23 May 2014

I LOVE JAPAN - My shopping loots and AWESOME pancake!

Hello! Back with last post for Japan for this trip T.T

I think i also stalled enough time for my recovery lah hahaha.

Anyway this post is a list of ALMOST all the things i bought in Japan!!! I didn't take pictures of all the clothes i bought cox i will feature them in my OOTD on instagram anyway! Ready?!

JENG JENG~! All my bags that comes free with magazines i bought!!! Hahah! They all cost SGD6 - SGD10 max. I LOVEEEE the pineapple printed wallet from jouetie!!! And the PVC bags from CECIL McBee!!!!!! So easy matching!!! Anyway about the wallet. It's perfect for EZ-Link..
Cute on the outside..
With lotsa useful compartments on the inside!!! It is now my travel wallet for up to three different currencies!!! I LOVE ITTTTT!!! ^.^ Best buy EVER for $7. If you walk into jouetie to buy a wallet it will probably cost you at least $50. Hahaha. Magazine shopping rocksssss my world =DDD
SUPER CRAZY CHOCOLATE HAUL FROM A HUGE DAISO WATANABE BROUGHT US!!! The Daiso is underground inside a office-building lookalike. I would have never noticed it if i walk by!!! Anyway the Meltykiss are all from Winter Special Edition and all at 100yennnnnn omg!!! In Singapore is selling at $3.60 - $4.20 T.T So i bought whatever i could grab and clear the shelf. Lol.
Elise has always been yummy chocolate wafer! Now Elise PLUS Disney characters?! I SAY YES!
Lotsa random snacks!!!
More cheap and cute snacks from combini shopping ^.^ The mentos flavour damn cute! Got watermelon, golden kiwi, passion fruit, mango and maybe melon. Just nothing like what we have.
Lotsa random yummy snacks and Hello Kitty gummies!!!!! It's also from combini for like maybe 98 yen. Lol. Please lah just take all my money!!!
More Hello Kitty cutenesssss!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. The huge packs of Hello Kitty macaroni was selling for 100 yen each......... T.T Japan, why don't you just invite me to stay over forever.
NICEST GUM-CHEWIES I EVER TASTEDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! I tried them after i bought them on Rakuten and then i never ever saw them again. Until this trip!!!!!!

My last trip to Japan i also find them until i want to give up hope and die!

When i FINALLY found them this time at the giant Daiso after running around the past 3 or 4 days, to every single combini, to every single Daiso and found nothing.. In my head when i finally saw them i was like...... "茫茫人海中 我能再次遇见你是我上辈子修来的福.. 让我们从此没有分离 没有悲伤 互相扶持与爱护.. 我愿意" LOL.

And so i cleared the shelf again! =DDD Big spender alert~ Hahahahah. Kidding. One pack is like 100 yen. Say whaaaaat. I told you why i love it so much right?!??!

It's like a hybrid of gummie PLUS chewies!!! And it's so cute you can bite them off bit by bit! Like grape by grape! This time i found the strawberry and muscat flavour! I have to say my favourite is still grape!!! Muscat is catching up close!!! =DDD Strawberry is a bit too sweet!

