive..... Lolol.
While the rest pig out O.O Hahah! My breakfast!!!!! I LOVE THE SEASONAL FRUIT JUICE PACKS!!!! I make sure i try every different flavour when i'm there if i can!!!
This one is berries unite ^.^V Taste like a sweet only!!! I LOVE IT~~
If you ever see this....... YOU HAVE TO BUY ITTT!!!!!!! It's crab flesh + wasabi cheese!!!!!!! AND IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!! Omg not sure if i tio gong tao or everything just really taste so good in Japan!
Stop over for toilet break at a pit stop station and saw this cute Anpanman beverage machine!
The toilet is beyond first class omg. Got like a vanity room and table with powerpoint! Can do your full makeup and hair there lol. And there's a board to tell you which cubicle is occupied / free. And it's sooooo clean and dry!!! It makes you appreciate Japan standard for everything even more!!!
With roadside flower =_= Roadside flowers also so chio. Watanabe prolly laughing at the back going "Heh. Tourist" Lolol.
Siew mai using pork from black pigs. Lol. Samantha maybe find the styrofoam more appetizing?
MY MUST-HAVE!!!!! Baby Cheese and grapes!!!! Freaking gourmet dessert time on the car!
 And we arrived at Gotemba Premium Outlets!!!

I was in particularly going for Lowrys Farm, Snidel, Ciao Panic and Samantha was going for Prada and likes. Lolol. But in the end we bought shopped quite a lot more than items from those shops!

The guys also did some shopping for their girlfriend / wife! Haha.

I ALMOST bought a solid perfume necklace from Chloe!!! Lucky i control never buy cox i know i wanna buy simply cox it's chio and smell quite pleasant lah but i'd never wear it i'd just keep it in my drawer and admire it.

Just like the Jill Stuart blusher i bought for $50 on my previous Japan trip =XXX I until now haven't open it =XXX  But it's okay, maybe next time i can pass to my daughter and tell her it's 传家之宝 lol.

My face + a Samantha doing a "我飞的最高最远~ 我的梦无际无边~" Lolololol.
Poor trio. Me and Samantha shop around so much that the three of them just give up hahaha. Luckily there are plenty of seats outside all the shops!!! So the three of them can sit around like they are at 养老院 (old folks home lol). someone bring them the chessboard.


Lotsa people bring their doggies there!!!!

Don't worry the Japanese are very very civil about dog-bringing lol. So totally no doggy smell and the place is very open-space. Doggies are not allowed inside the shops and are always on leash. But you can see them and their owners walking together everywhere outside the shops!!!!!

A bit hard to pull the level for this picture.. Cox if i want the white retriever to look just nice, the black poodles will be too dark. But if i wanna make the poodle details show, the retriever becomes over-exposed. Lolol. I don't know how the owner snaps pictures of them together.
Hello cutie!!!
Cute shiba giving me a sleepy look!!! Hahaha!
Went to a sushi shop within the premium outlet!!! MUST try these soup if you are a soup lover! The base is very thick!!! Flavour is super strong and authentic!
Sam, Sio having a stroke again and Watanabe ^.^
Me and my Josh ^.^
We ordered a lotttttt of food!!!!!! Excuse me can you please look at the unagi tempura sushi. LOLOL. It's totally overflowing. And the uni sushi!!! What the heck hahaha.
Group shot of the first batch of food!
Not really. Lolol. I don't take raw food so.. I can has tamago. Lolol.
AND KANIIIII!!!!!!! This one is REAL FREAKING WHOLE CRAB LEG!!! I think it's even more li hai than kani!!! It tastes soooo sweeeet and yumssss!!!
BEST. FREAKING. FISH. I. EVER. HAD. IN. MY. LIFE. FULLSTOP. Lolol. NO JOKE LAH!!! This fish is soooooooo good it just melts in my mouth and it's soooooo fatty!!!! I don't know what it's call but it sounded something like.. Eng gah wah or something. Samantha ordered it!

We ordered so much until we cannot finish right. End up the meal for 5 person cost $150 only.

What the heck.

I am so totally going back to Japan, hopefully soon!!!

That's that for now!!!

I'd say check out the premium outlet if you love to shop!!! You'd definitely be able to find something that's cheaper than what you can find outside!!! And all the big brands from Japan and overseas are there so it can't go wrong!!! But if you're not a shopping person then maybe still go check it out for the sushi hahaha. And the doggies and the beautiful ambiance!!!

Especially let's say you're heading to Hakone, you should definitely drop by Gotemba! Cox it's on the way!!! Okay next post about Japan soon okay!!! ^.^

I gotta go finish up my advertssss dee =( If not Weds i'm flying off for my surgery!!!

Okay bye bye!!! Hope your weekends been good to you ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

Those dogs are adorable! -Hanna Lei

Verlynn said...

No words to say for Japan such a beautiful country... I am doing a Tokyo series for my 11 days in Tokyo. Would you like to take a look? :) http://veradesu.blogspot.sg/search/label/Tokyo

Unknown said...

Hi Qiu, may I know where I can find Jill Stuart cosmetic in Tokyo?