06 May 2014

I LOVE JAPAN - Doraemon Museum (Fujiko F. Fujio Museum)


Finally back track to blog about my Japan trip again! Sorry for the flooding of advert =X *softly* but there will be more BUT HEY HERE'S A NORMAL UPDATE I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!! =DDD

Hahaha! Don't like this okay, i try my best to keep the best of my memories here and to share it with everyone, give me some credit. Lol. Anyway this day we went on a road trip thanks to Watanabe for driving us around in a superrr comfy car and thanks to his boss for lending us the car ahahah!

First thing to do in the day..

Spot a nice cafe.. Strike a pose.. Take a OOTD shot haha. My cap is from Daiso $2, forgot where my pinafore is from. And my shoes from JRunway for a good price i forgot how much!
Hi, i look so cute. Lol.
Hi my thighs are huge.
Hi my knees are so dark. But hi, i am still cute lol.
HOPE YOU ARE READY FOR THEIR COMBINI GALOREEE!!! SOOO MUCH FOOD!!! And these are not like those you can keep for days!!! These are made fresh, only for sale on the day itself!
I don't know i am supposed to choose a bread like that!!!!!
More bentos set made fresh for sale on that day. AND THEY ARE CHEAPPPPP.
I got fried noodles which was so huge a portion, i couldn't finish! Haha! And i find it relatively tasty!!
New fruit and vegetable drink everyday ^.^
Today i sit behind becox Josh say sit behind very loner and boring. But not for me! I sit behind still can talk =DDD Haha. And eat.
SAMANTHA EATING LIKE A REFUGEE OMG. Can you please see, noodle, onigiri, banana. All in the midst of being eaten. Lolol. Whaaaat. My friend is yao gui =DDD As i am hahaha.
Bus that you can take from the city to get to Doraemon Museum =D By the way remember to buy the tickets from LAWSON or something before you head up! We had Watanabe to help us with it ^.^
Sneaked a picture of this cute baby while we're in the queue. And i was all like "Omg 你看这个 baby! 很 cute horrrr!" And Sam reply "很恶心 please. 你有没有看到他的鼻子有那片 pisai?"

LOLOL. WTF MAJOR ANTI-CLIMAX for me. She's totally not a baby person.
Us queuing in line with the kids to pump the well to see a more hamsum version of Gian. Haha. Apparently he fell into a magic well and he come up looking more hamsum. Where is that well i wanna dive in.
Samantha pumping it like a pro. Haha.
There he is! A more hamsum version of Gian!!! Initially i didn't know the background story (or i knew when i was a child but then forgotten) i thought why Japan Museum will put fake Ji An one lol.
Doraemon reading and chilling with the kids at the comics corner ^.^
The museum is a about half outdoor!!! So be sure to go on good-weather days!!! There's quite a lot to see at the outdoor park ^.^
Doraemon gachapon. Kids were going crazy at it haha.
Our tickets to the screening of a special short movie! =D
My travel mateeesss!!! =DDD Josh, Sio, Watanabe and Sam!!! ^.^
Sam taking a crap beside Xiao Ding Dang. Hahaha.
I am almost as tall as two Doraemons!!!
Now you see me!!!
Very sad cox Sio blocked out my Xiao Ding Dang!!!
Souvenir shop. I kinda find that the Doraemon museum is not commercialised enough? Like there's nothing much to buy.. And nowhere you can really spend money other than their cafe and their very limited types of snacks. Of course got other things like bags and pouches and bowls and whatnot.. But snack wise it's just a few. If i can spend more money at the museum i'd be happier!!! Haha!
Me in the park!!! I think the background is supposed to be a globe. Am i right?! So desperate i had to buy something so i went for the time-table crispy bread and the bottled water haha! Got dorayaki also lah but i didn't feel like it. And i prefer chestnut instead of red bean! Which they don't have O.O
Lotsa kids at the playground where the characters hang in the comics!!! I remember!!!
My Dorami butter cookie =DDD Cute hor!!! Taste alright nee lah. But cute!
Onigirigirls with Dorami ^.^
See if you can spot the different Doraemon on the plate!!! Anyway here's a layered chocolate cake with Ah Fu face. Now you see already lah okay! Please don't order it O.O It's like i think $11 or $14 i can't remember. And it'd be okay if it taste good O.O But it taste like cheap mama shop cake =XXX
Coffee ^.^
Watanabe's salad and burger! The salad got macaroni shaped in characters one!
DENG DENG DENG!!! MY GIAN CURRY WITH TOMATO RICEEEE!!! It's the best food among what the rest ordered hahaha. So if you're there, order this!!! =DDD
Sam's baked rice with cheeseeee! I think actually not bad one, it's just lack of meat! Only cheese and cream sauce and rice. Maybe some button mshroom and chicken cubes will be great you know.
Josh's Gian pork cutlet rice with egg ^.^ I think it's okay!
Sam snapped this picture when Josh accidentally pour his bowl of soup all over hahaha.
Ah Boy guai, eat finish your food you can see the comics at the bottom of your bowl haha!
This is how Gian normally looks like hahaha. Fat and sings like a cow.
Cute toilet signs. It gets more urgent as you get nearer to the toilet haha.

Okay that's all the pictures i have for Doraemon museum!!! =D

I would say if you have kids, then the place is more fun! The gallery and exhibition part is actually the most interesting part for me!!! Can see how Hiroshi Fujimoto (creator of Doraemon) life story was.. And where he gets his inspirations from. I remember this part of the exhibition where they mock up a space to exactly what his office looked like..

And then inside you see a picture of Pinocchio.. And it seems like Mr Fujimoto is a firm believer of believing in one's dream =) And it just feels good to know that people who follow and believe in their dreams.. Get to somewhere!

Yeah.. Where was i.. Yeah, if you're not a big fan or Doraemon nor do you have kids, then i think maybe you can skip this museum =X Maybe later when it's more developed or when there's more to do and see! =D


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