 MOREEEE SNACKSSSS!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYESSSSS!!! All of them were 100 yen T.T The Chelsea hard toffees?!?! They are like $4.50 and above in Singapore!!! And nope, not near expiry date i checked!!!
Makeup i bought from Daiso and some others from drugstore! And the silly spectastraw and fog bar for Yutaki! And some samples Yumo san and Masashi passed me ^.^
More free bags from buying magazinessss!! I LOVE THESE THREE!!! The sling bag is great when i going to near places, the clutch is awesomeee i used it so many times dee!
From special magazines!!! the flower bag cute hor!! Comes with the purple coin pouch as well! And Liz Lisa x My Melody bag!!! AND THIS GIANT CHOCOLATE BISCUIT BAG!! CUTEEEEEE!!!
Free Kate Spade (actually it's crocs print but cannot tell from the lighting) passholder from magazine that cost $13. LOLOL considering that it IS Kate Spade, i got a pretty good deal. Cap from Daiso. CASIO WATCHES I GOT THAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTEDDDD!!!!! $9 to $10 nee!!!!!!!!
Some clothes i got from Harajuku but i know i cannot carry it off one but it's too cheap to not buy it! 500yen only so i bought it anyway cox i think Shuyin can werk it hahahah. And 280yen spag top from F21!
ALL THESE CANDIES COX I LOVED IT LOTS FROM MY LAST JAPAN TRIP!!!! Plus stupid Geraldine de boyfriend say he loves it too ask me to clear the shelf. I actually did clear the shelf lol!
Pearl's favourite!!! So i clear the shelf again~!!!! Woohoo~
Okay continue back to trip! Hahaha. After sakura we went to a cafe to chill!!! Strawberry shortcake with the fluffiest, lightest cream i ever taste!!!
From this cafe!!! They sell like swiss roll like cake but they don't call it swissroll they call it Harajuku Honey Cake i think!!!!! Cox inside it's all filled with heavenly light cream! You can buy it if you are around Harajuku area! MUST GO!!!
Sakura mont blanc.
Their honey pancake.... T.T It's charred on the outside with just the nice amount of sweet to go with the fluffy pancake.. And when you cut into the pancake.. Honey and ice cream oozes out and when they get in your mouth with the best cream on earth.. It's just.. SEE YOU AGAIN JAPAN.
Cheesie looking cute with strawberry shortcake ^.^
I will go crazy for you Harajuku honey pancakeeeee!!!!
Parted with Cheesie and went to gather with Sam and Sio.. And Sam very 好心 bought a DORAYAKI for me. Inside is special one, got giap macaroon one! It would have been nice if i haven't been concerned and sensitive about my OTHER "dorayaki" the whole trip cox i gained so much weight =_=" So i don't know she teasing me or what hahahahha. Buy another dorayaki for me.
Awesome travel budddd~! Who can source out cheap yummy food with her bitchnose iPhone!
Onigirigirls last OOTD in the toilet hahahah. You tell me she 欠扁 or not.
Hahahaha i tell her to werk it hard like a modelbitch. She gimmie this face. LOL! 很另类 this model.
Then she ask me to werk it hard back. She think i cannot?! Limbeh go all the way UH-HUH~!!!! *air armpits~*
And one more~!!!
Bought Mcdees at the airport right before boarding!!! IT WAS YUMMY!!! I don't know is it me or what. The burger taste better, the nuggets taste better, the fries taste better, the milk taste better!!! Heck. EVEN THE KETCHUP IN A TUB TASTE BETTER! Hahahah!
Thank you Sam and Sio and Josh for this wonderful trip =)))))

I am planning to go to Korea in late Oct / early November this year to eat back all the food i missed out!!! Maybe go together with all my friends who love to eat / do plastic surgery hahahaha.

And i already booked a trip to Hong Kong for October early for my parents and YUROUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! And Niao Niao. We gonna have SO MUCH FUN. SO MUCH. And i booked this awesome 5 stars hotel from Agoda at such a low price, much lower than every other site i've tried to find. Like from $1575 SGD for 2 nights.. It became only $590 for 2 nights!!!!!

Right in the heart of Mongkok somemore omg. We are going to enjoy ourselves a lot =)))

I guess.. It's a travel year!!! =DDD Hahahah.

*sound of my piggy bank breaking*


Hanna Lei said...

I can't believe how much you bought! -Hanna Lei

Cheryl said...

Hi. May I know where's the daiso building at ? Thanks :)

Shereen said...

Hi, I am going to Japan soon, where did you get the Casio watches?

Tysh said...

I will love this post with all my will, and hungryness xD

Xue Li said...

Heya! Can you share the location of this daiso building?